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Etienne Rougeau Human (m), Bard 4 (swashbuckler)

Age 43 years

Alignement Lawful Neutral
Divinity Catholic

Etienne was born in a small village near Quebec in Nouvelle-France in 1670. He learned among Indians the way of the wilds, and spend years of his youth as a voyageur paddling canoes down the Canadian rivers in search of beaver furs. He fought the Iroquois 5 nations as a militia up to the Great peace of 1701, specializing in wrestling duels (an Indian way to start or end hostilities). He knows the basic of all North American languages.

Then, he considers traveling oversea to improve his culture and gather news songs, poems and tales to tell his children back home. When the Spain succession war began, he enrolled in the Navy. He raised as a lieutenant, his perfect balance from years battling from canoes giving him a great hedge on a ship deck and his leadership and experience were greatly appreciated.

He came to Antilles smuggling a fur cargo in violation of mercantilism french economic laws. His company wants an higher profit shipping cargo in Martinique instead of France. He doesn't like violating laws, but his loyalty is to his family, then his friends and after law. He knows too well about how arbitrary is a governor or a king's law.

ST 18 (+4) Dex 10 (+0) Con 18 (+4)
Int 8 (-1) Ws 12 (+1) Cha 14 (+2)
Good saves Dex, Cha Proficiency +2
Background Soldier (Lieutenant, French navy marine)
Skills Athletics +8*, Intimidate +4, Performance +4, Survival +3, perception +5*, stealth +2, - all other +1 to +4 (6 skills as 2 (background) + 1 (human) + 3 (bard))
Langages French, English
Tools 3 musical instruments , chess, vehicles : canoe

HP 39 Init +0
AC 12 (swashbuckler's unarmed defense +2, Dex +0)
Melee battleaxe +6 (1d8+4 slashing ; versatile (1d10))
Melee tomahawk (handaxe)+6 (1d6+4 slashing ;finesse))
Melee Dagger +6/+3* (1d4+4 trusting ; finesse, light, throw (range 6 m/18 m))
Unarmed 1d4+ 4 improvised weapons: d4 to d12 +4

Known spells : (3) / 5 / 2
- lvl 0 : blade ward, mage hand, vicious mockery, friends
- lvl 1 : thunderwave, speak with animals, healing word, charm person, feather fall
- lvl 2 : silence, enhance ability

Fortunes: mixed: beaver fur hat- Etienne is an associate of the French fur-trading Compagnie des Postes du Roi and an enemy of the Hudson Bay company.

Good: Contacts- Beside trading company, he has contacts among most of North American native tribes.

Ill: Weird Tales scoop - He looks for the best story, as a modern reporter, without safety consideration, in order to be famous and published

Slots : 4 / 3
magical stat : Charisma DC spells : 12
Feats : Tavern Brawler, Grappler

Weapons and armor Light armor, simple weapons, swords, Axes, hand crossbow, guns
Class Bard Inspiration (+1d6)
Jack-of-All-Trades (+1)
Song of Rest (+1d6 Hp)
Expertise (+6 to 2* skills) : athletics and Perception
seafarers tricks: Patois, Sea Legs
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>The basics:
-Flynn James O'Rourke ("the Firebrand", also travels under the alias of James Callahan)
-Human (Irish); male; CG (Neutral tendencies)
-Bard 3 (Swashbuckler)/Pirate 1/Ranger 0
-Backgrounds: Sailor (Pirate), Sage (Physician)
-Ship's role: Surgeon (etc.)

[sblock= Fortunes and Background Traits]
>Good fortunes: Immortal, Armed to the teeth
>Ill fortunes: Enemy (Sir D'Arcy), Wanted (English), Affliction (Festering wound, see notes in Discussion)
>Mixed fortunes: Old Salt, Whiskey Johnny

[sblock= Fortunes discussion, including past and lesser fortunes]
> Over the years, Flynn has seen his share of Fortunes come and go. In his younger, more active days he had Casanova and Notoriety (which might still live in some people's memories). While he is still a Whiskey Johnny, he no longer has the Vice- alcohol- though he still often ACTS as if he does; he certainly has a taste for fine booze. He has also been a Wastrel, and still has a fondness for good clothing and the comforts of life, though not quite so much compulsion. His sharp tongue and use of sarcasm and insult have tempered from the days when he had Fighting Words as well. He also USED to have Contacts, but most of them are dead, or retired, or have otherwise moved on- currently this is represented by his 'Ear to the wind' background feature.
>Because of his past, any attempts to identify his Fortunes (or otherwise read his personality) will show him as having some level of the following: Casanova, Notoriety, Vice- alcohol, Wastrel, Fighting words.
>In terms of active Fortunes: He is not fully Immortal, he just ages at an elven pace (roughly one year for every 5-10 actual years passing). Sir D'Arcy is an Enemy because he has figured out that Flynn ages very slowly- and wants to dissect him to find out why; he is keeping the secret though, as he wants that secret for himself alone- and he has a habit of popping up in the oddest places (like that time in Peru...). He is (still) wanted by the English, and wears the Pirate brand on his right forearm.
>His Affliction as an Old Salt is the reminder of his narrow escape from the eladrin. Starting with the Festering Wound injury from the DMG, it is further defined by its permanence- in this case ONLY magical healing can fix the daily HP drain, and nothing is known which can cure the wound.

