D&D 5E Some adventure cover "mock-ups", which do you like most?

Which cover do you like the most?

  • 1. Strahd center with two wolves.

  • 2. Strahd left with three wolves.

  • 3. Strahd center with four wolves

  • 4. Strahd left with two wolves.

  • 5. None of the above.

Results are only viewable after voting.


Where is that Singe?
Inspired by some of the AI I've made here: D&D General - DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

I decided to make some mock-ups of a "new" D&D adventure.

So, which cover picture do you like the most?

(You can only vote for one option! If you don't like any of them, and have a reason beyond "I don't like AI, blah blah blah" then please share!)

1. Strahd center with two wolves.

2. Strahd left with three wolves.
3. Strahd center with four wolves

4. Strahd left with two wolves.

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Two has better composition and is the only one with a reasonably Strahd expression, but the lettering going over his forehead is an issue, as is his posing, which is kind of... disappointed? Disaffected? It's like he's about to apologize that the castles is such a mess.


Victoria Rules
I voted for #1 but if possible I'd make two changes to it:

1. Somehow scoop the much-better Strahd imag (the face, anyway) from #2, size it down to the same size as the Strahd in #1, and insert it to replace what's there.

2. Make some changes to the header:
  • - 2a. Lose the red "D&D"; it already says Dungeons and Dragons at the bottom
  • - 2b. Make the word "RAVENLOFT" red (same shade as the D&D is now) instead of white
  • - 2c. Move the whole header to the left by just enough to expose the castle; the upper part of the image is too right-heavy as it sits.

I voted for 3, because I liked the level of ferocity shown by the wolves (more than 1 and 2, but without the glowing eyes of 4).

Although 1 has my favourite castle, and there's something sinister about how Strahd and wolves are apparently so welcoming.

At the moment 2 is winning the vote, but I don't like its castle, or the way the writing covers part of Strahd's head.

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