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Hmm, should it technically be a Pirate's Gallery?

Feel free to post your finished characters in here folks. I can drop hyperlink "table of contents" on this page too as I did in the other thread.

[SBLOCK=NPC Henchmen]
Badouin, Mughal Polymath
Medium humanoid (human)
AC 14 ( unarmored defense)
HP 27 (5d8+5)
Speed 30 ft
Str 8 (-1) Dex 14 (+2) Con 12 (+1) Int 16 (+3) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 12 (+1)
Skills Arcana +5, History +5, Investigation +5, Medicine +4, Nature +5, Religion +5
Senses passive perception 12
Languages English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Hindi, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil
Challenge 1/2 (XP 100)

Cipher. Badouin can create written ciphers (Intelligence DC 19 to decipher his codes for the uninitiated).
Mughal Gunner: Badouin gains +2 to hit with firearm and cannon attacks, and once per turn he deals +1d8 damage with such weapons.
Researcher: If Badouin doesn't know a piece of lore, he often knows where to look to find it, such as a library, scriptorium, a contact at a particular port, a holy man, or other learned person of the time. Half the time it is around the world in India, however.

Martial Arts. Badouin makes two unarmed attacks (which deal d4 damage) with Dexterity.
Unarmed. Melee weapon attack. Attack: +4 hit, reach 5-ft, one target. Hit: 4 (1d4+2) bludgeoning damage.
Long Musket. Ranged weapon attack. Attack: +6 hit, range 50/150 ft, one target, loading, can't be used while adjacent to target. Hit: 13 (1d12+1d8+2) piercing damage.

Badouin, whose Tamil name is Bharanishri Wappara, is the ship's purser (accountant) and appointed representative of financier Claude du Tourbillon. He is a vivacious man who, despite his keen intellect and the excruciatingly detailed accounts he keeps, possesses a certain joi de vìvre. He calls everyone "nanpar" (Tamil for "friend"). It is clear from one minute with the man that he loves life at sea. Badouin is something of a polymath, able to shine once he left the Mughal Navy. He knows the prices for just about everything traded in the Caribbean and beyond, can always be counted on for an interesting philosophical discussion, is familiar with cryptography, a crack shot with a musket, skilled in the unarmed techniques of kalaripayatt, and speaks ten languages (all with a thick Tamil accent). Though he tries to learn pirate pidgin (aka Thieves Cant) he comically falls flat on his face with every attempt.
[SBLOCK=Magic Items]
Agwé's Brass Nave
Wondrous item, very rare

This weathered teak wood center section (nave or hub) of a broken ship's wheel is capped with brass carved with the veve symbol (a boat with sails) of Agwé, the Master of the Sea and Loa of Tides. Some Voodoo practitioners believe it comes from the ship Immamou on which Agwé carries the dead to the afterlife. The brass nave serves as an arcane focus, druidic focus, and holy symbol for spells related to the sea. It has three powers depending on which ritual and command words are used:

  • Weal of Papa Agwé: By performing a 10 minute ritual you attune the brass nave to a ship with a damaged or missing ship's wheel. The nave spins, growing into a strange ship's wheel made of wood and coral, complete with a magical rudder, allowing one to steer the ship as long as the brass nave serves as the wheel.
  • Woe of Master Agwé: By performing a 10 minute ritual you curse an enemy ship clearly in sight, increasing or decreasing either the sea state or wind state for that ship by one step. This curse lasts while the enemy ship remains in sight or until they approach within cannon-firing range.
  • Trackless Seas of the ImmamouBy performing a 10 minute ritual, you cast pass without trace on the ship you are aboard. However you must roll a d20, and on a 1 (hounded by undead) or 20 (honored guests of Agwé) your ship enters the Shadowlands, the Shores of Death.

Andalusian Corsé de Gracia
Armor (clothing), uncommon

A dark leather corset with black silk ties and invisible seamless mithril boning, this garment is luxuriously comfortable to wear and represents the height of Spanish fashion. Moreover, it has been enchanted by Andalusian mages with the grace of a swan and the convenience of a command word to cause the corset to lace up or untie when spoken by you. For a pirate to have such a corset...well, clearly it was stolen from a Spanish noblewoman! Perfectly flattering your bosom, the corset grants you advantage on Charisma checks involving seduction. Additionally, when you squeeze thru a tight space the corset cinches tighter, allowing you to function effectively despite the squeeze; you don't suffer disadvantage to your attack rolls or Dexterity saves when squeezing, nor do enemies gain advantage on their attacks against you (though you still must spend 1 extra foot of movement  per foot squeezed).

Blackheart's Scope
Wondrous item, rare

This exquisite black and silver spyglass is the only possession of her father that Katarina has, which he taught her how to use ever since she gained her sea legs. Far more complex than an ordinary spyglass, it has a series of silver rings which, if turned in the right manner, alter the magnification between one of three modes. The first is as a regular spyglass, while the other modes require a dram of blood (1 hit point) be poured into a small hole in the scope to power the magic for 1 minute.

  • Greater Magnification: The magnification the spyglass provides is triple (instead of double), granting you advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks to identify ship features and such. However, when used in daylight or in other ambient bright light the powerful mirrors inside the spyglass shine from a distance, alerting anyone viewed that you're watching them.
  • Water Scope: The spyglass ceases to function as normal and instead allows you to see 30 feet underwater provided the light conditions would allow you to see that far.

Coat of Deeppockets
Armor (leather), rare

This longcoat may have once been stolen from a naturalist but has been patched so many times it has taken on a patchwork raggedy appearance. Despite this, it has seemingly innumerable pockets and hidden pouches. In addition to functioning as leather armor it also functions similarly to a bag of holding (though it can only hold small things). Additionally, it allows you to stow or draw one extra small item per turn, thanks to its easily accessible pockets, and grants you advantage on Sleight of Hand checks to hide things on your person. Finally, once per week you can draw a random trinket from the coat; this functions even if it has been "completely" emptied.

Drowned Slaves Bottle
Wondrous item, very rare

This heavy glass bottle appears to hold a simple model ship of a Spanish slave galleon. However, at night it changes to a wind battered vessel cresting tumultuous swells amidst a dark and stormy sea; one can almost hear the cries of the doomed slaves. By uttering a magical tongue-twister at night and uncorking the bottle while at sea, you roll the bones (2d6) and consult the table below.

2: Summon the Mare Tenebraurum (see Sea Encounters - Special Encounters). Sailors hold many superstitions about the Atlantic. The most terrifying of these, spoken in hushed whispers by bokors and old salts, is the Mare Tenebraurum, a literal sea of darkness. Some say it leads doomed ships down to Davey Jones Locker, others that it is a gateway to hell itself, and still others that it is an elemental that existed since men began crossing the Atlantic.
3: All creatures within 20 feet of the bottle become ethereal as per the etherealness spell lasting for 1d8 hours. During this time ethereal creatures can perceive and interact with an ethereal ship of slaves.
4: Ocean water around the ship becomes murky and black in a 5 mile radius. Also, unbeknownst to you, either you release a poltergeist (specter) or suffer the Haunted ill fortune until resolving the unfinished business of a restless slave's soul.
5: Summon 1d4 shadows and cast darkness centered on the bottle. Take 9 (2d6+2) necrotic damage and reduce your Strength by 1d4 until finishing a short or long rest.
6-7: Summon a ghost whose primary language is West African. All bright light within 60 feet becomes dim light while ghost is summoned.
8-9: Cast sleet storm centered on the bottle, and increase sea and wind states in a 5 mile radius as randomly determined by the DM.
10: Cast fear in a 30-foot cone from the bottle.
11: Summon 3d4 shadows and cast darkness centered on the bottle.
12: Summon the djab Six Thousand Men (see The Buccaneer's Bestiary).

