First Post
Brandis says, "This is the default message seen when entering a public room.".
Brandis Walks silently across the ruinous landscape that once was SaeWatch.
Brandis Keeps his hooded cloak about him tightly as a heavy snow begins to fall and a breeze begins to pick up coming from the northeast
from the Earthfast mountains.
Brandis Drifts silently like a shadowy wisp over rubble and then he pauses in what would have been the center of town.
Brandis Closes his eyes then and listens..perhaps it is the memory of the place or just part of his imagination, either way he seems to
almost be able to hear the screams of that fatal day when SaeWatch fell.
Brandis . o O ( so much was lost that much pain and horror. )
Brandis Clenches his jaw tightly
Brandis Turns to where his house would have been, his eyes closed, he pictures it in his minds eye.
Brandis 's house was a three story home with covered winding stairs on the outside to reach each level.
Brandis An A-frame roof covered the top. It was there that his family lived. Elyssa, Kailenn, and Kymerra.
Brandis Next to his home was the home of his friend Thaelen and next to him lived Sylus and next to him lived Corven.
Brandis All of them were lost..burned and killed like his family..huddled in a corner thier tortured screams of pain forever etched upon thier
ashen bodies.
Brandis Feels a tear fall down his face from his left eye.
Brandis Opens his eyes and wipes the tear away.
Brandis . o O ( so long ago, but the memory remains and my heart is cold. )
Brandis Looks about the ruins of the town and can see patches of grass have already grown over much of everything.
Brandis . o O ( it has been so long since i've been here. )
Brandis Turns and then makes his way to the coast. He stops at the water's edge and gazes out across the Sea of Fallen Stars
Brandis . o O ( Impiltur lies to the north, Aglarond to the east, Turmish, Akanul, Chessenta, and Threskel to the south, and Nathlan, Cormyr,
and the Dragon Coast to the west. )
Brandis . o O ( so many lands and places i have not seen. )
Brandis . o O ( but my world was here with family and friends. I had no reason to leave. )
Brandis Clenches both his teeth and a fist
Brandis . o O ( at least not until that day. )
Brandis . o O ( i left everything behind that day. )
Brandis . o O ( this place is now only a ghosts memory, a haunted land that i can never escape. )
Brandis Turns towards the southwest and heads in the direction of the road that will take him past Segaunt, Saerloon, past Daerloon, then
eventually through the vast swamp and to Wheloon, the prison city of Cormyr.
Brandis Looks back one last time at what remains of SaeWatch.
Brandis . o O ( i will not see you again, so do not haunt me and let me live in peace. )
Brandis Turns and steps onto the road and begins his journey.
Brandis Off in the distance, among the ruins of SaeWatch, he does not see the shadowy figure that stands and watches him. It moves not,
but watches, it clothing whipping about it in the winter wind, its features hidden in shadow.

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First Post
The Raven Queen

Brandis says, "This is the default message seen when entering a public room.".
Brandis Looks up at the woman..he knows who she is...then he gasps as his soul is suddenly
ripped from his body
The Raven Queen glares at him.."I have been watching you! are doing as i ask, but foolishly!..I have another purpose for you however! will remember your past!..even though i give you a
second chance at life!..Do not forget who you serve mortal!..In the end i control your destiny!
life! and in death!"
Brandis Feels himself flying towards a swirling mist..a mist of souls
Brandis begins to swirl in the vortex of souls himself..soon all is lost and it feels as if he blacks
out..within moments..all is dark..all is quiet.
Brandis floats endlessly..then with suddenly clarity and swiftness, he is hurled through a least if feels like one..blinding light causes him to shield his eyes..when he blinks, he
finds himself in the desert naked and without clothing..He looks about then and soon realizes
where his is the desert of Calimshan..the desert of the djinn and efreet..the desert of
Mephistophelese the devil lord

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