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THis post has a good idea, in my estimation. Namely, expanding ENWorld beyond the d20 biz. One way to do this would be to install paid forums dedicated to discussion of a particular system. Such as, say, Storyteller, or WEG's d6.

My idea is to get a paid forum for the Dangerous Journeys system. One where DJ could be discussed, hashed over, and otherwise opined about. Errata, rules fixes, the sociology of Phæree, various other things. The ecological, cultural, and societal effects of the introduction of horses into Vargaard (our North America) in the 3rd century BC by the Atlantlans (our Atlanteans) as an example topic.

There is, unfortunately, one hitch. I really don't have the money. A credit card to pay off. Plus I need to save up for a new Macintosh (This thing is ooold!). So I was wondering, how would one go about getting a sponsored forum? In return for paying the annual fee the sponsor would get a banner proclaiming that thus and such is sponsoring the forum. This along with the usual ads of course.

Anybody have any ideas?


Buy a PC rather than a Macintosh. You'll save money, and with that saved money, you'll be able to pay for that forum!

OK, so I'm not really helpful. Sorry.


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I prefer a system I can work with. So no PCs. Call me recalcitrant, but I'm sticking with the Mac.

Now, are you ready to help sponsor the forum?