Hélène Leblanc's Engagement Ring
Ring, rare (requires attunement)

When Blaise fled his arranged engagement to Hélène Leblanc, he left an idealistic woman who, even if she did not love him yet, believed they one day could be happy. A woman of great devotion, Hélène prayed everyday for his safety at sea, imbuing her fervent prayers into a gold and silver engagement band for her fiancee. Even when she discovered Blaise's intention to flee, Hélène secreted the ring into his traveling bags with a note declaring that she would redeem his lost soul. Five years later, and Blaise does not know what became of the woman he jilted.

The ring grants Blaise immunity to all forms of possession. Additionally, when a creature attempts to possess him, Blaise can choose to momentarily lower his guard, allowing him to make an opposed Charisma check in an attempt to gain insight into the creature. If he succeeds, he learns the creature's name, type, alignment, and one other detail at the DM's discretion (usually about how its possession powers work). If he fails, Blaise takes 3 (1d6) psychic damage for each level or Hit Die the creature has greater than his own level (minimum 1d6 damage).

Curse of Fidelity. Blaise cannot remove the ring and any oath he swears functions as per the geas spell, with the same consequences for reneging on his oath. Abandoning his marriage doesn't count, for story reasons.

Libeté’s Votive Buckler
Armor (buckler shield), uncommon

Emblazoned with the symbol of Libeté, this metal buckler shield sports a flared edge and the inner face is engraved with Blaise’s oath to Libeté. It can be worn either on the sword hand or the free hand. When worn on the freehand it grants +1 AC and can be used to attack for 1d6 bludgeoning damage as an action. When worn on the sword hand it grants you advantage on checks/saves to avoid being disarmed (or disadvantage on checks to disarm you).

In addition, when wielding the votive buckler, a cleric or paladin can use Channel Divinity thus:

Libeté’s Touch: As an action, you can strike shackles, manacles, or other metal bindings, and those bindings - along with any that are attached or of the same construction within 30 feet - are sundered and fall free.

Mama Caille's Recipe Book
Wondrous item, uncommon

Disguised as a common pirate recipe book for salmagundi and grog, this book is actually a Voodoo text describing the Great Caille Ceremony, a form of ritual feast for the Loa, complete with the choice offerings for each Loa. The Great Caile Ceremony is used to gain new spells (even those from outside your class list) from a Loa, and is performed during a short rest wherein you set out a feast of the Loa's favored foods as a sacrifice; afterward, you make a Charisma check (with your proficiency bonus for a good offering) to determine how the Loa responds. This "recipe book" grants you advantage on that Charisma check.
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Queen of Everything
Katarina del Corazon


Height 5’ 8”; Weight 130# ; Hair: Black; Age 22; Patron Deity:
Sex: Female Race: Human (Spanish) Class: Rogue 3/Fighter 1 Level:4
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Size: Medium Type: Humanoid
Init +4; Passive Wisdom (Perception) 9
Languages : Spanish, English, Thieves Cant and French

AC 15
HP 36 (HD: 8 +6F +10R +12 Con)
Saving Throw Proficiencies: Dexterity, Intelligence
Speed 30 ft.
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Special Actions
Combat gear: None
Pistol +6
Sabre +6

Str 8 -1
Dex 19 +4
Con 16 +3
Int 12 +1
Wis 9 -1
Cha 18 +4

Racial Traits: Variant Human: +1 to two Stats, One Skill Proficiency, One Feat.

Background: Sailor
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception
Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s Tools, vehicles (water)
Equipment: Belaying pin, 50 ft silk rope, common clothes, 10 gp, trinket (Golden Statuette).
Feature: Bad Reputation

Personality Trait:
Bond: Cursed and the Child
Ideal: I will save my daughter and get my revenge no matter the cost to myself.
Flaw: I drink to dull the pain of my past.

Mixed: Notoriety
Good: Monkey Magnet, Devil's Own Luck, Magic Trinkets
Ill: Accursed, Enemy (Colonel Juan de Ribera), Wanted

Class Features:
Sneak Attack +2d6 (3rd level rogue)
Thieves Cant
Fighting Style (Two Weapon Fighting)
Second Wind

Armor: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons: Simple and Martial
Tools: Thieves Tools, Cartography Tools, Gaming (Cards)
Saving throws: Dexterity and Intelligence

Skills: Choose 4 From Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth

Skills (P Proficiency, E Expertise)
+4 Acrobatics
-1 Animal Handling
+1 Arcana
+1 Athletics P
+6 Deception P
+1 History
-1 Insight
+6 Intimidation P
+1 Investigation
-1 Medicine
-1 Nature
+1 Perception P
+4 Performance
+8 Persuasion PE
-1 Religion
+6 Sleight of Hand P
+6 Stealth P
-1 Survival

+4 + Stat Thieves tools PE

Feats: Inspiring Leader


Equipment: 135 gp?


(2) Scimitars (Cutlass) (50gp) 1d6+4 slashing damage
(2) Pistol (10gp) 1d10 piercing damage / ammunition - single shot (range 30/90), loading, light
(1) Dagger (2gp)
(1) Musket (20gp) (20 gp, 10 lbs) 1d12 piercing damage / ammunition - single shot (range 40/120), loading, two-handed
(24) Bullets and Powder (6gp)


Thieves Tools (25gp)
Cartographer's Tools (25gp)
Navigator's Tools (25gp)
Gaming Set - Cards (5sp)

Captain's Logbook 2gp
Traveler's Clothes 2gp
Flask of Rum 5gp
Spyglass (45gp)
Manacles ( gp)

Burglar's Pack (16 gp):
Backpack (2 gp)
Bedroll ( gp)
1000 x ball bearings (1 gp)
10' string (.1 gp)
Bell (1 gp)
5 x Candles (.05 gp)
Crowbar (2 gp)
Hammer (1 gp)
10 x Pitons (.5 gp)
Hooded Lantern (5 gp)
Mess Kit ( gp)
2 x Oil Flasks (.2 gp)
5 x Rations (1 day) (2.5 gp)
Tinderbox (.5 gp)
Waterskin (.2 gp)
50' Hemp Rope (1 gp)

50' Silk Rope (Sailor)
Belaying pin (Sailor)
Common Clothes (Sailor)



[SBLOCK=Background]Francisco del Corazon was a Spanish sailor who deserted the brutal conditions of the Spanish navy. He joined up with a pirate crew and over the years grew in power until he commanded his own vessel, becoming known as the pirate Blackheart. Blackheart was feared as a cruel, ruthless pirate, though he was good to his crew, loyal and generous, winning their favor time and again.

Blackheart landed in Mexico to take on fresh water and supplies and to give his men some time with their feet on solid ground. While there he took notice of the stunning, exotic daughter of the chieftain, and made sure to come back to the same village many times to see her. The Princess Inka fell in love with Blackheart, who loved her back and one dark night, Inka slipped away onto the ship with Blackheart who took her away. They enjoyed their time together, though Inka made Francisco promise to one day return her to her Island, where she would be reunited with her ancestors.

Sometime later, Inka was with child, and even Blackheart was surprised at his welcoming of the news. The pregnancy went well enough and was a happy time, but fatefully Inka died in the difficult birth to their daughter Katarina. Blackheart was heartbroken but in a desire to fulfill his promise to his only love, he returned Inka to her Island and her family.

When Blackheart carried his love’s body into her village and presented her to the Chieftain he became enraged. He had guessed well enough where she was and over that time had become more and more vengeful towards the pirate for stealing his daughter away.

He bound the pirate and dragged him to an old, blood-stained altar in the jungle where he made sacrifices to the gods calling into being an ancient curse as vengeance. He wanted the pirate to suffer. This curse would prevent Blackheart from ever touching his offspring as the chieftain could no longer touch his. If he did the child would die horribly. Blackheart never had a chance to tell him his daughter lived on in heart and spirit through a granddaughter.

