Sneaky look at the upcoming O.L.D. playtest document....


Well, that was fun
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You're such a tease, Morrus. I can't wait for an O.L.D. game to pop up in my area. Or online....?

Good timing, too. I think there's a busy discussion about armor like the Grand Elf's going on in another thread.


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My group and I are SUPER excited for OLD (and NOW whenever that shows up). This looks really tantalizing. I don't know if you saw but on the first Sylvan Elf exploit, you put on instead of one.


Well, that was fun
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Choose a race! I've excerpted the races section from the current playtest document.


  • old_rpg_choose_a_race.pdf
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Well, that was fun
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Is this an updated Human and they're going to get 2 free attributes in NEW too?
Or is this something unique to OLD?

Yes, in the sense that it's a playtest, the stuff with good playtest feedback will make it through to N.E.W. (as has happened vice versa).

I'm also interested in opinions in the human exploits for XP. This version gets XP for travelling.

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