Level Up (A5E) Some Planetouched Questions


1. Considering that in A5e, Race has been broken up into Heritage and Culture, would an individual with the Planetouched heritage and a specific culture (Ex. Mountain Dwarf, Stoic Orc) be considered an Aasimar or a Tiefling of a particular heritage stripe? An Aasimar Dwarf or a Tiefling Orc. This has been done in Pathfinder 2nd Edition, but I like to think A5e is doing a better job in presenting versatile-like heritages.

2. Will we get to see different kinds of Aasimar (Angel, Archon, Guardinal, etc.) and different kinds of Tiefling (Devil, Demon, etc.) in A5e? Hint: Gate Pass material. ;)

3. Will we get something like the Genasi as Planetouched in A5e? Next to the Dragonborn, the Genasi are another favorite of mine. More specifically, the Earth Genasi. :)

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