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Skill Challenge Bag o' Tricks (Using Stalker0's System)


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I am going to use this thread to put a series of skill challenges that I am working on. For the time being they will all use Stalker0's system, but they should be easy to convert to any system.

I plan on keeping them handy to pull out when/if I need them so they should be fairly generic and easy to drop in to an adventure or campaign.

First Challenge
Break Down the Door!
You approach a massive double-door, at least twelve feet high and ten feet across. It is made of a dark grey wood that appears to be more stone than tree, massive bands of golden metal cross it, strange runes appear to shimmer in the dim light. There appears to be no keyhole or latch You know immediately that this is no normal door. There must be something interesting on the other side. All your knowledge about dungeons, nature, magic, religion will be tested, and you may not succeed without keen eyes and a cunning mind.

OBJECTIVES AND GOALS: The door is impassable by normal and most mystical means (Break DC 50, FORT 20, HP 500, RESIST ALL 10). Somehow the party must find a way through or around this door. This Skill Challenge may be effectively combined with combat.


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Next Challenge
Magma Mambo

The pit below surges and bubbles with molten rock. Waves of heat fly upward and burn your face. It isn't very inviting down there, but there isn't a way around. You have to go through...that. There are a few stones here and there, maybe a group of bold, clever and resourceful adventurers can make it....Just don't loose your balance!

Still a work in progress

EDIT - OK this is on hold, because it wasn't working the way I wanted. And Feystep seemed like a dealbreaker on it. I will have to figure that out.
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Under Construction, Feedback Welcome
Yours, Mine and Ours

The Siege continues...as you stand upon the east battlement watching the sun rise the Garrison Commander comes rushing up. "A wizard in the city just finished a Scrying Ritual. It almost killed him, but he saw the enemy tunnelling under our east wall! We must stop them from entering the city or all is lost! They are too strong for a sortie, maybe we can dig a countermine to stop them before they cross under the wall. Will you take command of our efforts?"

As you peer behind the enemy lines you can just barely see a mound of earth that wasn't there a few weeks ago.
Will you accept the charge he has laid at your feet? If you do all your skills and experience will be necessary to lead this untrained militia to victory.

OBJECTIVES AND GOALS: The party are participants as defenders in an ongoing siege of a large city. Several weeks have passed with only a stalemate. New information comes to light that the enemy are attempting to mine under the city walls. Their goal may be to either fire the supports to collapse a section of wall or to get a force inside. Regardless the enemy’s tunnel must be intercepted prior to reaching the walls.

This is a long term challenge (3 days) and may be interrupted by other combat or by other roleplaying scenarios inside the city.
WARNING: This is a Complexity 5 Challenge, the default success rate may be low. For a higher success rate lower the DCs by 1. However, don’t be afraid to allow your party to fail, as success and failure should both offer exciting conclusions to the challenge.

The garrison commander initially assigns 10 members of the city’s militia to work on the counter-tunnel. The party and its team must tunnel a total of 75ft in 3 days to intercept the tunnel.
Each of the first two days the party will roll 5 checks. Successful checks will aid the party in first locating and then add to their total digging length until the conclusion, where the party intercepts the enemy or doesn’t.

Allow the party to use any skills whose use they can justify (Use moderate DCs). Reward creative thinking! Not all possibilities can be accounted for in this document


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