>Background traits:
-Personality trait 1: I am driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home- and all around the world.
-Personality trait 2: I have a taste for exotic things (alcohol, foods, and women), and an appreciation of quality merchandise.
-Ideal: (People) I help the people who help me- that's what keeps us alive. If I spare a little kindness to those in need, perhaps the favor will be returned when I need it.
-Bond: Obligation (I owe my life to Blackheart- and though I might never admit it, I feel I owe Katerina a life debt as well, for the loss of her mother)
-Flaw: I'll never fully trust anyone other than myself.

[sblock= Mechanical details/CRUNCH]
-Speed: 30 feet
-Initiative: +4
-Passive Perception:
-Senses: normal
-Hit Points: 32 (8+5+5+6+8 CON)
-AC: 15 (DEX +3, Unarmored defense +2)
-Melee attack: +5 (cutlass, whip, or dagger; Finesse)
-Ranged attack: +7 (pistol)
-Spell attack: +5 or DC 13

-STR 11 (+0)
-CON 14 (+2)
-DEX 17 (+3, save +5)(+1 human)
-INT 12 (+1)
-WIS 13 (+1)(+1 human)
-CHA 16 (+3, save +5)
-Roll: http://invisiblecastle.com/stats/view/38409/

-Firearms expert (human bonus)
-Next: ASI (Dex/Wis)(At Bard 4)

-Acrobatics +3
-Animal handling +1
-Arcana +1
-Athletics +2P
-Deception +5P
-History +1
-Insight +3P
-Intimidation +3
-Investigation +3P
-Medicine +5P (expert)
-Nature +3P
-Perception +3P
-Performance +3
-Persuasion +5P
-Religion +1
-Sleight of hand +3
-Stealth +3
-Survival +3P
*Jack of all trades adds +1 to stat checks that don't have Proficiency (not included above)

>Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (water), Surgeon's tools (Expert), Herbalism kit, Musical instrument (x3; Fife, drum, violin)
>Seafarer's tricks (3): Mariner's Lore, Merchant, Dead reckoning (Next: Sea legs, Issue commands)
>Languages: Common (English), Irish, Spanish, Latin, Thieves Cant
>Racial abilities (Variant human):
-Size is Medium; Speed 30 feet
-Ability score increase: +1 to any 2 stats (DEX, WIS)
-Languages: Common (English), and one extra language (+campaign bonus)
-Gain one extra trained skill
-Gain one feat at level 1.

>Class Abilities (Bard):
-Proficiencies: DEX, CHA saves; any 3 skills; 3 musical instruments; Light armor; Simple weapons, Pistol, Rapier, short sword.
-Bardic inspiration: +1d6, 3x/day
-Jack of all trades: Add half of proficiency bonus to non-proficient ability checks (includes Initiative)
-Song of rest: +1d6 HP after short rest
-Bard path: Swashbuckler (2 Seafarers tricks, Unarmored defense)
-Expertise: 2 proficient skills (Medicine, Surgeon's tools)
-Bardic spell-casting: Uses CHA; Spells known= 6, +2 cantrips; Vicious mockery, Prestidigitation; Charm Person, Command, Healing Word, Thunderwave; Lesser restoration, Suggestion

>Class Abilities (Pirate MC):
-Add Proficiencies: Martial weapons, 1 skill from class list
-Thieves Cant (Add extra language)
-Piratical versatility: 1 bonus Seafarer's trick
-Fighting style: Archery/firearms
-HP: +1d10 (6)

>Background- Sailor (pirate)
-Skill proficiencies: Athletics, Perception
-Tool/language proficiencies: Vehicles (water), Surgeon's tools (shipboard trade)
-Feature: Wanderer (From Outlander)- I've sailed all around the world and lived to tell the tale

>Background- Sage (physician)
-Skill proficiencies: Medicine, Investigation
-Tool/language proficiencies: Herbalism kit, Language (Latin)
-Feature: Ear to the wind (From Noble- Gentleman Adventurer)- a skilled doctor (not just a "sawbones") has access to nearly every class of person, and you wouldn't believe the amount of gossip they hear...

[sblock= Description, History, and Personality/FLUFF]
>Description: Flynn is a mostly unremarkable looking man- fairly handsome, but nothing special; his only unusual feature is his hair, which is a bright reddish-gold. He is just under average height with a build that is just a bit too lean to be a true swordsman. He appears to be in his late 20s, and has sharp features and pale skin (which never seems to burn)- perhaps a hint of some elven blood in his ancestry (not so unusual a thing in Ireland, after all). He has dark grey eyes, and usually maintains a well-trimmed mustache and goatee. Most of the time he wears a pleasant smile, though it is often a bit lopsided- perhaps that has to do with the nearly ever-present bottle of whiskey in his hand. He tends to dress in the plain but respectable fashion of a merchant ship officer- boots, fitted trousers, ruffled shirt, and embroidered vest, with a wide sash belt. If the weather requires it, he wears a plain dark-colored coat and a wide-brimmed hat. He usually wears a cravat or neckerchief as well- the overall impression is one of a polished and perhaps respectable gentleman, though certainly no dandy. A leather surgeon's satchel is almost always close at hand, and while he wears a cutlass and at least two knives, he is more noticeable for carrying a number of pistols- usually at least four of them.

