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[Star Wars Solitary] The Outer Rim Gambit


Solitary Role Playing
As I stated earlier in the Outer Rim post I made about the FFG game of the same name I'm doing a solitary mini-campaign using the game's mechanics to generate the story. I opted for the d20 SAGA edition.

1) I randomly selected my solo character and got Lando Calrisian. I need to make the character sheet. In my mind he is still young. More like the SOLO movie than The Empire Strikes Back. He has no crew.

2) The random starting planet is Lothal.

3) Mission #1: Moisture Vaporators cargo to be delivered to Tatooine. Possible gain 5000 credits.

4) The Hutt faction holds me in high regards (for the moment). The Syndicate, the Empire and the Rebels are neutral.

5) The starting ship is a G9-Rigger. Move 6 spaces, Attack 2, Defense 3 shields. 1 cargo space, 1 additional crew space and 1 modification space.

6) Starting credits: 4000.

7) Goal: Lando needs to acquire 10 Fame Points in order to become 'administrator' of the Bespin facility.

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