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ZEITGEIST [SPOILERS] Cauldron Born terrorist plot help


Hey all, I'm coming up to the point where the Eschatologists are going to kindnap Stanfield and bomb the Sharon M. Baker station. However they discovered the information of the bomb and deduced that something is going to happen on that morning from everything in the safehouse under Soknik Repairs. They are planning on setting a trap and ambushing them on the morning of the 12th and the team leader even suggested shutting down the opening ceremonies all together. Would the Eschatologists expect this and plan for contingencies?

How would you suggest I let this play out to have an exciting and engaging encounter for them? In game time, its the night of the 11th, so its scheduled for tomorrow morning. not much time for my players to set anything big.

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Personally, I'd say let them pull off the ambush if they've figured out the Eschasatologists plan. You can still have a nice, big fight and it feels really satisfying for players when they can get the drop on the bad guys like that.


Good on your group! Here's a few lines from the book that may help:
The party might figure out Zubov’s target and lay a trap for him in the tunnels. They can easily get a dozen police officers to back them. The fight will be less dynamic than the one outlined below, so you might throw a curveball by having dwarven reinforcements arrive by rail car.
It would be cool to have two cars arrive, one westbound for Hotel Aurumn, with the bomb and Zubov on it, and one eastbound with radicals on it. If the party engages at the right moment, the crossfire between the two carriages could work to their advantage.

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