>Personality: Flynn has a good heart (ha, ha!), especially by pirate standards- but he keeps it concealed beneath armor wrought of cynicism and sarcasm. He is slow to trust, but tries hard to keep his word and be trustworthy himself- it is easier now that he has learned to control his passions, his temper, and his tongue; in his younger days he was a firebrand in more ways than one. He has seen more senseless violence than most, and as a physician he hates to see more; this is not to say he hates violence- just the random violence or needless cruelty. As a surgeon, he knows that sometimes one must cut to cure- and one well-timed shot can save years of trouble. He values the finer things in life, especially food and alcohol, and he is quite well-educated- he enjoys reading, and holding conversation on a variety of intellectual topics.

>History: Flynn was born in a small fishing village in northern Ireland. Most of the villagers earned their living from the sea- Flynn was helping on his parents’ fishing boat almost before he could walk. Recruiters for the Royal Navy visited the village fairly often, and it was no surprise that Flynn shipped to sea as a powder monkey at the age of eight. From the first, he was clever and good with his hands- in a short time he was tasked as an assistant to the ship’s surgeon, a half-drunk ex-Jesuit. By 12, he was a full-fledged apprentice, and he left the Navy for good at 15, when his mentor mustered out. Master and student spent 4 more years on a variety of merchant and explorer vessels, until old ‘Father’ Callahan passed away.

By twenty, Flynn was acting Second Surgeon for an expedition deep into the jungles of the Yucatan, in search of a legendary ‘Lost’ elven city. They found far more than they bargained for- most of the expedition was wiped out by savage elves that seemed to appear from thin air; Flynn and a few others were captured. Even after torture, Flynn, a budding Casanova, attracted the attention of the eladrin queen; over the course of months leading to a planned mass ritual sacrifice, Flynn and E’Suvarion fell deeply in love. At the very last, the queen botched the finale of the ritual, returning Flynn’s heart to his chest. “As your heart bleeds, you will remember me, and I will remember you- FOREVER,” she sang, sealing what had been a gaping hole in his chest- though it left a burned brand in the shape of her slender hand. The failed ritual bound their two life-forces together, but it was a disaster for the eladrin, as the city and all its inhabitants faded into the Feywild, probably forever. Flynn (horribly scarred) and a few others were left alone in the jungle and barely escaped to be picked up by a merchant ship making a stop to take on fresh water.

After recovery, Flynn returned to his work, serving as surgeon aboard a succession of ships- it was during this time that he began to seek solace in a bottle. After a few years he found himself back in Ireland, in the port city of Belfast. Seeking some extra money, he began teaching a young Halfling ‘nobleman’ (Sir D’Arcy Hailstone-Millstone) the basics of surgery and medicine. It didn’t take long for Flynn to be back at sea as part of the budding naturalist’s entourage- and it didn’t take long for the group to run into trouble on a jungle island. It took even less time for the expedition to disintegrate when D’Arcy abandoned them to save his own skin- but by then Flynn was glad to get away from the disturbing little fellow.

Five more years passed- by then Flynn had begun to notice that he had aged hardly at all since that fateful day in the jungle- but the pain, and the memories, were still as fresh as if it had been yesterday. Whiskey helped, and Flynn was still a gambler and a Casanova of nearly legendary appetite- though no other woman could compare to his lost eladrin lover. After a terrible storm sunk his ship, Flynn found himself adrift with a few others in a small boat- they were soon ‘rescued’ by a passing vessel, the Heart of the Seas, captained by the pirate Blackheart (who was actually looking for a few new crewmen- and as luck would have it, a new surgeon).

That was twenty-five years ago- and since then, Flynn has considered himself a pirate, rather than a regular sailor. He served on Blackheart’s crew for 5 years, and was there when the pirate captain took an exotic ‘princess’ as his own. Though it pains him to this day, Flynn was also the ship’s surgeon who failed as a midwife- and though he would never admit it, he feels that Inka’s death was at least partially his fault. He stayed aboard the ship for two more years, though alcohol and guilt made the time blur.
After another storm, the ship was desperate for supplies- desperate enough for Blackheart to make port on an island held by the English; he hoped to resupply and get away before any English ships could reach the island to capture him. While Blackheart and the Heart of the seas did manage to escape, it was a close call- and several of his crew were left behind, including Flynn (who was found by the English soldiers, lying in a drunken stupor on a tavern floor). Without any hard evidence, the local judge wouldn’t sentence the men to hang, but they were branded as pirates and imprisoned. Two days later, the entire group escaped, led by Flynn- it was during the course of the escape that he earned the nickname he wears to this day. What was planned as a small fire for a distraction accidentally reached the fort’s powder magazine- part of the town was leveled and several British ships in the harbor were set ablaze, including a nearly new warship which burned to the waterline. After the escape, Flynn sailed a pirate for a few more years- though never again did he cross paths with Blackheart…

