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Sophie's Revenge in Generic Miniature Painting Thread


I call this one Princess Peach. I painted this a few years back. I'm pretty sure I bought this one shortly after Bones premiered.


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I painted Cinder from the Boners more than 5 years ago I think. I don't repaint my miniatures very often but I was looking for a large model to paint and didn't find anything at my local game store that caught my fancy.

So I went ahead and gave him a facelift. The original base was terrible as it didn't provide enough stability to keep him standing so I replaced it.

I tried to go for a lava base but pretty much failed miserably. That's okay though, it was a learning experience.


For some reason I got a wild hair and decided to paint a pony for each member of my sister's family. So her, my brother-in-law, and my nieces.



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I hope it is okay that I share some pics of some recent minis I have been working on. The rate of painting has slowed down as I have gotten into making scatter terrain and a few other features to give my hand drawn 2D maps a little bit of 3D pop - but now that the set piece for my current adventures final battle is done (maybe I will share my video of it) I have gotten back to painting at least a little bit everyday. I tend to work on 3 to 5 minis at a time. I don't have pics of everything because I am trying to keep their existence secret from the PCs. ;)


Working backwards, I finished up this guy last night. I am really into minis with different body types lately. So I also did this badass big boy:



Despite being a "new school" hook horror, I tried to paint this one with the feel of the D&D cartoon.


I don't use gnolls enough, but decided to paint some to see if I could change that.


I have had this guy since the early 2000s sometime and finally painted him.


I have had this bard for a long time, too - but since someone is playing one in my ongoing remote game, I painted him.


Finally, I did these a while back - but they are cheapo 3D printed minis from a company called Drunken Dragons - they were cheap to buy and a quick paint job made them decent looking for when the PCs run afoul of the watch. Since we play remotely using a table camera, I painted the bases bright colors so they could be easier to distinguish.

I have a lot more, but that's all I'll share for now. When I take more pics, I'll come back. As someone who tried (and failed) to paint minis both in the 80s and 90s, but have finally stuck with it and made some progress in 2020 (I still only aim for "table-ready") I friggin' love it and have to keep myself from constantly buying minis.


I have a lot more, but that's all I'll share for now. When I take more pics, I'll come back. As someone who tried (and failed) to paint minis both in the 80s and 90s, but have finally stuck with it and made some progress in 2020 (I still only aim for "table-ready") I friggin' love it and have to keep myself from constantly buying minis.
Keep up the good work with the flesh and keep practicing. I'm not going to win any contests either but I really do enjoy painting my miniatures and I'm better at it today than I was a few years ago. You can't help but improve by just practicing. And remember, a painted miniature always looks better than an unpainted mini no matter what our skill is.

I'm ready to get started on my Imperial Fists army and I'm trying out some new color schemes and techniques. The Imperial Fists are yellow, which is a tough color to paint in my opinion, but I found something I like. I like to have an army with a cohesive theme and I'm going with snowy battlefield. That means snowy bases and I thought it'd be fun to play around with some winter weathering effects. I also got some tiny stencils made by Vallejo and you might notice the number 22 on the left side of that first photo. I also experimented a bit with dry pigments for the bullet holes, chipping medium, and I used some snow terrain to give it that extra snowy appearance. In all my excitement to try new techniques I forgot to put decals on prior to the weathering. Oh well. Oh, and I found out the hard way that you shouldn't try to run chipping medium through your airbrush.



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Yellow is a tough color to get a good bright coat of without it looking too thick (at least in my experience) and I hate working with bright reds because it is like blood in those procedural shows, one drop in the wrong place and your whole life is ruined. :LOL:



For yellows...use a base coat of light'ish pink, not white, and build up with multiple layers of thin yellow. Seems to work pretty dang well. :)


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Just for fun I decided to do something a bit different and painted an Imperial Knight Warglaive. In 40k, the Imperial Knights are basically big mecha and the Warglaive is one of the smallest knight in the game.

Imperial Knight.JPG

If you know how bit a Primarus Space Marine is, here's a photo for scale.


I've been on quite a tear lately. A friend asked me to paint his Cthulhu and Star Spawn for the board game Cthulhu: Death May Die. Painting Cthulhu is always a good time.

Cthulhu_Star Spawn.JPG

I finished a full unit of Imperial Knight Warglaives for Warhammer 40k. I'm trying to add some more curb appeal to my bases.

This little guy is an Imperial Knight Helverin. Again, working on adding some visual appeal to the base. I also decided he didn't have enough skulls so added some trophies to his shoulder.

This is an old school Space Marine Predator tank that started out life as a Black Templar back when Clinton was in office and is now a wrecked Imperial Fist. I'm either going to use it as part of the base of a large Imperial Knight model or as a piece of terrain. I haven't decided yet.

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