Sril've Cress

Malicki steps up to the message board and places a simple notice

To the leadership of Sril've Cress, Particularly the weapons master,

Long have I had a fued with the house of Sril've Cress. None of my family have been involved in that fued and it has come to my attention that you have deemed Valkaryn Barra Cress among those you have a problem with when he has nothing to do with the fued between your house and myself. I hereby challenge you to a duel to submission to end the fued that I have held against your self absorbed and arrogant house. I highly doubt that you will accept the duel thus furthering the fact that your house isn't as strong as you will believe.

Malicki Silvanosys
Guild Master of Charred Dagger
Master of Nine
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The broad, cloaked frame of the weaponsmaster of Sril've Cress stands before the corkboard for a moment, reading the note. He sneers and moves to a nearby table, withdrawing a piece of parchment and a quill and quickly jotting down a note of his own, which he soon tacks in place beneath the first before storming out into the evening air.

Malicki... you simpering dolt.

You should know by now that you do not impress anyone with your threats, nor do you convince anyone with your claims of your cousin's innocence in this. You are right, I will not accept this duel, but for a very different reason. Unlike you, we of Sril've Cress are not so insecure that we have to beat our chests like rabid primates or mark our territory with our own offal. You are nothing but an annoyance, and we do not acknowledge the pointless blithering of your ilk as anything but that. To have a feud, we would have to care whether or not you even exist. You and your family are parasites that obnoxiously drone on about how great and powerful you are, regardless of the fact that no one ever listens. I'm sorry to shatter your delusions of grandeur, but you are simply not worth my time or my efforts.

I advise you to look into a mirror before you continue with these baseless threats and pointless claims of innocence. It is you who bears pompous arrogance and unearned egotism like a crown for all the world to see. You fool no one, Malicki. Your schemes and whining are as transparent as an untainted stream, it is no one's fault but your own that they were so easily unraveled, and your cousin should never have made threats before negotiations began. It made matters far too easy for us, it was hardly a challenge. We are well aware of your cousin's duplicitous intent as fact. Your lies do nothing to aid your cousin's position. He should consider himself fortunate to not have been declared an enemy for his attempt to betray our trust, and that we have declared a neutral attitude towards him in spite of his beligerence during negotiations where he made himself the supplicant. You have failed him as assuredly as he has failed you.

I've told you before, but clearly you must be told again, as you seem incapable of hearing it. Perhaps a visual version will sink in where auditory statements have failed. I suggest that you read carefully, for I will not repeat myself after this.

You are irrelevant. You are insignificant. You do not matter. You are beneath me.

I do not care.

Jaehral Ojaresk​

So it would seem that once again your arrogance of superiority have eluded youto actually what is taking place. You say I am a simpleton, but in fact I am very understanding of the workings of what is going on. Words have reached me that your wench Maelthra is trying to destroy the life My cousin has chosen. For in fact I know that you will not suceed in tearing Winter from his side. As for the fact of being irrelevant to you, That is a poor excuse for a supposed weapons master of a drow house.

In offering this challenge I was doing two things. One was to end the standing hatred and the second, well that would be beyond your comprehension it seems. I guess you like picking one others to make you feel grand and superior. I however have grown tired of hearing all your talk about how inferior you think others are. Perhaps Lana is truly the only one with intelligence in your house for she talks to people with more respect and more dignity than you can ever hope to attain. She has for many years been a friend and will always be one.


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lana_dune looks back at the boards "Someone is bound to be offended"
Zerfum Orlomki sighs and stands walking over to her, he reaches over and puts his hand on the note "If you really want it
down I have no qualms"
lana_dune puts her hand over his and pulls it away. "Stop.. I'm not a coward..I can do it myself"
Zerfum Orlomki removes his hand and looks to her "I didnt say you where me far from it"

She clenches her fist over the note and pulls it. The paper rips and comes away in her hand. "I am place is the house and that is where my loyalties lie people should understand that"

Malicki walks to the boards after disgarding his disguise and reads the paper lana tacked up after watching the exchange between her and Zerfum

Hmm seems Lana has finally grown a backbone against this place.

He then turns and walks to a table.
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