Fortunately, Blackheart had brought a wet nurse on board to help raise the child for he didn’t dare touch his precious gift. Blackheart had lost his love and now couldn’t touch the only thing he had left of her, Katarina. Additionally the curse slowly began to take his health, his strength. He also entrusted the upbringing of his girl to one of his longtime shipmates, an ancient old dwarf named Jozef. Zef could teach her the physical things that the Captain could not, though it pained him greatly to watch someone else have that role with his daughter. Katerina called him Opa Joe, for grandfather.

He searched for a way to break the curse without luck. He was however able to find a magical cowrie shell necklace that held part of the curse at bay, the part where he couldn’t touch his daughter. They rejoiced for it had been a four long years that he could not hold his love in his arms.

So it was that Katarina grew up aboard a pirate ship. A bright young girl, she learned quickly and thought that the life she led was exciting, but also perfectly normal. Katarina grew into quite a stunning young woman, with the striking beauty of her mother, and the cunning of her father. She learned to fight, to sail and to steal, all of which she enjoyed immensely. Her father taught her, through example and later through tests, how to run a ship and captain a crew. She spent much of her youth plundering, pillaging, and cheating both men and women alike. She found she was excellent at deception and persuasion and enjoyed the game of it. She accompanied the men into pirate villages to spend their ill-gotten gains on drinking rum, cheating at cards and finding men to pleasure her in whatever ways she desired. She also started to gain her own reputation; aside from being protected by her father the infamous cruel Blackheart, she could handily defend herself with sword or gun and was in fine physical condition. Her father showed little love towards almost anything, but adored his daughter with a great love beyond measure.

It was at Tortuga that the Heart of the Seas took on a charismatic young man with an ancient book. Aeron was a rare sea wizard, and had learned his eldritch secrets from elves back in the forgotten glens of Wales. With Aeron’s arts, the Heart of the Seas became even more fearsome on the seas. It was rumored that Aeron imbued the ship with magic, making it faster, more sturdy and less likely to catch on fire.

Perhaps it was this additional increase of magic that drew the attention of the authorities. The governor of San Juan, Colonel Juan de Ribera, in particular took umbrage with Blackheart and hunted him endlessly for years. This only made Blackheart more inclined to steal from him and his ships and ravage his lands.

Meanwhile Katarina had been spending much time with Aeron, intrigued by his sorcery and even his disposition. While he fit in on the boat, he was no pirate and this change enraptured Katerina. Eventually they fell in love. Her father was happy for the match but also quietly worried; losing his own love had been the only time in his life his heart had been broken and he worried the curse would pass to his daughter so his searches for a way to break the curse intensified.

Katarina was heavy with child when the Spanish Navy finally caught the Heart of the Seas. Despite a fierce defense and the sinking of two Spanish ships, the Heart was disabled and boarded by the scores of mercenaries and thugs (Prussian Gnomes?) the Governor had paid.

Katerina was held by her hair and pushed to her knees and forced to watch her beloved father Blackheart’s throat slit and his body thrown overboard. Aeron’s hands and feet were bound and he too was thrown overboard for the sharks. Most of the remaining pirates were slaughtered, though they chose a handful that were put in shackles and brought back to San Juan for trial and execution so the Governor could prove these pirates were no longer a threat. Katerina was “tried” and found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. She was branded a Pirate, and in defiance she refused to scream while the P was being seared into her skin.

Back at the jail, there was a bit of commotion surrounding Katerina. She was brought to a secluded part of the jail where she was alone. A large number of people came by to examine Katarina and see if she was healthy, including a couple of doctors and finally a slave that was said to have mystic powers of Ixchel. Katerina resisted all but the slave, who seemed to be in a prison of her own, having to work for the Governor. The slave was to be Kat’s midwife and charged with delivering a healthy baby.

The first time she touched Katerina she had a sudden vision. She could sense the curse on Katarina and told her that with her father’s death the curse passed onto her, and if she held her daughter after she was born, it would kill the child. The seer also told her that the governor’s wife was barren and they needed an heir. They intended to take Katerina’s baby and pass it off as their own. And that was why they sent her, to make sure the baby was born healthy and then bring it to them.

Katarina was horrified. There was so much to take in and understand. She couldn’t hold her baby or it would die, she was cursed herself now and her days were numbered. She had lost her father, her lover, her crew, her ship, her home and family. The necklace her father used to hold the curse at bay was lost at the bottom of the ocean. And worst of all, this nasty, barren witch wanted to take her baby.

The seer seemed to be a kind hearted woman, if not a bit strange, and grew be Katarina’s only solace. The governor was waiting to hang all of the pirates at once, so he had to wait until the baby was born.

Finally the time came. The birth was long and difficult for Katerina; she lost a lot of blood and was weak. The baby was born, a healthy, happy little baby girl that Katarina gazed upon with love. The seer was stalling, she did not feel it was the right thing at that moment to take the baby but before long guards came and Katerina sobbed as they took away her daughter. Her tears quickly turned to rage and cruel thoughts of vengeance on Governor Ribera and his wife.

Unknown to Katarina, her remaining shipmates had not been idle. Opa Joe, or Old Zef as most referred to him, had managed to engineer an escape. He had lured over the guard’s dog with an old bone. He took the dog’s collar and used a wire in it to make a lockpick and opened the cell. He and the few other survivor’s were looking for Katarina when they came across the seer. She was frightened for a moment until her eyes glazed over with a vision. Then a resolute look came over her face and she said, “This way to Kat,” where she led them around guards to right to Katarina. Katarina was so torn, she loathed leaving her baby, and thought about stealing her back, but she was weak and there was the curse. She realized that the only solution would be to break this curse then save the little one. Kat implored the slave to leave with them as they slipped away in the night and she did.

A few weeks later, the seer had another vision. She saw that when the Gloriosa went down it was rumored to have had an ancient idol from the Inca. The seer was confident that this powerful artifact could break her curse over her permanently.

And so Katerina del Corazon had plans. She would seek this Idol and break the curse. She would find her child and take her back. She would avenge her father and her lover and kill the Governor and his wife and set their people free from their corruption. She would search for any surviving crew members and find and take back the Heart of the Seas, her father’s ship and her birthright. She would right every wrong, and in the process put back together a life that had been torn apart.[/SBLOCK]
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Chaotic good kenku Cleric 4


[sblock=Character Sheet]
CG kenku ‘keeteel’ (Island Carib/French) Cleric 4 (Death domain)
Background: Urchin (Feature- Retainers)
Bond: Arcane Rivalry
Duties: Lookout (Navigator)
Fortunes: Good- Cause (abolition of slavery in the Caribbean), Magic Trinkets (five trinkets, two unknown magic items), Secrets of the Deep (map on the back of a scarred sailor), Ship Mage; Ill- Enemy (Baron Bernard Desjean de Pointis), Enemy (the real Sir D’Arcy), Fighting Words, Outlaw Slave
Notes: Pronounced ‘kai-YOU’; reskinned half-elf, can only speak using Mimicry (most often uses his previous masters’ voices)

Armour Class: 15
Hit Points: 27/27
Hit Dice (+1): 4d8
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Abilities: Str 7 (-2), Con 12 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Int 16 (+3), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 14 (+2)
Initiative: +3
Senses: Passive Perception 16, darkvision 60 ft
Inspiration: ?
Experience: --

Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armour: Light armour, medium armour
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: Alchemist’s supplies, navigator’s tools
Saving Throws: Wisdom +6, Charisma +4
Skills: Stealth +5, Deception +4, Perception +6, Sleight of Hand +5, Investigation +5
Languages: English, French, Greek, Latin

Whip (finesse, reach). Melee weapon attack: +5 to hit, reach 10 ft, one target. Hit: 1d4 + 3 slashing damage
.Bone needle (dagger; finesse, light). Melee weapon attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit: 1d4 + 3 piercing damage.
Net (special). Ranged weapon attack: +5 to hit, range 5/15 ft, one target. Hit: Target is restrained (Escape DC 10).
Pistol (20 bullets; loading). Ranged weapon attack: +5 to hit, range 20/60 ft, one target. Hit: 1d10 + 3 piercing damage.
Voodoo doll(s) (holy symbol; divine focus). Melee/ranged spell attack: +6 to hit.

