Skysurfers! A New Preview of Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD!

Today, we have another preview of the upcoming Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD tabletop adventure game, a roleplaying game powered by the What's OLD is NEW (WOIN) roleplaying game system. This time - a quick glimpse of the Skysurfer career!

Russ Morrissey



Unless 2000 AD has changed dramatically since the last time I got a copy of it, the judges DO take prisoners. In fact, it is their preferred option when ever possible. Even when it comes to illegal skysurfing they don't want to shoot them down, unless it would prevent a worse and impending risk. Traffic violations, even aerial don't receive death penalties. And no judge that's graduated would ignore the collateral damage and injury that would be caused by them shooting down a skysurfer. Of course, if it was a mad bomber, or someone spraying the area with Umpty Candy dust, then there are other and larger concerns for public safety involved, but again, the issue isn't the skysurfing, it's the other infractions.


This is particularly cool, because it establishes that the game will support playing Citizens and Perps as well as Judges.


It's an idiom.

A phrase with more than one meaning. :)
I figured that was what the writer was going for. I was trying for the tone of a somewhat light of heart chiding, in my mind it was an instructor talking to some pre-cadet wannabes, but I guess I failed on that skill roll.
Also, it was intended to be a reminder or heads up to those unfortunate enough to have only had those two awful movies as their only experience with Judge Dredd that he's not some standard hollywood shoot everyone type with a badge. That was all part of the same attempt at writing. Oh well.

As to the mad bomber sky surfer, I'm pretty sure they did one of those episodes back in the mid to late 80s.
The dumping Umpty Candy dust on people though, that hasn't been done yet as far as I know. A whole scenario could be built around that. Sure some crazy might do it for kicks, but what if it's part of a bigger plot, and the crowd dusting skysurfer didn't even know what it was he was tossing. (Even Umpty Candy that's been ground to dust is worth a lot of cred on the black market! Of course Umpty running carries some nasty penalties.) Don't forget that Umpty Candy is so addictive that even the judges analyzer machine lied to try and get more after it had a single piece.
I'll let someone else run with that idea for a scenario if they want. It would be more interesting to see what someone else makes of it than what I might.

Anyway, it's cool they're using WOIN. Also, as TrippyHippy pointed out that it looks like you can play characters other than judges, that's pretty cool too.
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