D&D General Songs that would make good adventures

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I'm waiting for the right campaign to use this plot, "Don't Pay the Ferryman";
And I've always wondered about this one for a modern/future campaign, Silent Running;


I remember playing in a Thriller Halloween night game back in the 80s, but not a whole campaign.

We also thought about a Devil Went Down to Georgia, but never happened.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Genesis "Home By The Sea" - haunted house with ghosts. The house itself is a trap. Maybe the Stradh Death House module or the Saltmarsh pirate hideout could be modified.

Several Pink Floyd album sides and songs could be converted into an "escape the nightmare" adventure.

"Big John" down in that worthless pit of a coal mine, getting out after a workplace accident, the rescue mission ... and (not in the song) later setting a ghost to rest. Add "John Henry" to the laborers for a natural leader.

"Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" is the prologue to the main adventure, diving the sunken ship to recover what they can and pay respects to the dead.

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" - the PCs are sucked into the situation. Because they are not the tormented dead, they have a chance to succeed at the quest, and that is the key to escaping the doom / fate.

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