>That was 1692 (20 years ago, for a 1712 game start)
By the beginning of 1694, Flynn was in Corunna, Spain- not quite spying on the English ships of the so-called ‘Spanish Expedition’. He was involved in arranging Henry Every’s mutiny aboard the Charles II- intending to aid the mutiny, he was caught aboard ship when they were forced to flee the port. Under his frequent alias of “James Callahan”, he served with Every aboard the Fancy through 1695. During the infamous capture of the Mughal treasure ship Ganj-i-sawai, Flynn was among the wounded, and so was in no condition to protest the brutality and torture which followed the ship’s capture. When the Fancy made port in Bourbon afterwards, Flynn was one of the many sailors who left the ship’s company, disgusted by what he had seen- so he was no longer aboard when the Fancy returned to Nassau in 1696. Instead by then, he was back in the pirate trade in the Indian Ocean. By 1700, though, he had settled on a small island in Dutch-controlled territory (near what is now Singapore; “clearly you’ve never been to Singapore”). The island boasted a single small village, but it was often used as an exchange point for local pirates and smugglers, and as a fresh-water stop. Flynn ran the local tavern (though it barely merited the name), and practiced his medical skills upon visiting sailors in need. He managed to bring many of his wilder habits under control over the years, and fed his wanderlust with the tales of visiting ships. Between native raiders and feuding crews, he also developed quite notable skills with a pistol- he practiced that nearly as often as his surgery...

Ten years of relative peace came to a crashing end when a pirate crew made port with the latest rumors from the Caribbean (already months old by then)- the notorious pirate Blackheart had been killed, and his ship and crew taken. More amazingly, Blackheart’s daughter, a pirate in her own right had managed to escape with the survivors of her father’s crew. What followed was a very long night (during which he drunk more than he had in years), but then Flynn left his island retreat. After all these years, he knew he had a chance to pay back his old debts of conscience. Making his way back to the Caribbean took more than a year, though, and tracking down Katerina added to that- especially while avoiding the English authorities…


[sblock= Equipment]
>Surgeon's satchel (Backpack, Surgeon's kit, Healer's kit x2, Herbalism kit)
>Pistol (x2, from Armed to the teeth)
>Silver bullets (x12; Armed to the teeth)
>Cutlass (scimitar)
>Dagger (x3)
>Pistol (x2)
-Powder horn (24 shots)
-Bullets (x48)
-Fife (flute)
-Scholar's pack (book is a Bible)
-Mess kit
-Steel mirror
-Pocket flask ("The good stuff")
-Signal whistle
-Traveler's clothes (3 sets)
-Belt pouch (x3)
-Bottle of rum (x4)
-Shot glasses (x6)
-Satchel (For booze and guns; includes basic cleaning kit)


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Artwork: http://sharandula.deviantart.com/

Blaise Arceneau
[SBLOCK=Stat Block and Details]Height 6’; Weight 185lbs ; Hair: Dark Brown; Age 23; Patron Deity: Libète
Sex: Male Race: Human (variant), (French) Class: Paladin (Vengeance) Level:4
Alignment: Chaotic Good Size: Medium Type: Humanoid
Init +5; Passive Perception 13
Languages : English, French, Creole

AC 19 (Studded Leather [12] + Dex [5] + Buckler [1] + Heavy Armor Bonus [1]
HP 32 (11+7+7+7) 
Saving Throw Proficiencies: Wisdom, Charisma
Speed 30 ft.
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Combat gear:
Studded Leather Armor (AC 12+5 Dex+1 Heavy Armor Prof.)
Buckler +1 AC
Rapier (ATK: +7; Damage 1d8+7 Piercing [Dex+Dueling])
Pistol (ATK: +7; Damage 1d10+5)

Str 13
Dex 20 (Racial, ASI)
Con 13
Int 8
Wis 10
Cha 16 (Racial) 
Racial Traits: Variant Human: +1 to two Stats, One Skill Proficiency (Perception), One Feat.[/SBLOCK]
[SBLOCK=Backgrounds and Fortunes]
Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Acrobatics
Tool Proficiencies: Smith tools
Additional Language: Creole
Feature: Oppressed Hospitality (as per Folk Hero’s Rustic Hospitality-exchange common folks with slaves) Due to your history of opposition to slavery, you fit in among the oppressed with ease.  You can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among slaves or other downtrodden people, unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them.  They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you.