Carried: Filthy longcoat (coat of deeppockets; worn), leather armour (sewn into longcoat lining), explorer’s pack (distributed throughout longcoat pockets; also contains small knife, map of Paris, pet mouse, change of common clothes, alchemist’s supplies), rags (worn), purse (7 gp)
- water-damaged logbook (in coat) of one Captain Henry ‘Long Ben’, every page filled with cryptic navigation charts and unknown islands
- spring-loaded device that wraps around the wrist (worn), designed to launch a dagger into hand
- pocket watch with hands at 10 o'clock counting backwards one hour per month (in coat), resisting all attempts to reset or repair it
- detailed map of French (western) Hispaniola, with notes on assassination targets written in Spanish
- ship in a bottle that seems to come to life at night (in bunk), wracked by thunder and stormy seas
- silver flask with a golden peryton coat-of-arms worked on the side (in coat)
In bunk: Ship in a bottle (drowned slaves bottle; trinket, listed above)
Purchased this level (10 starting gp): 1x bone needle (dagger) 2 gp, 1x net 1 gp

Racial Traits
Kenku (reskinned Half-elf): Mimicry (replaces Fey Ancestry, Skill Versatility-- one Skill instead of two)

Class Features
Cleric : Channel Divinity 1/rest (Turn Undead, Death Touch- 13 necrotic damage)
Divine Domain (Death/Vodoun): Reaper

Spellcasting (Cleric 4)
Spell save DC 14, +6 to hit with spell attacks, prepared spells (8)
Cantrips (4): drowned likeness, spare the dying, thaumaturgy, unfasten; Ship Mage: ghost rigging; Reaper- chill touch
1st level 4/day: command, cure wounds, protection from evil and good, shield of faith; Domain Spells- animal messenger*, disguise self (replaces false life, ray of sickness)
2nd level 3/day: augury, enhance ability, gentle repose, prayer of healing; Domain Spells- blindness/deafness, hex (replaces ray of enfeeblement)
* (Requires the animal to be dead, temporarily animates it for the duration of the spell)

Cleric 4: Keen Mind (+1 to Intelligence, always know which way is north, always know how many hours until sunrise or sunset, accurately recall anything you have seen or heard within a month)

[sblock=Other Notes]
Personality Traits: I bluntly say what other people are hiding or hinting, but am insufferably cryptic about my own motives and intentions. I am constantly testing people with mockery and provocation.
Ideals: Retribution- The rich need to be shown what life and death are like in the gutters. (Evil)
Bonds: No one else should have to endure the hardships I’ve been through.
Flaws: I will never fully trust anyone other than myself.

Armour Class: 15 = 12 leather armour + Dex mod (+3)
Hit Points 27/27 = 8 for 1st level cleric + (3 x 5 per cleric level) + (4 x +1 Con modifier)
Ability Scores: Rolled 18 15 15 12 11 7, +2 to Charisma, +1 to Dexterity, and +1 to Constitution from half-elf Ability Score Increase; +1 to Intelligence from Keen Mind feat
Tools: 2 background
Skills: 1 race + 2 class + 2 background
Languages: 3 race + 1 campaign bonus

alias “Sir D’Arcy”, “Doctor l’Arcand”, “Lucién Ménage, le Comte de Foix”, “King Rook”

When he hatched, Caillou was drab for his tribe-- only five different shades of black and iridescent green, violet, and orange.

Caillou still dreams of the hills of Hispaniola, but in truth his earliest memories are of the cage in which he arrived in Paris, thirteen years ago-- a lifetime. His first master was the disgraced halfling naturalist, Sir D’Arcy Hailstone-Millstone, in exile from his native England and masquerading as a French surgeon, operating a back-alley clinic under the assumed guise of Monsieur le docteur l’Arcand.

Indifference to much apart from his work, rather than any native compassion, made the halfling one of Caillou’s kinder masters. Hailstone-Millstone passed on his own extensive knowledge of mathematics, science, history, and scraps of magic, again for no nobler purpose than to satisfy his own curiosity and to see if he could. Thus the keeteel was burdened with an unusually thorough education-- for anyone, let alone an oddity from the New World. If Caillou was eager to please the doctor, it was because if the man was not truly kind, he was at least not cruel. Indeed, Ssir D’Arcy seemed to lack all such human impulses, and once his secret was found out, and his surgery burnt to the ground by thugs in the employ of English spies, the doctor fled Paris without so much as a by-your-leave.

Discovered in the rubble by the city guards, Caillou was captured and again caged, starved, and stared at. He later found his way into merchant hands, to be auctioned to the nobility, advertised not even as a slave but rather some exotic pet. A bidding war broke out between the Lessaints of Foix, and the Baron de Pointis. The Lessaints, who owned several vineyards and had powerful allies in the Church, won this first battle between them and the Baron; they would not win the war, however, not against Baron Bernard Desjean de Pointis.

For two years, Caillou lived among the Lessaints, behind gilded bars, a centerpiece to the carefully tended fronds and blossoms of the great solarium at the heart of the Lessaints’ Paris estate.

Aristocratic intrigues of some violence and shocking scandal did ensue.

When the dust settled, the Lessaints had retreated from Paris, and nothing stood between Caillou and the Baron de Pointis but his own bare wit. He fled his upturned cage, into the labyrinthine streets of the city’s slums-- into the arms of thieves, heretics, and gypsies. If he was meant with contempt or mockery, at least it was not more ‘scientific curiosity’. If they came at him with knives, at least he would not be sent to the taxidermist afterward. The lessons of his youth returned to him, the ways of camouflage and passing unnoticed by the local human tribes, the conquistadors of old, the freshly arrived colonists. A certain natural cunning let him mold that knowledge to better suit the Old World alleys and sundry dens of iniquity.

Eventually, accomplices became allies, then finally friends. All told, it took a lifetime, more than ten years, for Caillou to escape the City of Light and return home. He spent much of that time stewing, studying, plotting. A ship of kobolds, smugglers from Denmark, brought him as far as Tortuga a year and a half ago. Were you to ask the French or Spanish what has changed in the hills of Hispaniola, they would not be able to tell you...yet. And that is how the keeteel prefers it, for now.

Lorelei- CG female human (Romani/Vistani?) thief. Caillou often travels under heavy disguise, and uses a few allies he’s collected along the way to stand in for him when dealing with those he does not believe to be sufficiently sympathetic to his cause. Lorelei was one of his first converts, and the loyalest so far. She speaks several languages passingly well, and cultivates an air of refinement and mystery.

Verner Magnussen- NG male kobold (Norwegian) shipwright. Uneasy with the moral lassitude demanded in the smuggling trade, Verner ‘The Wyrm’ stayed with Caillou when his former ship left Tortuga. The kobold is well-mannered and unassuming, good with his hands, and his small size lets him go places others can’t. What most fail to notice about the Wyrm, however, Caillou spotted immediately: his impressive, positively imperious draconic glower. Seated on the shoulders of a larger man, swathed in scarves and mystic paraphernalia, the full effect can be terrifying.

‘Gunner’ Teague- CN male human (English) deckhand. The latest addition to Caillou’s travelling band, Teague is a washed-up old salt, a veteran of the English navy and many a pirate crew. The sailor’s fish stories may be unreliable, but his back is still strong, and the map tattooed on his back is an invaluable part of Caillou’s future schemes.

Sir D’Arcy Roderike Hailstone-Millstone- The bastard son of a nearly-defunct noble lineage in Ireland, Sir D’Arcy is a naturalist, a surgeon formerly of great renown, and a gentleman. He is also an outlaw, alleged of having spoken treason against the British Crown, although there is no sign of his having committed any other crime on the soil of Mother England. In France he is even more infamous, wanted on charges of fraud, impersonating a nobleman, and several murders. He is also a halfling.

