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Hey everyone! For the last year and a half, I've been working on a project called SLASH!, an RPG inspired by 80s and 90s horror movies (particularly Slasher films, of course). It's launching on Kickstarter on July 11th, and I'd be stoked if you could all check it out!


This game was born from my love of horror-themed one shots, where the stakes are real and you're much weaker than the enemy you're up against and will need to run, hide, scavenge, and strategize to survive. Thus, It's great for "movie-night" style sessions, with a system that's both simple for new RPG players and inventive for veterans. You'll play as classic horror movie Archetypes drawn from films like Halloween, The Thing, and The Cabin in the Woods, and face your fears in a harrowing Horror where your decisions can mean life or death (including mechanics inspired by choice-and-consequence horror games like Until Dawn).

It also features a unique dice pool resolution mechanic that feels like a cross between the Genesys dice system and TIME Stories: White Cycle, which gives every action unintended side-effects that cause ripples down the road. You can get a copy of the dice from the Kickstarter, or use our FREE online dice roller!

Check it out at this link:

Or see our website here:

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