DMs Guild Spelljamming Vessel Log - For keeping track of your ship, crew and cargo!


A Spelljammer: Adventures in Space Supplement

The Spelljamming Vessel Log is now up on the DM's guild! This custom made supplement enables a party of space farers to easily and quickly reference all of the important details for their spelljamming vessel including ship stats like HP, AC, Speed, etc. as well as the specific details of the weapons mounted on their ship. There is a roster for crew members and cargo alike, as well, so all pertinent details of the ship are in easy reach.

The supplement contains a full color single page (front and back) tracking sheet as well as a printer friendly black and white option. It also includes two example logs for the Moondancer and the Second Wind from the Light of Xaryxis adventure.

Spelljamming Vessel Log


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