Free Soulmist : Time of Judgement Quickreference Guide & Open Beta Adventure

Black Lantern

We're an indie TTRPG company named Black Lantern Productions and very soon we're publishing our first Campaign Setting called "Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light" based on 5E ruleset.

"Time of Judgement" is an Open Beta Adventure + a Quick Reference Guide containing what we hope to be all the necessary information a GM may need to run a session and six pregenerated characters for the players to get a feel for our own additions to the system.

After completing the Adventure your party will have the opportunity to decide the fate of its final act through a poll on our website when the KS campaign ends. Besides our facebook page, you will be able to share your feedback and opinions with us through our website.


You can download the Adventure Time of Judgement as well as the Quick Reference Guide from our website:

Enjoy the trailer for our game:

Talk to us:

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