SRD 3.5 Competition


This is a contest to see how can develop the best version of the 3.5 SRD. There are two (possibly three) categories:

1. Web-friendly - The best SRD in a web format (such as html, javascript, xml, etc.)

2. Print-friendly - The best SRD in a printable format (such as PDF, DOC, RTF, etc.)

3. Miscellaneous - Such as PDA, server-side web (i.e. MySQL, php), etc.

A "Best In Show" winner may be picked among the category winners, but that would just be for the sake of doing it. :)

Deadline - Extended to Midnight PST, September 1.

Send your submissions by one of two methods. You can post it in the submissions thread here:

Or email the link to download your SRD (in .zip format if possible) to (or just email me the files if they're not too big). If your SRD must be viewed online (such as for an SQL version), email the url. This thread is getting too long to sift through for entries! :) The email (or post to the submissions thread) should be sent by the deadline.


1. The winner of each category can have his/her SRD hosted for free by boardmember FluidDragon (it will stay up as long as it doesn't KILL his bandwidth--shouldn't be a problem--and he will design the homepage and graphics if needed).
2. The winner of the Web and Print category (not the miscellaneous) will get a portrait draw of their favorite character courtesy of Alan McFarlane (check out his work for others on this thread). Thanks for Alan!
3. Each winner will get his/her choice of 4 E.N. Publishing e-products, courtesy of Hellhound.
4. I'm looking for more volunteers to offer any kind of prize to the winners.

If you want to judge one or all categories, email me at You can't judge if you're entering the contest, of course. I'm especially looking for those with PDAs who can judge for those, if we get any.

Let the competition begin!
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I'm interested! I may or may not actually enter (might not end up having the time) but I'm interested. But sadly I can't get to the SRD, the link isn't working (server error). Anyone got a copy? :)

Edit: it's working again! Never mind!
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Is the 3.5 "all in one" download up yet? I know the other's are, but I just want to grab the all in one.


Is the 3.5 "all in one" download up yet? I know the other's are, but I just want to grab the all in one.

I don't believe so. Not yet. But I think the grouped ones are, so it would only be 5 files to download instead of the many dozens to do it individually.

Just dl'ed the 1-file version of the 3.5 SRD, and it seems to be ok. Just checked a few things, and they were ok OH MY GOD PRAISE THE LORD THEY ACTUALLY MADE TABLES THIS TIME!



I'd love to have a Pocket PC-friendly version. Thanks in advance to those working on HTML/DOC versions.

Also downloaded reveal's single PDF... that is a most excellent resource for my desktop (though too big/slow for the Axim).


That's fine with me. Let's go with August 31st then. Probably would be a good idea to give people a little more time. I'll change it up top.


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So I don't think that I'll be playing, but how about some wishful thinking... er.. 'meaningful discussion of what we'd like to see in these entries?'

For HTML...
1. Links to major sections. "Page reference" links would be nice also.
2. A searchable form (I can hear you laughing now ;)).

For PDF...
1. Is it too much to ask for an attractive layout? With usable "scan quickly" headers?
2. A table of contents. It's so easy, why is there never one included?
3. An index (not so easy, but it would be cool).
4. If the ToC and index are clickable: OOOooo. AAAhhh.


Iron Fist of Pelor
Not going to be entering either, but definitely having cross-referencing is a must. I could see something like this in HTML:
-Put anchors on all the feats and skills (<A NAME="#powerattack">, for example)
-Replace all instances of a feat name or skill name with a hyperlink to that feat or skill (<A HREF="">Power Attack</a>, for example)

You could do a global find-and-replace for the hyperlinks, and it would be awesome to be able to click from a monster's description directly into its listed feat.

You could do something similar for aspects of spells (e.g., hyperlink to descriptions of the different areas of effect, spell resistance, dismissable nature of spells, concentration, etc.) And if you could do something similar for spells used by monsters, you'd be a god.

Wishful thinking, I know -- but it sure would be cool. As would be a searchable SRD, per Seasong's suggestion.



I think there are endless possibilities, if someone is very inspired. I think a frames set up, so "bookmarks" could be on one side as a table of contents, and the main windows show all the info. I'm not usually a fan of framed websites, but for something like the SRD, it would work well.

Anyway, we'll see what people can come up with. I'll try to come up with a prize, but I'm just not sure what I'll be able to swing. I'll keep people informed on that.


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I'd like to see a 'compressed' version, of at least the monster and spell files, for a more compact pile of paper.

I was able to take reveal's Monster and Spells PDF, convert them to Postscript, and then 'mpage' (it's a unix utility) them into 4 pages on each printed page, which is certainly nice - I just don't have the l33t postscript skills to figure out what to do to keep entries from splitting across physical pages.

The mpage'd versions certainly do print small, but the page count! From 341 pages of the Monster file to 42 1/2 pages (more or less), if they are duplexed. (As an aside, if the Spells and Monsters are quad-paged, and the rest is dual-paged, and everything is duplexed, it would cost $24-ish to print it at Kinkos, unbound - this is not including Psionics).



The Laughing One
Hi guys,
I'm already very bussy with my "SRD v.3.5 Deluxe", although it won't be free, it will be deluxe ;-)

Before people start to complain about free beer and stuff. The pay for download will include the following formats:
- PDF Letter format with graphic header
- PDF Letter format without graphic header (for saving ink)
- PDF A4 format with graphic header
- PDF A4 format without graphic header (for saving ink)
- PDF PDA readable

All the PDFs will have a professionall layout that is structured in two columns (three for spells) with high quality (and expensive) fonts. Table of Contents and Index that are fully clickable included.

Future updates will include other pda readable formats, PDFs that are hyperlinked throughout, and psi rules that will be updated to v.3.5.

Introduction price will be $7.50 with download rights to future updates.

I'll be looking into POD for a print version, but unless it can be done at a reasonable price it will probably not happen. The idea has crossed my mind to do a 'bible' sized SRD at small format (will have to look into that though).

<i>Why would you want to pay for text that is otherwise 'free'?</i>
If conveniance and readablity are major concerns for you and don't want to read a 1000 page document in a single column, you'll find this product to your liking. It certainly beats buying the three core books by a factor 12...

Remy D.M. van Vliet
The Helix - Datahaven



Why don't you enter the contest, anyway. Just submit a partial pdf or something. Might be a good way to give people a taste of what you'll be offering, too.


The Laughing One
Dimwhit said:

Why don't you enter the contest, anyway. Just submit a partial pdf or something. Might be a good way to give people a taste of what you'll be offering, too.

Don't worry, i intend to do so ;-)

Expect to see something tomorrow...


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1) The document isn't what's on sale. The additional ease of use is.

2) I don't think it has been proven yet that one can successfully sell that ease of use.

edit: stupid typo.
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