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STAR WARS - Darkness Reborn

Game Master: Me StarGateZeta88 - A bit about me I have been playing/GMing TTRPGs for over 20 years. As such I have done all of my previous gaming in person. I will admit I am new to the idea of playing online, however I am not new to gaming.

System: I would be running a home brew based on a mixture of D20 STAR WARS, D20 Modern, and Sagas Edition. If you know the classic D20 system you will understand it easy. I will also be providing all gaming materials for character creation including full rule sets.

Character Creation: It will be set after the Return Of The Jedi. Jedi and Force User characters will be accepted provided you can make a back story that does not conflict with classic STAR WARS EU lore. All character creation will be done on session 0 as a group. I will only be running with a Maximum of 8 players however I will make a waiting list in case spots open up and I might start a second group depending on the amount of response I get. I will be trying to interview and vet players.

The Plot: The Empire has fallen and the Alliance is rising to become the New Republic all the while in the depths of space in the ashes of the Empire the Darkside stirs. Sith cults and the remnants of the Imperial Inquisition are vying for control in hopes of rising again. The war may have been won but the battles are far from over as threats to the peace and stability of the galaxy are numerous perhaps too numerous. Will new heroes rise to the occasion?

How to contact me
Chance Wilson
Discord: StarGateZeta88#0517
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