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Smaller publishers' take on OGL on Shane Plays podcast


WotC acting more like late stage TSR isn’t great.
Well, the analogs instructive: current WotC was willing to back off of a plan, late stage TSR would have plowed ahead, darn the canons.

Still sorporate, but that's life: at least now they are moderately competent. Still, I imagine the long term tell all history will be hair raising...it always is.

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For something this big, the Senior Vice President of Dungeons & Dragons should have been in the know—that is the correct level to be in the know
I would expect everyone of sufficient level to be in the know, so certainly from that level on up, including Chris Cocks as CEO of Hasbro, esp. since given the timeline this started while he was still President at Wizards, and because WotC is the Hasbro cash cow.

Not sure what details they knew though, they knew the OGL would be deauthorized, did they know that this is a shady approach that exploits a potential loophole and flies in the face of everything that was said about the OGL by WotC the last 20 years? I hope so, it sounds like something they should be aware of, but ultimately I have no idea.

So this leaves me with them being incompetent or malicious, neither is acceptable. As an investor I would want leaders that do damage to ‘my’ most important brand to be removed, so they can do no further harm.

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