Caillou has taken Sir D’Arcy’s name and aliases for his own. For the time being, Sir D’Arcy is merely curious who would use his name in such a manner. His mildness makes him no less dangerous, however.

Baron Bernard Desjean de Pointis- The Baron was an enemy to Sir D’Arcy and the Lessaints, and an antagonist of the young Caillou before the Baron even recognized the latter as a sentient being, much less a rival.

Caillou has been picking up the wreckage Baron de Pointis has left behind him for over a decade. Far more so than Sir D’Arcy, Caillou despises the Baron and all that he represents. The man is a tyrant, and deserves a tyrant’s reward.
EDIT: Previous character details preserved for posterity.
[sblock=Gunner Teague]
Chaotic neutral human Barbarian 1/Cleric 3
Sailor, Escaped Convict

[sblock=Character Sheet]
CN human (English) Barbarian 1/Cleric 3 (Tempest domain)
Backgrounds: Sailor, Escaped Convict (Features- Ship’s Passage, Wanderer)
Bond: Curse of Aztec Gold
Duties: Master Gunner
Fortunes: Old Salt, Hangin' Look, Magic Trinkets, Treasure Map, Enemy (Commodore Bennet Rafferty, the son of a former captain), Obligation (...)
Notes: Missing one eye (-2 to Initiative and Perception), illiterate, harried by Rafferty and his men, mysterious map tattooed on his back

Armour Class: 16
Hit Points: 43/43
Hit Dice (+2): 1d12, 3d8
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Abilities: Str 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Dex 16 (+3), Int 8 (-1), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 8 (-1)
Initiative: +1
Senses: Passive Perception 13
Inspiration: ?
Experience: --

Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armour: Light armour, medium armour, heavy armour, shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: Navigator’s tools, vehicles (water), tinker’s tools, dice
Saving Throws: Strength +3, Constitution +4
Skills: Intimidation +1, Nature +1, Athletics +3, Perception +3, Deception +1, Survival +5
Languages: English, Island Carib, semaphore

Boat hook (pike; heavy, reach, two-handed). Melee weapon attack: +3 to hit, reach 10 ft, one target. Hit: 1d10 + 1 piercing damage.
Dagger (light, finesse, thrown). Melee/ranged weapon attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft/range 20/60 ft, one target. Hit: 1d4 + 3 piercing damage.
Pistol (36 bullets, loading). Ranged weapon attack: +5 to hit, range 30/90 ft, one target. Hit: 1d10 + 3 piercing damage.
Blunderbuss (12 shots, loading, misfire (1), two-handed). Ranged weapon attack: +5 to hit, range 20/60 ft, one target. Hit: 2d6 +3 piercing damage.
Harpoons x4 (javelins; thrown). Melee/ranged weapon attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft/range 30/120 ft, one target. Hit: 1d6 +1 piercing damage.
Component pouch (divine focus). Melee/ranged spell attack: +5 to hit.
Unchained bullets of Bon Ebon x12. Property: When firing these bullets as part of a ranged attack made to free a prisoner or slave (ie. when firing at their bonds or captors), the attack has advantage.

Carried: Explorer’s pack (worn), 50 feet of silk rope (coiled around chest), common clothes (worn), tinker’s tools (in pack), belt pouch (1 gold doubloon, Aztec gold coin)
Trinkets: Water-damaged logbook (in pack) of one Captain Henry ‘Long Ben’, every page filled with cryptic navigation charts and unknown islands
Tattoos: Son of a Gun Tattoo (When in command of a powder crew (or all powder crews on one side of a ship), you decrease their cannon reload time by a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. In addition, when you observe a person functioning on a powder crew you immediately recognize their station of birth (social class), their experience as a gunner, and one of their flaws.)
In bunk: Belaying pin (club), shovel, iron pot, common clothes
Purchased this level (20 starting gp): Blunderbuss -15 gp, 48 bullets -2 gp, dagger -2 gp

Class Features
Barbarian 1: Rage 2/day, Unarmoured Defense
Cleric 3: Channel Divinity 1/rest (Turn Undead, Destructive Rebuke)
Divine Domain (Tempest): Wrath of the Storm 3/day

Spellcasting (Cleric 3)
Spell save DC 13, +5 to hit with spell attacks, prepared spells (6)
Cantrips (3): ghost rigging, mariner's boon, thaumaturgy
1st level 4/day: bane, command, create or destroy water, healing word; Domain Spells- fog cloud, thunderwave
2nd level 2/day: augury, enhance ability; Domain Spells- gust of wind, shatter

Human: Tough (+2 hit points per level)

[sblock=Other Notes]
Sailor, Escaped Convict
Personality Traits: I work hard so I can play hard when the work is done. I judge people by their actions, not their words.
Ideals: Fairness- We all do the work, so we all share in the reward (Lawful). Might- If I become strong, I can take what I want-- what I deserve (Evil).
Bonds: I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day I hope to see them again.
Flaws: The people who know me when I was young know my shameful secret, so I can never go home again... Don’t expect me to save those who can’t save themselves. It is nature’s way that the strong survive and the weak perish.

Armour Class: 16 = 10 + Dex mod (+3) + Con mod (+2) + 1 heavy armour proficiency
Hit Points 43/43 = 12 for 1st level barbarian + (3 x 5 per cleric level) + (4 x +2 Con modifier) + (4 x 2 Tough feat)
Ability Scores: Rolled 16 15 14 12 8 7, +1 to Dexterity and Charisma from human Ability Score Increase[/sblock][/sblock]

A lifetime at sea not amounting to much, that’s the sad story of Gunner Teague.

The years and waves have taken much from him, robbed him of the strength of his sword-hand, the faces of a family he knew too little, years of his freedom-- whether breaking rocks for his countrymen in the prison at Point-Saint Charlotte, or languishing in the dungeons of the French island-fortress of Bon Ebon-- and opportunities, so many missed chances. He was young once, handsome and strong once, practically a hero-- once. He claims that years ago, he and a vain, young, and newly famous Captain George Lightly Rafferty were bosom friends. Rafferty, whose name has since passed into legend, alongside the disappearance of his ship, the HMS Rescue; the rather ironically named Rescue, of which Teague occasionally professes to be sole survivor. Some find it odd that they are only hearing of such an acquaintance upon meeting the gunner for the first time. He seems to mention it often enough, though the details of what claimed his old ship differ with each telling-- a whirlpool with giant fangs of gnashing ice, a huge barnacled hand with the bloated skin of a corpse rising from an otherwise placid sea, a rogue wave with a host of elves on horseback riding its crest...

If he’s drunk, that is. Ask again once he’s sober, and he’ll simply say, “A storm.” And that’s all.

Mottled with tattoos, fingers blue with the touch of blackpowder and gunmetal, his back strewn with the tracks of the cat of nine-- much of the time Teague appears a grim-faced taskmaster, tight-lipped and stern, one gimlet eye and a mouth like a sword. You’d scarcely credit him the imagination which seems necessary for such wild tales.

But his tongue is loosened by rum. The same may be true of his penchant for spinning outrageous falsehoods, delving into the mists of memory and coming up with some scarcely-remembered undersea monster or ghost ship. When drunk, he claims to have crewed with captains who died before he was born, to have sailed to destinations out of stage-plays and fairy tales-- to have docked in Avalon and weighed anchor on a kraken’s shell. Even the tattoos on his back seem to show islands surely too large to have gone undiscovered so long.

There’s but one sure bet, and that’s that the man was born in Bristol. Dare you to try and get a straight answer from him on the subject, however, of his long-ago life on dry land, and he’ll clam up sure as the tide’s ebb, no matter how drunk he might be.

