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Spy rogue sub-class


First Post
I simply modified level 3 and 17 assassin features to fit a spy template
(some inspiration from Quickleaf, http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?394575-Swashbuckler-and-Ship-Mage-(new-archetypes)&goto=newpost)

Use the 2 middle assassin features.


Bonus Proficiencies
When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with the disguise kit and the cartographer’s kit. You know basic ciphering techniques. Unlike linguist feat, you cannot decipher or cipher anything original.

Area Knowledge
Starting at 3rd level, as a member of an organization or freelance you have already a network of contacts in a given location (maximum 10000 inhabitants; for capitals, you have to specialize in neighbourhoods) . Select a particular location in your campaign world. When at that area, you got area knowledge. You gain three benefits.

  • You can traverse the area using passages that allow you to avoid detection, and you have some kind of secret safe cottage or house. Second, you can secure free passage aboard any land or nautical vehicle accessing or departing from the area for yourself and your companions.
  • Through briefing or mere experience you have advantage and proficiencies on Intelligence checks to recall lore about monsters, legends, hidden treasures, dungeons and cities, and natural wonders.
  • You have gathered information by yourself or with help on location notable people and you can get advantage on social skill relying on individual secrets, patriotism or dependence.

You can learn about a new area in 7-intelligence modifier days. Only intelligence modifier areas may be memorized that way.

Mental concealment
At 17th level, you can conceal your schemes from mind-reading magic. When a creature is using detect thoughts or similar magic to read her mind, you decides what surface thoughts your opponent detects, and your true surface thoughts remain private. Also, you has advantage on any spell or skill roll trying to detect lies, thoughts, alignment, emotions or motivations.
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I like the general thrust of Area Knowledge, but there needs to be a way to "learn" new areas. Otherwise, the character is locked down to one place forever and ever. The player has to guess where the campaign will spend most of its time, and if the player guesses wrong (or if the campaign moves around a lot), s/he will end up playing a crippled Assassin.

The corresponding Assassin, Thief, and Arcane Trickster abilities are quite potent. Balance-wise, I see no problem with making Area Knowledge universal; you get those benefits no matter where you are (with perhaps some limits on the secret passages, so they aren't totally foolproof). For the sake of verisimilitude, there should be some time investment required, but it need be little more than a fig leaf--say 24 hours of investigating and making contacts. If you spend any significant amount of time in a place, you can get the benefits of Area Knowledge.

Also, what constitutes an "area?" A neighborhood? A city? A barony? A kingdom?
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