Personality Trait:
Bond: Sacred Relic (twin diamond necklaces related to Libète)
Ideal: Freedom: No man has the right to oppress or enslave another.
Flaw: Shameful Past: I come from a family of slave traders and will do anything to keep that past from coming out.
Good: Cause (abolition), Loa Patron (Libète), Magic Trinkets
Ill: Enemy (Knights of Malta – Anton Fontaine), Wanted (English), Obligation (Forced Marriage-fled)[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Class Features]Class Features: 
Divine Sense
Lay on Hands - (20 hp)
Fighting Style - (Dueling +2 damage when wielding a single one-handed weapon)
Spellcasting - (Spell Save DC: 13; Spell Attack Modifier: +5)
Divine Smite
Divine Health
Channel Divinity: Abjure Enemy and Vow of Enmity; Libeté’s Touch (see magic items)

Armor: All armor, shields
Weapons: Simple and Martial
Tools: None from class
Saving throws: Wisdom, Charisma

Proficient Skills from class: Athletics and Persuasion[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Skills and Feats]All Proficient Skills
+7 Acrobatics *
+3 Athletics *
+2 Perception *
+5 Persuasion *
+7 Stealth *

+2 +stat Smith's Tools

Feats: Defensive Duelist[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Magic]Prepared Spells: Bless, Cure Wounds, Thunderous Smite, Command, Protection from Evil and Good
Oath Spells: Bane, Hunter's Mark[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Equipment]Equipment: 14 gp

Studded Leather Armor
Libeté’s Votive Buckler (see Magic Items)
Bullets (12)
Smith's Tools
Explorer's Pack (backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, waterskin, 50ft of hempen rope)
Common Clothes
Holy Symbol – Amulet (image of broken chain)[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Magic Items]Libeté’s Votive Buckler
Armor (buckler shield), uncommon

Emblazoned with the symbol of Libeté, this metal buckler shield sports a flared edge and the inner face is engraved with Blaise’s oath to Libeté. It can be worn either on the sword hand or the free hand. When worn on the freehand it grants +1 AC and can be used to attack for 1d6 bludgeoning damage as an action. When worn on the sword hand it grants you advantage on checks to avoid being disarmed (or disadvantage on checks to disarm you).

In addition, when wielding the votive buckler, a cleric or paladin can use Channel Divinity thus:

Libeté’s Touch: As an action, you can strike shackles, manacles, or other metal bindings, and those bindings - along with any that are attached or of the same construction within 30 feet - are sundered and fall free.[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Background]Anton Fontaine was a fresh faced initiate in the Knights of Malta. Not content to slowly work his way up to the power and prestige he dreamed of, he made a deal with the Devil for financial fortune. The Devil never makes a deal that he doesn't twist in some way. Instead of fulfilling the deal directly, he took the opportunity to poke at distant Bondye through his servants and provide a temptation of further corruption to spread from Anton to others. He gave him a ritual that allowed him to bind two loas into two humans and in a profane act forced the loas to procreate. The new born loa would be a source of great power, but still be weak due to its age, and able to be permanently bound and subdued. The trapped Loa's power could then be used to bring success to the Fontaine and the Knights of Malta with him while also bringing ruin to their enemies. 

Anton gathered his allies and went through the process and using the power of the newborn and trapped Loa, they hid themselves from the reprisal of the two Loas they abused and set up a sugar cane plantation in Saint-Domingue roughly 20 years ago. They abused the power of the loa to take the free will of their slaves making them function as automatons. The fact this also allowed the Knights to use their slaves in increasingly perverse and wicked ways without any resistance meant that their appetite for evil only grew.

The loa's power made their crop more bountiful than normal and brought ruin to the neighboring plantations. Every few seasons, another neighbor had been so progressively ruined that he was forced to sell his land to Anton who, of course, was able to bring its production in line with theirs. 

This scheme was well known in the area after the first few plantations failed and were bought out. People gave reports of seeing slaves who worked like zombies and rumors of black magic being behind the success of the Knight's plantation were a well known rumor, but any time that someone tried to find proof or bring an accusation, they disappeared and their family fell into ruin. 

5 years ago, another plantation was bought and a new neighbor knew what was awaiting him. He found a brash and reckless young man who boasted far more than his skills could back up. Blaise Arceneau talked a big talk, but it was all a lie. In reality, he was a spoiled child from a family that had grown rich off the slave trade. In the foolishness of youth, he ran away into a world that he was not prepared for to escape an arranged marriage that would bring his family the respectability that their money couldn't buy. The plantation owner either believed Blaise or was desperate enough to not care and hired the young man to sneak into the cult's home and discover what gave them their fortune and steal it or destroy it.

Luck was with Blaise as he snuck onto the plantation under the cover of night. The cult members had drank deep of their perversions and were deeply unconscious. Blaise managed to do what no other had done before and found an egg shaped diamond as large as a man's fist hovering in the basement of the cult. The diamond was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen. It seemed to pulse with an internal light. In a daze, Blaise reached out to grab it. His fingers only brushed the surface as an unseen cult member discovered him and clubbed him into unconsciousness.

He woke up as a slave without any control over his physical body, but completely and wholly aware of his actions and surroundings. For a year, his body was forced to work the plantation during the day. At night, he was subjected to the wicked desires of the cult who controlled him like a puppet. Over the course of the year, he began to hear a whisper in his mind. It took months before the whisper was loud enough to be understood in his thoughts. The diamond had contained the trapped loa, and it had formed a connection to him when he touched its prison. It had taken months for it to work its magic through the prison along the tether of their connection to speak with him and offer a proposal.