Those who could give the lie to the more outlandish of Teague’s claims, who could glorify or condemn him, linger now in the locker of Davy Jones. Teague, for his part, goes on, serving on navy boats and merchanters, aboard privateers and pirate vessels. He’s decorated the inside of many a cell, English and foreign alike, drawn blood at the Crown’s behest only to sail under the flags of her enemies. In his long life, he says, he’s buried treasure and friends enough to sail a navy out of Hell’s own harbour, and who’s to say he won’t, one day? Maybe that was the plan all along.[/sblock]

4:00-8:00 Sleeps like the dead. (ends long rest)
8:00-20:00 Maintains the ship’s cannons, checks the powder, cleans and counts pistols and muskets, shouts up and down at the powder monkeys. Throws his back into any task calling for more than one set of arms. (Master Gunner/Crew)
20:00-24:00 Drinks rum on deck, reciting jokes, tall tales, and mangled scripture to anyone who passes by. Often falls asleep. (starts long rest)
24:00-4:00 Becomes sombre and morose, delivering forth ghost stories and old sea legends and waxing poetic on the nature of the sea as a fickle goddess. Occasionally draws a crowd. (Entertainer/Lookout/Crew)[/sblock]

[sblock=Magic Items]
As of yet, Teague is not aware of the magical properties of either his tattoo(s) or the unchained bullets of Bon Ebon.

Son of a Gun Tattoo
The "son of a gun" is a one-of-a-kind tattoo depicting a culverin with a wild baby boy riding atop, symbolizing all boys of uncertain parentage born on the gunner's deck to a life at sea. Gunner Teague has worn the "son of the gun" on his skin as long as he can remember, from since he was barely a man. When in command of a powder crew (or all powder crews on one side of a ship), you decrease their cannon reload time by a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. In addition, when you observe a person functioning on a powder crew you immediately recognize their station of birth (social class), their experience as a gunner, and one of their flaws.

Unchained Bullets of Bon-Ebon
Bon-Ebon, the French island-fortress, is notorious for its "shot tower" from which molten lead is poured, forming into lead bullets as it cools on its way to the ground...possibly the origin of the term "sweating bullets." When Teague broke free from his manacles and throttled a guard, the warden had his manacles melted down and cast from the "shot tower" at Bon-Ebon. From the remnant the warden collected 12 bullets which were loaded into a blunderbuss and fired at Teague's back, nearly killing him. Once the prison doctor extracted the bullets, he gave them to Teague as a souvenir when Teague was at last released. These bullets are magical weapons, and when used to free prisoners or slaves (e.g. shooting their bonds or their captors) they grant advantage on your attack roll and deal double damage
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Queenie, that's a helluva great story!


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Nia Steeleyes
Neutral Good Human Druid 3/Ranger 1
Background: Sailor

[sblock=Description]Nia is a striking young woman of mixed islander and African ancestry, with long, lustrous black hair and a mocha complexion. She often wears face paint and somewhat exaggerratedly 'witch doctor' garb when playing up her sea witch persona, but actually prefers more comfortable and sedate clothing. Of particular note in her appearance is her eye color. Her irises are a strange silver-grey shade, as if all the color had leached out. Sometimes when she calls on her powers, that steely color 'leaks' into her pupils as well, giving her the look of someone who has cateracts, though it doesn't seem to interfere with her vision.



[sblock=Background]Nia was the youngest daughter of the chieftain of a small island village in the Carribean. She both idolized her older sister, Inka, who was apprenticed to the village 'witch,' a woman of significant powers and skilled in the calling of voodoo loa spirits. Nia was still quite young when Inka ran off with some Spanish pirate, abandoning her people in the process. Nia had to grow up in a hurry to fill her shoes, and though it was a struggle she rose to the challenge. To add insult to injury, not so very long afterward that Spanish captain brought Inka back...for burial. Her father the chief, consumed by wrath, demanded that Gertie, the village witch, curse that captain. It was done, and despite them forbidding her, Nia found a place to watch in secret. It was terrifying, but it felt right. It was justice. It was like Gertie always said, that which you do comes back to you. Actions and consequences. It was the way of things, and it was right.

Gertie was dead, and Nia was the new witch, but still very fresh to it, when it all ended. Maybe, she would think later, this was justice too? Maybe in cursing that captain, the village had become cursed? It's an uneasy thought. A man came to the village, which wasn't unusual. Smugglers and 'naturalists' and other foreigners weren't completely unheard of on the island. This man, who called himself Smiling Jack or sometimes Jack of Smiles, was charismatic and affable, and quick to win hearts and minds. When he began to sow seeds of dissent, talking quietly to those who had gathered with him of how the Chief was doing wrong, and was weak, he was banished from the village. But he took a handful with him. Not enough to be dangerous though. They retreated to shelters in the caves at the other side of the island.

One night Nia had a dream. A nightmare. She was standing on the beach after dark, looking at the sky, when the stars started going out. From the horizon, up into the sky, they went dark. Nia followed that line up, and realized it had a shape to it. The stars weren't disppearing...something was blocking them out. Something as dark as the night sky, and almost as big. Then the ball of silver light that she'd thought was the moon...blinked at her, and a smile spread across the sky. Even after awakening, the dream haunted Nia. She knew that smile.

The village was all afuss that morning, because some of the kids hadn't come home from playing. While the Chief and the hunters organized searches, Nia went to find Smiling Jack. The caves were empty though, abandoned. She found their beds, and the things they'd stolen or traded with other ships for. Horribly, she found other things too. Bloody knives and instruments that seemed to have no function other than pain. Shackles, smeared with blood, now open. But no Jack. No people.

The sun was setting as she made her way back to the village. As the sky darkened, several folk noticed that the top of the Holy Mountain had light on it. The Holy Mountain wasn't really a MOUNTAIN of course...it was steep-sloped, made of black rock; the core of an old volcanic caldera. The fires within had long since died. But on top, lights now. And the pounding of drums. Once again, while the village mobilized to go one way, Nia looked another. The warriors were preparing to go up there. Nia went to the sea.

Under the eye of the lunatic full moon, she saw a shadow beneath the waves. It didn't rise up and block the sky. But she felt it stirring. Heard the fathomless explosion of its breath coming to the surface. She saw the waters of the sea suddenly fall back away from shore with awful speed, and knew what it meant. There was no time to warn anyone. All she could do was rush to the hollow of a stone and press herself inside. There was the rumble of the wave breaking...far overhead.

Then there was just water, dark and cold. Rushing into her ears and mouth and nose, crushing her against the stone. And then just the dark and cold. But in that dark cold she was not alone. In the Shadowlands between life and death, under the endless twilight of its starless sky, something spoke to her. She gave response. To this day she cannot remember what words were spoken.

Nia woke up though, coughing water, covered in seaweed that most likely saved her from being smashed to pieces by debris. On peeling herself out, pushing free to stand on the beach, she beheld the ruin of her home. The island had been scoured. Trees, topsoil, and of course the village...all gone. Only dirt and stone and the Holy Mountain were left. With the rising of the sun, Nia scaled to the top of the Mountain and found the place where the light had been. That high, the waters hadn't reached. A crudely made altar still stood there, and bodies still lay. The bodies of the missing children, drowned by the look of them. The bodies of the villagers who'd stood with Jack of Smiles...throats cut. Of Jack there was no sign.

With nothing for her at the island, Nia buried her former fellows and improvised a raft from the driftwood and few ripped-up trees that remained. In this way she managed to get to a neighboring island, and from there found her way onto a ship. Bartering her skills as a healer, and the promise of magic to aid them, Nia spent the next years of her life at sea, learning its ways. She learned to find a course in the stars and to tell the weather tomorrow by the clouds today. She honed her skill with bow and staff, preparing for a confrontation she knew would take place. And each time she found port, Nia hunted. The man she knew as Smiling Jack went by more than one name, and even more than one face, but the smile was always the same. Nia knew without knowing how that he was no man at all, at least not any longer. She studied the old legends of the Abyss, learning her enemy as well as she could.

