Some posts showing as empty in app

This is new since the forum change. I use the app (on an iPad running iOS 12) a lot, and some posts have been empty. I thought folks had just deleted the text until I ran across it in a play by post thread and checked the website. In that case, the empty post was in color in the thread. The post is question is: [IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble


I didn't fix the post at all. I had no idea the background was dark on some platforms.

And that link refers to a feature of the old site: themes.


Well, that was fun
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I’m not seeing any blank posts in the app there. Which post number is it that’s blank for you?


I guess that's an app bug. Doesn't make sense though. I assume the forum engine is basically surrounding the entire post in a DIV with color attributes. No reason not to display it. Unless the app receives the raw post data, in which case it is definitely an app bug.

I'm going to edit the post to put some text before the blue text. Tell us if that changes the display.

EDIT. I went to edit the text and found [color=rgb(41,97,171)]. That is not listed as valid on the xenforo bbcode help page. I've change that to use #2868A8 (close enough) instead.
Now I can see the note jmucchiello posted about edit reason, but the rest of the post is still invisible to me in the app. I can see it fine via a browser.


Not sure who the other person in "you two" refers to, but I can note at least two references to using the app in this thread.

The OP using an iPhone. And me, on Android.

If we're the ones you're talking about, my answer is "no".

The thread was about using the EN World (Tapatalk) app if I’m not mistaken. That’s what I used to test @ArwensDaughter’s issue.
Yes, that’s the app I’m using. On both my iPadPro 10.5” running iOS 12 and my iPhone 5s running iOS 12, all I can see of the post I mentioned is ((Weird color issue text)) even with the color change that jmucchiello made. If I use safari—or, for that matter “web view” from the app I can see the blue text. Didn’t know web view feature was even there until now when I was looking for an “open in Safari” option. That’s a helpful workaround.