D&D 5E So which adventures/campaigns have you played so far?


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5E has been out for quite a long time now, and we've all had time to play plenty of adventures. I was curious about what folks had played so far. Did you start with Phandelver then move on to Tryanny of Dragons? How many of the three main APs have you played? What about third party adventures? Or are you mainly running home brew adventures? Tell us your 5E journey so far!

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A whole bunch of AD&D modules.
Most of Tyranny of Dragons (probably a few more sessions and we're done)
And Felk Mor (my own campaign).


As a DM : I've been running a Dark Sun campaign from level 1 to 10 (level 11 will be the last) following the 2nd edition scenarios "Freedom" and "Road to Urik" (very little conversion work to do here, surprisingly) and expanding them with homebrewed scenarios which ended with the death of King Tithian (assassinated by one of the players who turned-out to be a member of an underground snake cult).

Lately we've been following the Prism Pentad novels again. PCs are at the doors of Nibenay, looking for the sorceress Sadira whom they were supposed to protect during her journey to the Pristine Tower (she fled after their caravan was attacked by cannibal halflings).

Next session will probably reach said tower and see the PCs confront Prince Dojakht of Nibenay (a half-man half-centipede monstruosity), discover some lore about Athas and the Sorcerer-Kings and finally, fight the Dragon of Athas with a big revelation : the beast they thought was responsible for the world's destruction is actually the world's protector.

As a player : we're playing a homebrew campaign in the Forgotten Realms. I'm playing a neutral fighter/rogue named Garan Cale in the newly funded city of New Horizon in Maztica. Several criminal guilds are trying to take control of the settlement and we're doing our best to get our piece of the cake. :)
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I ran Phandelver set in my own campaign world. At the end of it, I tried to lure them into PotA but failed; we've been homebrewing ever since - I have used a couple Quests of Doom adventures (namely the one set in the winery), and some Dungeon adventures, and Dungeon Crawl Classics #3; they ended up trapping a the dragon from Phandelver behind the forcefield...

Right now, they're wandering around the fringes of the Underdark, and I'm not sure if they'll plunge deeper or flee for the surface as soon as they find out what they wanted to know. I'm stealing from the old Dungeoneer's Survival Guide for various regions "below" if they go deeper.


As a DM: I have finished online (Roll20 then moved to FG): Lost Mines of Phandelver, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Rise of Tiamat. Expeditions Season 1: DDEX 1-1 through 1-13,Season 2: DDEX2-1,2-2,2-5 and 2-7.

Currently Running: Princes of the Apocalypse (About 25% complete)

As a player: Expeditions DDEX1-2,1-4,1-7,2-12,3-1,3-3


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I've run...

Lost Mine of Phandelver (3 times)
Hoard of the Dragon Queen (2 times)
The Rise of Tiamat (currently running 2nd time)
Princes of the Apocalypse
All the D&D Expeditions (save the one level 11-16 one), from one to three times each.

I am also running my homebrew Greyhawk campaign, which is currently incorporating a homebrew version of the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.

I've got Out of the Abyss and a bunch of 3rd-party adventures, but haven't had the chance to run those yet.



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DM for Phandelver then to Ravenloft as they left the lost mines. They only way to leave is on a Spelljammer! (they don't know that part yet...)
I own HotDQ/RoT but one of my players promised to run it for me. I'm looking to buy OotA for the next campaign.


I've played in Phandelver and Hoard of the Dragon Queen (but only a through 4th level in Phandelver and now up to about 5th level in Hoard...we have not been able to get games going for a while since the holidays came and everyone's been so busy).

I'm also currently running as DM "Princes of the Apocalypse" (we're at 4th level not even into the first temple yet), and I'm running a mini-campaign using "Harried in Hillsfar"

I ran a bunch of playtest campaigns using the Playtest adventures (Caves of Chaos, Reclaiming Blingdenstone), and we transitioned into 5e with 4 or 5 sessions of Mines of Madness (which I modified for 5e and made it a little more campaign friendly rather than the death trap it really is...with the purple worms and the necessary sacrifice etc.). Then I ran 3/4 of Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle for 5e, which worked really well too.

We try to play online weekly using Fantasy Grounds, but our frequency has been waning due to very busy work and family schedules for all of us.

So far, none! :)

My group finished up a 2 year campaign of D&D 3.5E Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil just last week and we plan to start a 5E campaign this week.

It's almost certain that we'll be starting with LMoP. From there, depending on the study/work load of the DM, we will either play Princes of the Apocalypse or I will take over as DM and run the Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat adventures.


