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I crit!
Mike Shea is making a product using the CC SRD. Anyone else.

My first use of the new CC licensed 5.1 SRD.

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I was on my etrade account after the Announcement of the CC-BY SRD and the survey announcements. This was on the Dow Jones News wire:
DJ Hasbros Transformation Is Being Assembled -- Analysis

2:56 PM ET 1/27/23 | Dow Jones

By Denny Jacob

Hasbro Inc. is ramping up its transformation, but some assembly is still required.

The toy and entertainment company said Thursday it is cutting about 1,000 jobs, or about 15% of its headcount, and that its chief operating officer is leaving. The company said personnel changes and other measures, including supply-chain investments, put it on track to hit its longer-term cost-cutting goals.

Analysts say the moves show the company is finally getting serious about an overhaul started under new Chief Executive Chris Cocks that includes cutting up to $300 million in annual costs, investing more in properties such as "Dungeons & Dragons" and focusing on fewer brands in its portfolio. "I think any investor that was questioning the speed at which they were going to pivot should not question that anymore," said Andrew Uerkwitz, equity analyst at Jefferies.

Hasbro also issued preliminary fourth-quarter results well below Wall Street's forecasts, with revenue down a greater-than-expected 17%. Shares were down 7.8%, to $58.79, in midday trading Friday.

Analysts weren't surprised by the challenging fourth quarter because retailers were working down inventory and some consumers held off on purchases during the holiday period. But some say the departure of Eric Nyman could leave a void at Hasbro, given his tenure at the company and knowledge of the toy business.

"The COO's departure leads us to question whether 2023 could be a year of significant uncertainty for Hasbro," analysts at UBS said in a note.

Analysts said the results suggest the company's own projections might be too rosy. D.A. Davidson analyst Linda Bolton Weiser said the company had earlier stuck to what she viewed as too-high sales projections.

"This raises questions about what is going on internally in the company that causes them to issue projections that seem too optimistic to outsiders and end up being so way off," she said in a research note. "We think Cocks now has two strikes against him on the credibility front."

Hasbro did have a bright spot in its latest results, with its Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment posting a 22% increase in revenue from a year earlier, while revenue in its consumer products segment and entertainment segment declined 26% and 12%, respectively.

Hasbro is attempting to pull off a challenging feat by converting to a company that owns intellectual property and makes media content, toys and interactive entertainment based off of it. Mr. Uerkwitz said the transformation would take time and Hasbro has shown few signs that it is paying off yet.

The end result would be a faster-growing, higher-margin and more competitive business. "A patient investor will be rewarded," he said.

Write to Denny Jacob at

Dow Jones Newswires

January 27, 2023 14:56 ET (19:56 GMT)
Copyright (c) 2023 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
The bottom line here is that given the negative publicity and loss of the fanbase to the only seemingly profitable area of Hasbro right now, they expected it only get worse. Their movie is a few months from being out and if they plan on doing more 'entertainment', they need a loyal fanbase (hello, StarWars anyone? throw up a half-arsed show, and they'll lap it up). I'll be picking up a couple hundred shares of "HAS" on Monday.
Definitely wanting to do more 'entertainment', as they dropped $4B USD on a studio that makes Peppa Pig and other programs. Toymaker Hasbro Buys eOne for $4 Billion in Cash
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I want to write a simplified barebones version of the game. Make races purely cosmetic, remove spell scaling, simplify classes, and remove so much hp bloat. Like a new basic inspired game.
I was also looking for something similar, and last week I found Bugbears & Borderlands, by @Sacrosanct, and it's exactly that, a new, modern, 5e based Basic/Expert.

I have read it cover to cover twice, and I think I have found my new favorite ruleset đź‘Ť


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Mike Shea is making a product using the CC SRD. Anyone else.

View attachment 274059 (
THat looks cool

As for CC SRD products, I have a supplement I'm working on for playing either in, or characters from, a mysterious dark place known as the Vale of Twilight, in the Realms of Shadow.

It will include the Assassin, three new related races known as the three families of the Umbrylar, details and adventuring hooks for the City of Nocturne, the Starwood, and the City of Starfall, as well as some dangerous places and creatures in and around the Vale.

Might include the variant Warlock or Binder I've been rolling around in my head on in threads here for a while, and a light gish I'm currently calling the Anathemir (a play on the abhorsen by Garth Nix), which is a sort of mage-hunting anti-necromancer, with ritual casting and magical attacks and defenses, and utility magic, and some new spells that make up for a lack of some key gish spells in the SRD, and expand on the basic idea of weapon attack spells.

I want to write a simplified barebones version of the game. Make races purely cosmetic, remove spell scaling, simplify classes, and remove so much hp bloat. Like a new basic inspired game.
Ditto. I've long been considering a game that is to 5e what True20 was to 3e, and this may just push me over the edge.

Thing is, if I want to use the Toughness save as-is, I'll presumably need the OGL as well.

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