Free Special April Fool's Day Free Download! Play with your friends in 5E and PF2, literally!



Play a multi-headed Hydra, three-headed Cerberus, or a two-headed Giant in your Pathfinder 2e and 5th Edition games today!​

Take a peek at what our ancestry rules look like with our brand new special April 1st release, Battlezoo Ancestries: Fusions for both Pathfinder 2e and 5th Edition. No joke, this ancestry allows you to play as a single being that contains multiple characters in one, either sharing with another player or taking control of them all yourself in a game with fewer players. Play as one of three fusion heritages and learn unique combined abilities where you work together for a greater effect!

Heritages include:
  • Two-headed giant, which proves that two heads really are better than one.
  • Cerberus, vigilant three-headed guardian hounds.
  • Hydras, four-headed serpents whose heads can regrow from their stumps.
Included in this completely free April Fool's download, you'll find:
  • Free Battlezoo Ancestries: Fusions PDF for PF2
  • Free Battlezoo Ancestries: Fusions PDF for 5e
  • Free Pathbuilder 2e Battlezoo Ancestries: Fusions JSON.
  • Dozens of free tokens for use in any VTT.
  • Free animated tokens!
  • Instructions on how to get your free Battlezoo Ancestries: Fusions Foundry VTT module for both PF2 and 5E!
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Download Now!


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