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Current Products:
Lost Mines of Phandelver
Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Past Products:
Circle of Darkness (AD&D 2e Ravenloft module, converted)
Demon God's Fane (D&D 3.0 module, converted)

These were all separate, standalone campaigns.


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Well, the group I DM finished LMoP, and since the only other adventures I have on hand are PotA and OotA, the group has started on PotA, and I am running it for two groups because some more friends showed interest and I didn't want to run the game for 9 players.


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I've been running a homebrew game (up to 13th level so far). After the campaign reaches a conclusion here in a session or three I'm going to run these PCs through the AD&D module Labyrinth of Madness. Then on to a new game with Out of the Abyss.

As a fan of AD&D and C&C, this is a dream edition for me. The MM needs a rewrite to bring some AD&D flavor back, but that's about the only thing I don't like.
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The only 5e game I have played as a player was Lost Mine of Phandelver. As a DM I ran the Rules Cyclopedia-era adventures The Knight of Newts, The Silver Sword, and the Haunted Tower box adventures. I then ran (same campaign) the 3.5 DDA adventure series (Barrow of the Forgotten King, The Sinister Spire, and Lair of the Yuan-Ti).

I used that sequence to segue the campaign out of the Thunder Rift and into the mountains northwest of Ren Shaar in the Primeval Thule campaign setting. I am currently running the 2e Al-Qadim adventure "Court of the Necromancers," which is one of my all-time favorite adventures.

At some point, I plan on incorporating the first Spelljammer adventure ("Wildspace") and stop by the Rock of Bral to wrap up a plot development for which I laid the groundwork in my group's session 0.

Wait. What was the question again?

Did a run through the Lost Mines of Phandelver, followed by a short attempt to do Princes of the Apocolypse.

Then I started running a sandbox homebrew using the old B, X and U series modules as the bones of the soup, but flavoring things up with my own touches. Finding it pretty easy to use the old modules as frameworks, with some adjustments for treasure. Haven't done much to adjust the monster numbers and mostly just run stuff using stats straight out of the Monster Manual.

What I'm enjoying about running the 5e game is that I'm spending more time thinking about what I can put into the world or how to maybe appeal to the players, and a lot (like a LOT) less time working up encounters and doing NPC/monster math.

There is talk on the horizon of doing some Out of the Abyss play, and there was some interest in experimenting with doing a Pathfinder AP using the 5e rules.

Ghost of Dragonspear Castle was started during the playtest. The DM added some to the adventure, since it didn't provide enough XP to get to level 10 (which is where the adventure ends). It was a pretty good adventure, supplemented by the city supplement from Murder in Baulder's Gate. Near the end of the adventure, the DM became very excited about Out of the Abyss, and the campaign ended after the adventure.

Out of the Abyss was just stared in November, right after we got the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. We had a massive misadventure with a Wild Mage suddenly sprouting a fireball during our escape, killing him and my PC. It almost caused a TPK, which would have been very unfun, but due to the number of NPCs with us, most of the party was able to escape alive.

I've twice run the first part of Lost Mines of Phandelver as an introductory adventure. In both cases it was a single session, so we never came close to finishing the adventure. The first time, the party decided to attack the green dragon (at level 2), and the only survivor never stopped running. The next group finished the second chapter, but it was time to end the session. The first chapter is probably one of the best "learn to play" adventures I've seen in a while. The second chapter, with the NPCs and social interactions make for a great followup as well.

I have an ongoing campaign based in Greyhawk that ties several of it's classic adventures together (which I've updated to 5E). They started with the Temple of Elemental Evil, and then moved west to the Yatil Mountains where they started the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and were interrupted with the Forgotten Temple of Tharzidun, but have (finally) returned to the Lost Caverns.

Still on Lost Mine of Phandelver, but trying to continue with Princes of the Apocalypse this year. Skipping the others as I heard they are harder to DM.


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I've played the following using 5E:
Lvl 3 in Phandelver (did not finish): Introduction to the game. Fun little adventure.

Lvl 15 Tyranny of Dragons (finished both Hoard and the 2nd book): It wasn't too bad. Lots of dragons. You get pretty bored of fighting dragons by the end of it. The only challenging fight was the white dragon at lvl 8 in its lair and perhaps the dragon flight attack. Otherwise, a bit too easy for my tastes. Good treasure in this module if your DM is generous.

Lvl 9 in Princes of the Apocalypse (Did not finish.) Became too repetitive and easy. The breakdown of each area became repetitive. The main villains were too easy to take down past a certain level and all built in a similar fashion meaning once you took down one, the others were going to be eaqually easy. The story wasn't very cohesive. It wasn't a very satisfying module. Our DM quit grew bored of running it.

