Sketch #1: Polearm Shop

Each week we revisit a short skit from the main podcast, a year or more back. In this one, an adventurer enters a shop looking to buy a polearm. With apologies to Monty Python. Performed by Morrus and Angus Abranson.

Russ Morrissey



Well, that was fun
Staff member
The answer is barely at all. Oddly enough the voulge is featured at the same part, which was hilarious after all the differences.

Fun deliveries too, nice work.
Thanks! We’re not exactly skilled performers and have no talent whatsoever, but we have fun with these! We have nearly 70 of them now.


I heard a couple of things that don't usually fall into the "polearms" category.
But it is probably the most varied and confusing category, even for scholars I've been told.


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