DMs Guild Slings at D&D 5e (The Slinger subclass , new feats, the staff sling weapon, magic items and NPC statblocks featuring the sling weapon!



First post here so nice to meet you ladys and genetlemen :D

So I've always wanted to play a sling based character. Am I the only one? If not please tell it to me to let me know that this poor weapon gets some love from other people :p . Because that weapon is very bad at 5e (unrealisting range, little damage, one handed weapon that need both hands to operate etc.) and even though I don't consider my self a power gamer, not being able to do cool stuff sucks in this game we all love.

So I made tons of staff about the sling weapon and then scrapped the stupid ideas (I mean they were reaaaaally stupid) and created the "All about that sling!" supplement you can check out here:

All about that sling! (The Slinger Subclass and more) - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

Inside it you will find:

  1. The Slinger Ranger Subclass.
  2. Three new feats featuring the sling weapon.
  3. Three options for the new weapon staff sling.
  4. 10 new magic items including an artifact.
  5. Two slinger NPC Star blocks to help or fight your players.
It has a full review option where you can read it for free!

I hope you like it and you tell me your opinion :)

Happy slinging :D

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