The loa could use its power and their connection to free the man, but he had to pledge to free the loa and bring vengeance to their captors. Every deal has a price. The loa knew that its nature had been stunted and altered by the ritual that birthed and imprisoned it. It knew that it would have to have a vessel to survive until it could find a way to be what it was meant to be. Blaise would have to serve as that vessel. Filled with rage, he readily agreed. That night, the agreement was carried out and
he snuck back into the basement. The diamond grew warm in his hands as he felt a surge of energy enter his body. His eyes closed to gather his senses. When he opened them a moment later, the diamond was gone and he was no longer alone in his mind and body.

The rest of the evening saw the pact fulfilled. Every cult member on the plantation was left dead. The loa realizing that it was finally free took on a name, Libète.

The plantation slaves came to their sense shortly thereafter. Gathering together, they knew they weren't truly free yet. Some of the slaves had been pirates who had crossed the cult in a deal and wound up ensorcelled as slaves. They presented a plan to truly free everyone. A group of the strongest and most capable among them would sneak to Port au Prince and obtain a ship. Fleeing along the coast, the team would send a runner to collect the ones who stayed behind and bring them to the ship. It was mutually agreed that the final group would put the plantation to the torch as they left so no one else could profit from their enslavement.

Blaise was among those selected to go. The pirates' captain was named Langdon Seth, and he had obviously done this before because the plan went perfectly. The ship's crew had been knocked unconscious and tied up without an alarm being raised. When they were a day away along the coast, they sent a runner to collect the others. The runner, Theresa Harrington, returned to a bloodbath. Every man, woman, and child that had stayed behind lay slaughtered in a monstrous and macbre pile. Theresa fled and set alight everything she could as she went. When she returned to the ship with her news, the crew set off as fast as it could.

Blaise did not know it, but Anton Fontaine had not been present during the prior few days events. He was alive and his rage over his loss threatened to eclipse the heat of the sun.

Blaise spent the next four years sailing and working with the crew. They christened their ship, the Bloody Corsair, and set out to raid and plunder every slaver they could find. Blaise worked many jobs around the ship before finding himself apprenticed to the gunner, Harwood 'Splinter' Barclay. Barclay was a mentor and friend that taught Blaise everything he knew including metal work as he helped Blaise make his holy symbol.

As they sailed, Blaise searched for information that could free Libète. She believes that her parents could restore her to what she was meant to be. After much searching, they found the place where Anton had first performed the ritual that created her. Libète's first memory is seeing her parents bound to two diamond amulets worn by the cult's performers. She knew that the amulets could not still be holding her parents, but believes that the event should have left enough of their essence to enable her to discover their identity and track them down. She also knew that the cult left everything but her diamond cage behind so that it could not be used to trace them. Knowing that this lead could free her, Blaise left the crew of the Bloody Corsair to run the lead down.

When they arrived at the location, they found it had already been looted. Asking around, they discovered that a band of fortune hunters had discovered and looted it years before. They kept following the rumors and reports trying to discover where the treasure might lie now. The final discovery pointed to a miserable truth. The twin diamond amulets had been a part of the treasure carried by La Gloriosa del Mar.

The search seemed hopeless until one evening, Blaise heard rumors of a crew talking about recovering the wreck. Blaise needed to be on that crew.[/SBLOCK]



Kazimierz Zserca
Knight of The Commonwealth

Kazimierz "Kazik" Zserca, is a Half-Drow member of the Polish King's Winged Hussars: the last true knights of Europe. A Veteran of the devastating Great Northern War, Kazik served the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with distinction, forced to make desperate decisions in even more desperate circumstances, eventually changing out his saddle for the deck of a frigate in The Baltic. After the war, the Polish Crown saw that its authority and strength was greatly lacking, a wounded animal surrounded by the vultures of Russia, Sweden, Prussia, and more. Knowing this, the Crown had recently obtained information on a long-lost treasure that had been the source of power and reputation for many previous leaders of The Commonwealth, stolen by Swedish Mercenaries during the horrors of The Deluge. With only the name of the treasure ship that was last carrying it to go on, the power that be within the Crown and the Sjem elected Kazik to venture to the Americas to find this missing La Gloriosa della Mar and return the missing artifact to Poland before it is too late.
For Full Backstory, please see Character Sheet

[sblock=Kazik At A Glance]Half-Drow Paladin of The Crown, Level 4

HP: 40
Initiative: +2
Perception: +1 (Passive 11)
Darkvision: 60 feet
Speed: 30 feet
[sblock=Defenses]AC: 17
Str: +4
Dex: +2
Con: +3
Int: +0
Wis: +3
Cha: +6[/sblock]
[sblock=Offenses]Szabla: +6 1d8+6 S
Pistol: +4 1d10+2 P[/sblock]
[sblock=Proficient Skills]Animal Handling: +3
Athletics: +6
Insight: +3
Persuasion: +6[/sblock][/sblock]
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Jacques Foret

As far back as Jacques could remember he'd been a natural with a musket. Some might argue that he was a bit unnatural, but he just dismissed those whispers as jealousy. Although wielding a musket was second nature to him from the beginning, his true passion was in the kitchen. "A man's place was not in the kitchen," his father would argue, until he tried the food. Even though his father acknowledged his skills in the kitchen he never stopped pleasure Jacques to follow in his footsteps and become a soldier. Jacques refused, electing instead to attend a famous cooking school that sent him away from home for six months. He graduated with honors and was offered a position as sous chef at world famous restaurant in Paris, however after graduation he received a letter from his mother stating his father had died fighting pirates.

