ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Lost Threads: Can a Tiger Change his Stripes?



In Act 2, there's a pretty clear 'dropped thread', potentially a rather interesting one, concerning the Children of Hewanharimau.

Betronga is defensive of Ingatan’s Refuge. Though his people do not worship Ingatan specifically, they know this place is holy. They believe that, though most eladrin reviled their god Hewanharimau, Ingatan respected history enough that he would know the truth. They hope that by guarding this temple, some day they will receive proof to exonerate their god.

For the benefit of non-Ranger readers,

Hewanharimau was a Seedism deity who embodied the importance of animals, but who was cast out of the pantheon for afflicting elves with a curse that turned them into half-beasts. His punishment was being turned into a tiger that walked as a man: a rakshasa.-the Rakshasa was later allegedly slain by the legendary Eladrin hero Dhebisu.

I was wondering whether any writers remembered what they were planning as a reveal for this tidbit, if anything? Have any other GMs reached this point in Book 8, and come up with their own answer for what the Children are looking for, and why they know their god is innocent?
It could just be that they are wrong and Hewanharimau was cast out justly , not uncommon for odd cults of religions to have strange beliefs incompatible with the main stream. If it is something that is going to interest your players then make something of it.
I am probably going to do a bit more with the weretigers as my players like big cats and I may drop some hint of links to Gloine the evil weretiger cannibal elf from our prevous campaing as I have already replaced the shining legions leadership with Osywn another former pc from the previous campaign but I have not thought in detail about this yet