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D&D 5E So...resting in 5e


I use 1 week long rests (3 days in Red Hand of Doom to accommodate the campaign clock), with 1 hour short rests, max 3/day. Number of fights per long rest varies wildly, but can get up to around 8.

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The Game Is Over
For a while when we were using 24-hour long rests, just to keep casters up "a bit" we added

Spell Recovery: after a short rest, you gain a number of spell levels slots equal to your spellcasting ability score modifier. You can use these spell slots to gain up to a 5th level spell.

For example, a Cleric with WIS 18 would get 4 spell level slots. They could be 2 first and 1 second, a first and a third, etc. as long as the total is 4 or less.