Jacques rushed home to comfort his mother to which he declared he would do as his father wished and become a soldier. His mother was furious, but she knew her son and the look in his eye's showed his determination to do right by his father. She kissed him on the cheek and hoped to see her son come home alive instead of in a box like her husband.

Off he went to training where he quickly garnered the respect of his peers for his marksmanship skills. Due to his education he was moved into the officers corps where he reached the rank of Lieutenant serving under Philippe Pétain until they were ambushed at sea by an unmarked ship. The unit was being transported to Northern Africa when a battle ensued. In the conflict Jacques saved his commander from an incoming volley by throwing himself in the line of fire. Though he was successful in saving the commander he suffered grievous wounds. One of the wounds tore a hole in his throat severely weakening his voice to barely a whisper.

Philippe was supposed to relieve Jacques of his duties. The extent of his wound would making commanding troops impossible but, feeling indebted to Jacques for saving his life, he instead sent him on a mission. Although to find Secret documents that were lost when La Gloriosa went down. The belief was that these documents prove the Spanish plan to betray one of their allies in the impending War of Spanish Succession.

Jacques accepted the mission, and before he left went to see his mother one last time. The visit was very bitter-sweet with neither of them saying much, mostly just enjoying each others company. When he left she cried and so did he. He made his way to Florida and from there hopped all over the Caribbean before finding himself in the capital of the Bahamas continuing his search for a ship in search of the La Gloriosa. Whispers of beautiful woman, the daughter of a famous pirate, looking to shore up a crew peeked his interest and set him in search of her. [/sblock]


Old Zef

Jozef Van Der Nagel “Old Zef”

Dwarf Pirate 3.jpg

Height 4’ 8”; Weight 150# ; Hair: Bald pate with grey fringe, grey beard. ; Age 199; Patron Deity:
Sex: Male Race: Aannaarden Dwarf Class: Wizard 4
Alignment: Neutral Size: Medium Type: Humanoid
Init +1; Passive Wisdom (Perception) 15
Languages : Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Latin

AC 11
HP 38 (HD: 8 + 18 + 16 Con + 4 Race)
Saving Throw Proficiencies: Intelligence, Wisdom
Speed 15ft.
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Special Actions
Combat gear: None

Abilities Str 10, Dex 13, Con 18 , Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 6
<a href="http://invisiblecastle.com/stats/view/37167/">STR 10, DEX 17, CON 16, INT 13, WIS 15, CHA 6</a>
Racial Traits: Con +2, Darkvision 60 ft, Adv on saves vs poison Resistance vs poison damage, Proficient with smith’s tools, Stonecunning, Aannaarden: +1 Wis, +1 HP per level,
Background: Guild Artisan
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: One type of Artisan’s Tools (Shipwright)
One language of your choice
Equipment: A set of artisans tools, letter of introduction from guild, traveller’s clothes, 15 gp

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception
Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s Tools, vehicles (water)
Equipment: Belaying pin, 50 ft silk rope, common clothes, 10 gp, trinket.

Personality Trait: I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.
Bond: Sacred Relic
Ideal: People (I am committed to the people I care about, not ideals)
Flaw: The Bellows belong to my father and I will do anything to get my hands on them
Old Salt: Your starting age is 40+2d6 years (or the equivalent for your race). Gain an extra Background. However, reduce your starting lives by -1 and you must pick a starting Affliction from Ill Fortunes (like a peg leg, hook hand, or missing eye). Cannot take Kid.

Affliction: You've suffered some physical affliction in the course of your duties, such as a disfiguring scar (-2 Charisma), maimed throat (can only speak in whisper), missing eye (-2 initiative and Perception), missing hand, or a peg leg (-10 ft speed, and some Athletics checks may be disadvantaged). Peg Leg (Climbing up the topsail, I lost my leg)

Obligation: Someone has a hold over you, whether thru blackmail, charm magic, a monetary debt, or a life debt.

Wanted: You are wanted as a pirate by the authorities of at least one nation. Soldiers who recognize you will try to arrest you, and the authorities may have sent out agents to hunt you down. You may or may not bear the "P" brand for "pirate" on your forearm.

Trading Company: You are a partial owner in a trading company. When tending to business and brokering trades you can maintain a Wealthy lifestyle free of charge, stay abreast of current trade conditions, and have the perfect legitimate cover for being in a variety of ports. (Dutch East India Company)

Shore Leave/At Sea: During a relaxing time of repaste, you learned either a bonus tool proficiency or language. Pick a particular port where you enjoyed your shore leave and gain an acquaintance there. Alternately, if you select proficiency in water vehicles or navigation tools, choose a ship you served on and are familiar with her captain and crew. (Sail mending)

Class Features:
Arcane Recovery
School of Conjuration: Minor Conjuration

Class Proficiencies: Armor: None
Weapons: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaves, Light crossbows
Tools: None
Saving throws: Intelligence and Wisdom
Skills: Choose 2 from Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Medicine, and Religion.

