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So my SFBB arrived this morning, and while it looks fantastic, naturally I'm already set to tweaking it. These modifications are the fruit of a lot of play in other d20 based systems though, so I have a fair idea now what works.

Simon's Starfinder Beginner Box House Rules

Epic-4 Rules module
The Box has 4 levels. This module allows for long term play using just the box.
At Level 4, every additional 3,000 XP earns one Advance, chosen from the following:
i. Add one to your primary class attribute, to a maximum of 18.
ii. Add one Feat (pg 52-55) of the 27 listed.
iii. Add one Skill (pg 46-51) of the 10 listed.
iv. Add +1 to one Saving Throw (Fort, Ref, Will).

Character Generation rules module
This module is intended to create more interesting, and somewhat more heroic, PCs than the default rules, without greatly affecting the balance of play. Additional hit points make level 1 more viable.
1. Roll Attributes on best 3 of 5d6 in order - ST DE CON IN WI CH.
2. Optionally, replace any one Attribute number with a 16.
3. At first level, add your full CON attribute to your starting hit points. Additional hit points at levels 2-4 are gained normally.

Combat Module
Many SFBB weapons do d4 damage, while many monsters and NPCs have a lot of hit points. This is a tweak to make the game play faster and somewhat more deadly. It works well with the increased PC hit points in the Character Generation module.
1. Weapon do maximum damage. On a critical ('20') they do double damage, as normal.
Weapon Die > Damage
d4 > 4
d6 > 6
d8 > 8
d10 > 10
d12 > 12
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