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D&D 5E Split enchantment and Warcaster AOOs


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Yes but split enchantment uses similar language. It states when you "targets only one creature" (the one creature you can target with an AOO from Warcaster) you can target a second creature.

So if warcaster lets me cast a spell that targets "only that one creature" and Split invocation triggers any time I "target only one creature" then it would trigger on the Warcaster AOO.

This depends entirely on whether you consider these happen sequentially or not.
The language may be similar... to a point. The issue here is warcaster isn't about targeting one creature, per se, it's about targeting THAT creature - the one who provoked the AoO. If you were to allow a split enchantment to work in this case, you're able to target a creature with your AoO that didn't do anything to provoke it. Considering warcaster's specific provision about targeting just the creature that provoked the AoO, going beyond that provision may be giving that feat an unanticipated degree of power.
So, as far as rulings go, a DM might want to think about that one with some caution.

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James Gasik

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My opinion on this has actually done a 180 since I started playing 5e: I actually considered, for my own games, not being super strict about Warcaster and spells with multiple targets, as long as the offender was a target. But then I started thinking about the old "bag of rats" scenario, and realized that what Warcaster is doing is really messed up, allowing you to turn a spell with a casting time of one action into a reaction (effectively).

Considering what a Sorcerer needs to do to turn a one action cast into a bonus action (which still limits them to casting a cantrip with their action), this is powerful. And letting people throw around multi-target spells off turn as a reaction (and let's not forget what you need to do to ready a spell in the first place!) would be insane. The Feat really should be limited to casting cantrips, not leveled spells.

I'm not going to nerf it, mind you. Feats should be strong, given the opportunity cost. But no way in heck am I going to let someone make it better!

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