Skills (P proficiency)
+1 Acrobatics
+3 Animal Handling
+5 Arcana P
+2 Athletics P
-2 Deception
+3 History
+5 Insight P
-2 Intimidation
+5 Investigation P
+3 Medicine
+3 Nature
+5 Perception P
-2 Performance
-2 Persuasion
+3 Religion
+1 Sleight of Hand
+1 Stealth
+3 Survival

Feats: Spellsniper

Spells Per Day:
1st: 4
2nd: 3

Spell book:
C: Firebolt,, Light, Mariner’s Boon, Mending, Prestidigitation
1st: Chromatic Orb, Detect Magic, Featherfall, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Unseen servant, Witch Bolt,
2nd: Arcane Lock, Gust of Wind, Invisibility, Scorching Ray

Dutch Casting words:
Magic Missle: kracht raket

Mariner's Boon
Divination cantrip
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell was developed by ship mages to assist in common shipboard tasks. You perform one of the following tasks:

• You gaze upon a magical compass invisible to all but you which points north before vanishing.
• You raise your hand off the rail of the ship and get a sense for the current water depth.
• You turn your face to the wind, sensing the next change to wind coming before sunrise or sunset (whichever comes first).
• You gaze toward the horizon, viewing far away objects at double size.

Equipment: 120 gp
Component pouch (need 50 gp diamond for Chromatic Orb)
Explorer’s pack
Sailmaking tools
Smith’s tools,
Carpenter’s tool

Background: Gerlof van der Nagel was a talented craftsman and alchemist. It was his work on behalf of the Duke of Burgundy that allowed the Burgundian Netherlands to become an independent vassal of the Holy Roman Empire. But he saved his best work for the early Dutch trading companies. In secret he developed an amazing device, the Zeeland bellows. These bellows were over six feet long and when installed on a ship could create a magical wind allowing the ship to travel in calms or simply faster. The Zeeland bellows would bring the Dutch dwarves much wealth with the advantage of speed. Spanish spies, posing as agents of the Holy Roman Empire, stole the Zeeland bellows. The Zeeland Bellows were put to use by Spain, enabling them to explore westward quickly. When the Netherlands fell under Spanish control Gerlof had to go into hiding as the Spanish monarchs wanted another bellows. Gerlof was actually building another Bellows, but had to hide it from the Spainish and it would take another 100 years to finish. This second set of Bellows was given to and installed on a ship for the Dutch East India Company, allowing a quick trip to the Asia. While he had built another Zeeland bellows, Gerlof still harbored a great resentment against the Spanish for taking his initial creation. He worked long and hard to recover that first bellows. His son, Jozef was a talented you man and served the same apprenticeship he had as a shipwright. Jozef though, was raised on the bitterness and anger of his father, who inculcated in his son a desire for justice, to recover the stolen bellows.
Jozef willingly took on this quest for family honor, and to fulfill the contract with the East India Company. After his apprenticeship, he served aboard several ships, sailing the seas to learn of whip Spanish ship had the Bellows. He had learned from his father how to operate the Bellows, only he and his father knew how, other than one cousin who was sworn to secrecy and worked on the East India ship with the other Bellows. Gerlof dies while Jozef was at sea, taking the secret of the manufacture of the Bellows with him.
Jozef continued his father’s quest, wandering the world searching for the Bellows. The Spanish never were able to fully figure out how to work the Bellows, they worked but not as well as they could. Once they learned that Gerlof had a son, they began searching for him, as much as he searched for them. Jozef spent decades tracking down what Spanish ship had the Bellows, trying to get on a crew to find them. He had relocated to the Caribbean, thinking that the Spanish would have the ship making the Atlantic crossing and it would be easier to access the ship in the New World. Over the years he put his father’s trade to use and picked up more, eventually learned nearly everything about how to build and maintain a ship. Decades wore on, and the cat and mouse took its toll on Jozef. He was an ornery dwarf, surly and quick tempered from the frustration and lack of success. He had lost a leg in the rigging 30 years ago and now wore a peg leg.
Zef, as he was now known in the islands, eventually met up with a pirate captain whom he got along with and understood his need to find the Bellows. He served with him for many years, and taught his daughter some of the skills of the sailor.
Old Zef, now mostly bald, what hair remains is white, finally got a lead, the Spanish ship La Gloriosa Del Mar had the Bellows! Before he could act though the ship went down. Now he knew where the Bellows were, but how to find them and return them to the East India Company.

Appearance: Old Zef has been around a long time, and every hard year shows. His hair is white, though it is receding hard on the top of his head. He bears many scars from years at sea. His left leg is missing below the knee. He has an ivory, scrimshaw false leg with a hollow compartment inside.
Personality: Old Zef is a cranky old sea dog. He has seen and done it all. The only thing left for him is finding the Bellows and he has little patience otherwise. He mumbles and grumbles about repairing a ship, but won’t let anyone help him. Despite his age, he is sharp as a sabre and rarely misses anything.

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