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Pathfinder 1E Some Feel Good News


Chaotic Looseleaf
Stopped by my FLGS today. Decided on a whim to pick up the Core Rulebooks for PF, PF2, and SF. I've owned them all in PDF format for a long time, but it seemed like an opportune time to express some support for my brick and mortar and for the ORC.

They were all sold out! Big gaps on the shelves for all three games.

When I placed an order at the counter, my friend the owner said that the open Pathfinder campaign being run in the playroom that afternoon (one of two) had suddenly gained 7 players that weekend, for a total of 12.

A number of people in the store weighed in on the conversation. Lots of folks aware of what is going on, none of them happy. :(

But while I was looking at the TTRPG books, an older gentleman (I say that, but let's be real, he could have been my age) was explaining "Pappy's hobby when he was a kid" to his preschool grandson. Absolutely made my week.

It doesn't matter what we are playing, or who publishes it; what matters is that we are playing together and looking out for each other.

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