Lvl 6 Pathfinder Giantslayer AP. Half way through the second module. : Very easy to convert APs for 5E. The first and second module were enjoyable. I hope to continue it someday. Had to quite due to a schedule change.

Lvl 5 Out of the Abyss: So far I'm enjoying DMing this module. It's an uncommon environment with lots of hooks and material for creating interesting encounters. I feel it is the best of the WotC modules produced so far for 5E.

Lvl 3 Secret of Bone Hill: Fun nostalgic experience.

Lvl 5 Keep on the Borderlands converted from 1st edition. Very easy to convert 1st edition material. The MM was pretty much made to convert Keep on the Borderlands. It was fun to run one of the first sandbox modules created.

Li Shenron

5E has been out for quite a long time now, and we've all had time to play plenty of adventures. I was curious about what folks had played so far. Did you start with Phandelver then move on to Tryanny of Dragons? How many of the three main APs have you played? What about third party adventures? Or are you mainly running home brew adventures? Tell us your 5E journey so far!

"Reclaiming Blingdenstone" is the only 5e-native adventure, otherwise we played older-editions adventures converted to 5e, plus some homebrew.


41st lv DM
As a player:
* Hoard of the Dragon Queen, group 1
We played every other week (with a handful of sessions cancelled due to weather, work, family, illness, or vacations) from early Dec '14 - Oct '15. We achieved 5th lv & were just starting the caravan trek. Then we decided to take a break from HotDQ due to the chaotic nature of the holiday season.
(in this adventure I've got both a 1/2ling land Druid & a 1/2Elf Ranger, played alternately as the DM wills)

* Not wanting to completely not play during Nov/Dec, one of the other players took over DMing a goofy, humorous, homebrew adventure for whom ever could make it come game night. He assures us that we're about 1/2way through.
When we're finished (about the end of Feb. probably) we may/may not resume the HotDQ adventure. Santa brought the current DM both PotA & OotA for Christmas, both of wich he's interested in running. So we'll definitely play something....
(in this game I'm a violently deranged gnome pirate who hates the monarchy. He often uses his minor illusion ability to make it look like he's wearing an eye patch. The patch is not always on the same eye.... Class wise? I'm a 2nd lv Monk)

* Hoard of the Dragon Queen, group 2 - We played weekly, Jan '15 - early Aug '15, 2hrs/session.
(I began the game with a Warforged Fighter with the noble {knight} background & had a trio of gnome servants following me. We joked they were my pit crew. Eventually the gnomish pit crew upgraded me to Eldritch Knight status. :))
We achieved 4th lv & were just beginning the caravan trek when the game collapsed. It will NOT resume.

This game was plagued from the start by 3 players work schedule problems. This was step #1 of the games demise.

It was so bad that during the raider camp section the DM had everyone create a 2nd character so that there'd always be at least 4 PCs adventuring at a time. (I introduced my 1/2ling druid here - it was the only thing I had ready to go on a moments notice as it just happened to still be on my clipboard from Sunday)
This was step #2 in the demise.

And then 1/2way through the dungeon we added a 6th player to the group - who turned out to be one of the true problem players that nobody should ever have at their table....
And then a week later his older brother who turned out to be a nice guy but totally inept player.
The fight in the caves at the raiders camp took us 5 weeks to get through. During wich time the extra characters were added to the mix, characters died, & their replacements spawned. (there was a large fight where within two sessions 7? completely NEW characters popped in/out/died & were replaced! (My eldritch Knight got his head stomped flat by a fatal crit, so my 3rd PC was one of his gnomes who rushed in to try & "salvage" him.) Some knew each other, some didn't. Shear chaos. From an in-character PoV the only way to determine friend from foe was: Is that guy attacking me or some PC that I know? If yes, kill them. If no, target something else.... ) This was not fun. Made less so by the problem player.
This was the third strike in ending the game.

Following the Cave of Chaos, we had a "down" week of RP where the Harpers & Order of the Gauntlet recruited us to infiltrate the caravan.
Then I missed a session when I went to GenCon '15.
The following week the DM wasted every ones time/gas by running a pointless 35 minute ogre encounter & when it died, announced that this was it, the game was officially finished. A text would've sufficed.

As the DM;
Back around Easter '15 a couple of us who get together down at the shop to play various minis games decided to take a break from war games & play something else for a bit. We decided on an RPG. 5e was chosen and as nobody but I had any xp with it, I was tapped to DM.
So it's been running nearly every Fri evening since, 6:30pm-10pm.
The game, though continuous, has a pretty clear divide line in it.

