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This is a playtest document for the WOIN-powered SPACE FIGHT! starship combat game.

This is JUST the rulebook. To effectively use this, you should already have the Starship Recognition Tiles, and Starship Counters, as well as a large hex grid on which to play. You do not need to be familiar with the WOIN rules, but it will help if you are.

This playtest document is made available for playtest purposes. It is expected to undergo changes before final release. Your feedback is appreciated.
This PDF does not feature final layout, nor does it include art (other than some essential diagrams).

When the final game is released, those who bought this playtest document will recieve a coupon to get the PDF of the final rulebook for free. The final PDF will cost in excess of $12, so buy buying the playtest you will save on the final price.


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