RPGs [SpaceOrange42] - Scheherazade - The One Thousand and One Nights RPG released


For immediate release
Ivrea (Turin), 26 September 2019 – SpaceOrange42 is delighted to announce the release of Scheherazade, the One Thousand and One Nights Role Playing Game written by Umberto Pignatelli and illustrated by Sara Valentino.
Scheherazade is a rules-light role-playing game, suited for a younger audience, set in the wonderful world of the One Thousand and One Nights. The players, guided by a Storyteller, take the role of heroic princes, daring dervishes and ghul hunters, who try to discover how to wake up princess Scheherazade from the enchanted sleep in which she fell the during the one-thousandth night.
SpaceOrange42 (www.spaceorange42.com) is an independent game publisher, situated in Ivrea, Italy, but active worldwide specialized in role-playing games and gamebooks. SpaceOrange42 is the Italian licensee of Symbaroum, Fiasco, and Savage Worlds. In 2014 with Savage Worlds SpaceOrange42 won the Gioco di Ruolo dell’Anno Award of Lucca Comics and Games.
Among their best-selling titles, there are the role playing games Cabal, Be Movie and the Savage Worlds settings Ultima Forsan, Gold and Glory and Hope and Glory.
Umberto Pignatelli is an Italian game designer best known for the Savage Worlds settings Beasts & Barbarians, TimeZero, Kata Kumbas Savage Edition, and Adventurers! An RPG in Two Pages.
Sara Valentino is an Italian artist known for her work on The Silence of Hollowind and L’Ultima Bomba role-playing games.

Scheherazade, The One Thousand and One Nights Role Playing Game is a full-color book, 170 pages, A5. It will be released in pdf 25 September 2019, on www.DriveThruRPG.com