Part one:
I started things off by running "The Forest Oracle" from 1e. With LOTS of detail added.
We had
*a Human vengance Paladin who'd just recently escaped captivity in the Feywyld,
*a Dragonborn (wild) sorcerer with the entertainer background who wore a stuffed dragon costume & lusted after treasure/beautiful things,
*a pretty typical wood elf Ranger - the most serious character
*a Human Warlock charlatan?/criminal? who was pretending to be a minor nobleman - slightly evil,
*a Human Bard who was always stoned & came into the game with a Horn of Valhalla NOT keyed to bards.... He claimed it was broken.:)
*a Human NPC healbot Cleric - sometimes played by the store owner on slow evenings.

Much RP wackiness ensued along the trek to enlist the aid of the Druids.
*The paladin wrestled an ogre to death,
*the Dragonborn chased the nymph & was struck perma-blind (fixed later by the druids),
*the characters (except the pally) joined in on a booze/drug/magic/chaos fueled Satyr party being hosted at the Wildwood Inn,
*Then, after they'd recovered the next day, the party undertook a side-trek to rescue the inn keeps oldest daughter whom the satyrs had abducted
(this involved 1st shrinking down to 3 3/4" size so they could enter the lair of a pseudo dragon nesting under the inn via rat tunnels. The PsDr was a friend & fey pact patron of the youngest daughters and could supply some much needed divination help. The Warlock though decided to try & kill/loot the dragon, nearly succeeded, stole its loot, earning the party a unique enemy),
*On the return trip from the druids the party ran afoul a skeletal knight & a flock of fledgling Perytons - a callback to a game/encounter I'd run years before (the last time I ran this module) that some of them had heard tales of IRL.
*They dealt successfully with the Gypsies - who I use as Vistani en-route to Gryphon Hill to lay the groundwork for Ravenloft (I6)/Ravenloft II (I10). What was stolen? Parts of The apperratice from I10.

At the end of this adventure we lost 3 of the players. 2 because of work/summer schedules (they tend to game more in the winter months), & 1 because he determined he doesn't like 5e.
So the Ranger & DB (& NPC cleric) decide to follow up a side quest I'd given hints at. They found the hatch leading into the 1e module Lost Island of Castanimier.

Eventually escaping the tower, minus the cleric - but now with the warlock daughter of the inn-keep in tow - (she's an adventurer! And her pseudo-dragon mentor sent her to shadow the party & retrieve its stolen loot!) the party finds themselves on the beach at the start of "Souls for Smugglers shiv". Vol.1 of the Serpent Skull PF AP. They are 3rd lv.

Here we have an influx of people all looking to play 5e! So we gain 4 players. (we started them at 3rd lv)
Sadly Smugglers Shiv claims more souls.... The party is nearly TPKd in the sumken temple.
The sole surviving character is a 1/2elf sorcerer + the warlock NPC. They escape via ship & are now lv 4.

Part two:
New characters are rolled except for the 1/2elf sorcerer. lvs are also rolled randomly on a d3. The warlock NPC is no longer involved.
Every time a new edition comes along I run B2 - The Keep on the Borderlands.
This time the PCs are involved when the Wild Hunt sucks them into a mass battle against the masses of monsters the Cult of Evil Chaos is amassing in this cave system.
The 1st session opens with MASS (though simplified) combat on a huge map of the canyon floor. Combat ends when the last PC falls.
(the purpose of this is to see how many of the monsters the PCs/good guy forces can cull. Dead monsters are subtracted from the lairs perminently. The Players don't know this. But they do a really good job. They aren't even told WHY they're fighting.)
The next session begins with assigning xp & all characters waking up on a battlefield after a long rest with buzzards & koblods picking about.

This adventure ends with the complete destruction of several (all ready mauled) tribes & an assault on the temple complex.
It's learned that the Cult is actually a surviving remnant from the 1e Temple of Elemental Evil (T1-4) whos been slowly building its strength over the decades....
Clues are missed that would lead the party to playing either the original ToEE or the new PoTA. (More will be found later if they fit)
But the party DOES follow up on another hook they found on the battlefield - the letter that leads into B7 Rahasia!

And that's where they are now. All 3rd - 5th(the 1/2elf sorc) lv, 1/2way through Rahasia, with 1 of their party possessed by the third witch....
And another two new players have joined bringing the table to 8!

I've DMed LMoP (all the way through). Since then I've run a couple stand alone adventures in my home-brew world, and am just starting up a long-term campaign.

The problem with the official adventures for me is that the level advancement rate for 5e is way too fast for my tastes, and most of the official adventures (all of the main ones) are entire campaigns that take you from low to high level. This makes them extremely difficult to drop into an ongoing campaign. This means that 5e adventures are practically useless to me, compared to say AD&D adventures, that I can drop right into my campaign with a bit of conversion.

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