Finally, she helped find and catch an abyssal cultist who let slip before he died that his brother had betrayed him at Cartegena; a sacking from which just one ship escaped. La Gloriosa. Though long considered a fool's errand to seek that old wreck, Nia immediately made plans to do just that. For in that ship lay a man who might know, or have, information about where to find that smile one more time...and wipe it from the world forever. [/sblock]

[sblock=Stats]Nia Steeleyes
Neutral Good Human Druid 3/Ranger 1
Background: Sailor

Str 10
Dex 16 (+1 race)
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 18 (+1 race, +1 feat)
Cha 14

HP 32
AC 14 (11 + 3)
Prof Bonus +2
Init +3

Race: Human
+1 Dex, +1 Wis
Bonus Feat
Bonus Trained skill

Druidic Language
Ritual Casting
Wild Shape 2/short rest (up to CR 1/4)
Circle of the Twilight
- Harvest's Scythe (Spent 1/2 lvl out of 3d10 pool to do bonus necrotic damage on spells; cure 2/die spent to ally in 30' if damage kills)

Favored Enemy (Adv on Wis checks to track and recall info, gain language)
- Aberrations
Natural Explorer (2x prof on Wis/Int checks related to terrain type, gain benefits when traveling through)
- Coast

Armor: Light, Medium, shields (only nonmetal armor)
Weapons: All Simple, All Martial
Tools: Herbalism Kit
Saves: Intelligence and Wisdom

Skills: Athletics, Perception
Tools: Navigational tools, water vehicles
Equipment: Belaying pin, 50 ft silk rope, common clothes, 10 gp, trinket)
Feature: Passage

Athletics +2
Nature +6
Survival +6
Perception +6
Stealth +5
Insight +6

English, Creole, Jamaican, Loa, Abyssal

Personality Trait: I do not suffer fools.
Bond: I hunt the thing that destroyed what I love, and I will stop at nothing to find and destroy it.
Ideal: What goes around, comes around.
Flaw: I would risk too much, sacrifice too much, to accomplish my goal.

Mixed: Quicksilver eyes
Good: Voodoo rituals, Magic Trinkets
Ill: Haunted, Wastrel

- Observant (+1 Wis, +5 passive Perception and Investigation, read lips)

Spellcasting (Save DC 14)
Slots 1 - 4, 2 - 2

- Guidence
- Shillelagh

Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Enhance Ability, Flaming Sphere, Moonbeam


Staff, +2, 1d6 (+6, 1d8+4 w/shillelagh)
Dagger, +5, 1d4+3
Longbow, +5, 1d8+4, 150/600 rng

Pitch Jacket

3 belt pouches
Herbalism Kit
- Pirate recipe book
- Elaborate compass in scrimshaw case
- Piece of helm's wheel with loa name on it
- Sharkman necklace
- Loud conch shell

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Wow. (No exclamation point 'cuz I'm sitting here a little stunned.)

(Let me catch my cerebral breath ... OK)

Queenie, that's a helluva great story!

Thank you, I worked hard on it and really enjoyed making this character and her story. I hope you follow along, I have a feeling it's going to be a hell of a ride!


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Hugo Van Haan

[sblock]The delegation to The Hague out of Noord from Rotterdam was once headed by Fredich Gaalmayer, a dwarf of status and an equal measure of kindness and loyalty to his staff, servants, clerks and various hangers-on. Chief among the hangers-on was Hugo Van Haan, a dwarf of some questionable reputation, worldly education and entertaining personality, who considered himself the chief councilor of a staff of councilors which included himself and no other.

Hugo served Gaalmayer for six years before the incident at The Hague court where Van Haan mentioned that, in an argument over state resource divisions, the delegation from Schiedam should take a surcharge or tax disadvantage for all the chlamydia spread throughout Europe by the otherwise-respected Clemet Van Schiedam. This was said while drunk, loudly and often that evening, once during dinner with an English duke, and at least once outside a brothel at noon the next day.

Oddly, the declaration outside the brothel was more of an issue than the same declaration at a state dinner. See, Hugo had followed Van Schiedam to the establishment of disreputables accompanied by the delegate’s wife, Marissa, who thought she was out shopping for fabrics.

Marissa was a Spanish noble married off to assist in the strengthening of diplomacy between the Netherlands and exclaimed that she was in such need of drapes to cover the windows in a drawing room where the drapes were simply awful and must have been at least two centuries old. Hugo, being the very man who set up trade of Egyptian cotton and French satin to a merchant inside the Hague, committed to obtaining the very finest the world could offer for Lady Marissa Van Schiedam. Yet the opportunity to disparage his rival presented itself to readily when he saw Van Schiedam’s carriage making its way customarily to the red-light district at the same time as Van Haan was on leave for fabric-shopping. A round-about route was in order, he explained to Marissa and company, and off they went.

Of course, Marissa was well aware of her husband’s visits to every brothel in Europe, the problem came when Marissa was exposed to the fact before her ladies in waiting. Now she had a duty to protect her reputation for King and country, for the sake of her good name, etc.

This caused problems for the court, as they now had a legal and moral duty to liquidate the arranged marriage between the two, furthering the cause of war between the Dutch and the Spanish and generally causing trouble for everyone.

Kind old Fredich Gaalmayer held Hugo as a close advisor for as long as he could, though his ‘chief councilor’ was banned from ever again accompanying him to The Hague. It was one late October when Gaalmayer made his own last journey to court. He returned in a black carriage and a casket, having died at the age of 112.

The new representative to the King and court immediately fired Hugo, and with his torrid reputation and lack of official title had no place to make a living. He made an offer to serve on a ship with an old friend who handled some of his more delicate communications, Jozef Van Der Nagel, seeking out adventure, fortune, and a meager living to feed his taste in jewelry, expensive clothes and beard wax.[/sblock]

[sblock]Hugo Van Haan is ugly, even for a dwarf. His bulbous, red nose has seen at least two breaks, he’s short and pudgy, his red hair is styled in a garish mohawk (the style of New World natives), his mustache waxed and curled downward and his beard and fingers set with several brass rings. Scars line a side of his face and redden with his ruddy complexion. Green eyes that would normally be regarded as captivating only add to the numbered oddities in Hugo’s face.

Hugo adores fine clothes, stockings, ruffles and silks. Being on a ship persuades him not an inch into more utilitarian clothes.[/sblock]

[sblock]Despite his ugliness, Hugo is adored by nearly everyone he comes across. He is friendly, caring and attentive. He listens like a bartender and performs like a bard, adding a piece of music by lyre or viola which corresponds so perfectly with the needs of those he calls friends it seems nearly divine. He’s a natural friend and a devilish enemy.[/sblock]

Hugo Van Haan
Male Dwarf
4th Level Bard of the College of Lore
Experience 2,700

Str - 10 +0
Dex - 14 +2 [save]
Con - 14 +2
Int - 14 +2
Wis - 14 +2
Cha - 16 +3 [save]

Passive Perception 12

Deception - +5
Performance - +5
Persuasion - +5
History - +4
Sleight of Hand - +4
Stealth - +4
Arcana - +4
Mathematics - +4
Jack of All Trades - Ability+1


Rapier - +4, 1d8+2
Dagger- +4, 1d4+2

Bardic Inspiration (d6)
Song of Rest (d6)
Feat: Actor
Cutting Words (d6)


Leather Armor
Diplomat's Pack

Cantrips Known
Vicious Mockery

1st Level
Disguise Self
Comprehend Languages
Dissonant Whispers

2nd Level
Detect Thoughts

Alignment - Chaotic Good
Background - Noble
Personality Trait - Hugo is adored by nearly everyone he comes across. He’s a natural friend and a devilish enemy. He is friendly, caring and attentive. He listens like a bartender and performs like a bard, adding a piece of music by lyre or viola which corresponds so perfectly with the needs of those he calls friends it seems nearly divine.Ideal - Independence
Bond - Gold, glory and Adventure
Flaw - By my words, I often bring shame to my family

Good Fortune - Contacts, Hugo has Dutch contacts among the nobility and throughout the Dutch colonies.
Ill Fortune - Enemy, Hugo has made an enemy of Clemet Van Schiedam, his wife, children and unnumbered Spaniards.
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[section] Human (Creole) Rogue 4
Ship Duty: Rigger
Bond: Curse of Aztec Gold
Fortunes: Kid, Strange luck, Treasure map, Obsessed with treasure.

