Simply6 Simply6 Light RPG Now On Amazon

My new RPG, Simply6, is now available on Amazon! Just 40 pages, digest-sized, and includes two starter adventures!


Welcome to Simply6! Simply6 is a fast, light tabletop roleplaying game by Russ Morrissey for 2 or more players which you can play using just six-sided dice.
Simply6 is a multi-genre game. You can play in fantasy settings, science-fiction settings, or contemporary settings. You can play in the Wild West or a cyberpunk dystopia. The scope of your setting is entirely up to you, and these rules are simple and flexible enough to handle them all.

In this short rulebook, you’ll find sections which tell you the core rules, how to create a character, how to adjudicate magic and combat, and a list of monsters for your characters to fight.

It's small. It's simple. It's Simply6.

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Dr. Bull

Thanks Morrus!

I love this game. It's easy. It's clean. It's great for newbies, but old-school gamers will appreciate the potential for house rules and customization. Soon, I will use it for immersive/narrative games with my veteran group.

I have a titanic library of "rules-lite" rpgs on my computer and I've play-tested them all.

This is my favorite.

The game "engine" of Simply6 is powerful and smooth, yet it requires very little maintenance....

- Dr. Bull

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