Kid does not have a name. Kid does not need a name. Just "Kid" is fine, really. Kid has twitchy fingers, kid's luck, and likes to climb. Because climbing lets you see. You see all kinds of wondrous things when adults are not looking. More the better when adults think you are stupid and not listening...then you really learn Important Things. There is a problem with twitchy fingers, though. Sometimes you grab something you wish you had not. The coin, for example. Kid wishes he had not grabbed the shiny gold Cartagenian coin. Because now Kid has to go where Kid does not like--under the sea. The coin must be returned, Kid knows. La Gloriosa beckons with her watery siren's call, and Kid feels the pull.

[sblock=Nuts and Bolts]Age 13
Chaotic Neutral
Medium (4’ 11” and 98 pounds)
hp 19 (4d8 - 4)
AC 17 (10 + 5 Dex + 2 Unarmored Defense)
Initiative +5
Speed 30'
Passive Perception 16

Languages: Common, Creole (human), Thieves’ Cant (class), Jamaican patois (campaign setting)
Proficiency Bonus +2

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons, hand crossbow, longsword, scimitar, rapier, shortsword

Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
Tool Proficiencies: Thieves’ tools (expertise), Navigator's tools (background), Distiller's Kit (background)
Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Perception (expertise), Deception, Stealth

Strength 12 (13 - 3 age + 1 human + 1 at 4th level)
Dexterity 20 (18 + 1 human + 1 at 4th level)
Constitution 9 (8 + 1 human)
Intelligence 16 (15 + 1 human)
Wisdom 14 (13 + 1 human)
Charisma 14 (13 + 1 human)
4d6, drop lowest: 8, 13, 15, 18, 13, 13
4d6 → [2,1,4,2] = (9)
4d6 → [5,2,3,5] = (15)
4d6 → [4,4,6,5] = (19)
4d6 → [6,6,1,6] = (19)
4d6 → [4,5,4,2] = (15)
4d6 → [6,4,2,3] = (15)​

Bond: Curse of Aztec Gold: Kid has a cursed Aztec gold piece taken from one of the French buccaneers who raided Cartagena; a mambo told Kid the only way to rid himself of the curse is to return the coin to the chest it was taken from - sunken with La Gloriosa.

Curse Effects: You don’t age. Ever. Not even after casting the Aztec gold piece back into the depths of La Gloriosa. Additionally, the Curse weighs on your heart. Literally. You have asthma at the most inopportune times [DM DISCRETION]. You immediately start to sink if you enter water. Strength checks to swim suffer disadvantage. The portion of the Curse connected to weight becomes permanent if you fail to deliver the Aztec coin to La Gloriosa when the character attains 8th level. Other than to cast the coin back into the watery depths of La Gloriosa, the coin may not be disposed of, traded, sold, or given away. The coin and its curse are indestructible--not even a wish can part you from the coin, destroy it, or undo the curse while the coin is in your possession.​

Mixed Fortunes: Kid, Strange Luck

Kid: You are 13 years old (or the equivalent for your race). You suffer a -3 Strength penalty, which diminishes by 1 for each year until your 16th birthday. Until then you cannot die from a failed save or ability check; the worst that will happen is you are grievously injured, taken captive, or knocked out. Cannot take Old Salt.

Strange Luck: You are surrounded by extraordinary circumstances. Whenever you roll a natural 1 or 20 something bizarre happens. On a natural 1 you critically fail at whatever you were attempting, thru no fault of your own; a lock pick breaks, you slip on a patch of oil, a guard recognizes you, etc. On a natural 20 you gain an extraordinary success thru some happy circumstance; you happen to have picked up the exact key to this lock earlier, your fall is broken by your jacket catching on the flagpole, the guard happens to be your cousin, etc.​

Good Fortune: Treasure Map

Treasure Map: You possess a map to a secret treasure, whether a buried treasure chest, a shipwreck which could be restored, or a buried stockpile of munitions.​

Ill Fortune: Obsessed with Treasure

Obsessed with Treasure: You have an unhealthy fascination with treasure; all things bright and glittery draw you in like a moth to a flame. When confronted with a treasure you can't help but handle several pieces of it right away or, if unable to handle it, stare transfixed for a round. You always try to take more than your fair share of a prize when doing so won't raise the hackles of your companions...usually because they won't find out.​

Relationships to Crew: At age eleven, Kid stowed away on Old Blackheart's ship; he hid below decks for six days, living off a portion of the ship's cargo of rotting musk melons before being discovered. By the time Old Zef found him, Kid was a little tipsy from eating fermented melons for nearly a week straight. It took the crew a day or two to reason out just how dandy Kid was at climbing rigging. Once Kid sobered up, climb he did. Always curious, Kid climbed the rigging and watched. A month and two ports later, Kid worked out Captain's habits well enough to pick his way into Captain's private chamber beneath the fo'c'sle, where he pawed some kind of rolled up treasure map done in fancy ink on vellum. The crew might know about the melons, but nobody knows Kid five-finger-discounted the map. Not even Old Zef. The Coin, though, it came later. And when it did, it hit like a ton of bricks.

Background: Ship Rat (custom)
Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s Tools, Distiller’s Kit (rum) -- Kid knows how to make rum. For adults.
Equipment: TBD
Feature: Wanderer (Kid has an excellent memory for maps and geography, and can find food and fresh water for himself and up to five other people each day, provided the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth).
Personality Trait: I don’t like to bathe.
Ideal: I help the people who help me—that’s what keeps us alive.
Flaw: Shiny things are attractive to me, and I do dumb stuff to get a shiny object.

Expertise: Perception and Thieves’ Tools

Sneak Attack: + 1d6 damage to one creature Kid hits with an attack if Kid has advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon. Kid doesn’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and Kid doesn’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Cunning Action: Kid can take a bonus action on each move in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Roguish Archetype: Swashbuckler (grants Seafarer Tricks and Unarmored Defense)

Seafarer Tricks: Rigging Monkey, and Sea Legs

Unarmored Defense: While you are wielding a finesse weapon, wearing no armor, and not wielding a shield, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus, provided you are proficient with the finesse weapon. In my Spell & Crossbones campaign, benefiting from Unarmored Defense overrides the Heavy Armor House Rule.​

Ability Score Improvement: + 1 to Strength and Dexterity

Skills: (P Proficiency, E Expertise)
+7 Acrobatics P
+2 Animal Handling
+3 Arcana
+3 Athletics P
+4 Deception P

-3 History (Kid is uneducated and hates history. As a general principle. History is for suckers. )
+2 Insight
+2 Intimidation
+3 Investigation
+2 Medicine
+3 Nature
+6 Perception PE
+2 Performance
+2 Persuasion
-3 Religion (See entry for History! Except for relics. 'Cause they’re shiny. And gold. Right?)
+7 Sleight of Hand P
+7 Stealth P
+2 Survival

2 x daggers
Belt pouch
Navigator's tools
Thieves' tools
Treasure map
Map case
Rum distilling kit
15 gp 1 gp from Barrington and 8 gp, 9 sp, 2 cp (Expenditures: 5 gp of 50 gp owed to Komodo Roy for gambling debt; 1 gp to Surly for information; 8 cp for rum at the Blackreef)
Small sack of marbles
Common clothes
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