Starfinder Starfinder News From PaizoCon - Core Rulebook, Races, Guns, Alien Archive

Every year, Kobold Press' Wolfgang Baur attends the banquet at Paizocon, which always features a slideshow and presentation of new products and announcements. And every year, Wolfgang snaps photographs live and shares them, and every year I post 'em (along with his comments) here. So, another year, another round of the Paizocon Banquet! In this post, I'll show the Starfinder related goodness (Pathfinder will be separate). Here goes! (Starfinder is, of course, Paizo's upcoming Pathfinder-in-space core rulebook, releasing at Gen Con this year).


Ten years. Pics? Oh yes.


First up in the previews: Starfinder with James Sutter--and a copy of the Core Rulebook! Tomorrow: Starfinder Delve playable at the Con! 528 page core rules. Bring on the holy plasma grenades! Technomancers, mystics, Vesk reptilians, etc. Qig ratfolk are scavengers. Playable AIs, Exocortexes, androids, and even humans!


Shorten race page from Starfinder. Classes will all have 4 sample builds.


Tactical combat chapter, and hints at differences from Pathfinder. (Magic missile still in the game!)


Microbot assault spell! And spacefaring goblins!


Guns! Lots of guns!


Dwarves and elves are NOT core races in Starfinder


Core setting is in the book. Aballon is a machine world... Hell Knights are a faction! Xeno Wardens are new.


Azlanti Star Empire!


The Starfinder RPG adventure path starts with Dead Suns. Includes Absalom Station gazetteer, Alien Archives, etc


Dozens of playable races and hundreds of monsters in the Alien Archive.


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After buying the core Star Wars FFG books and a number of adventures, we gave up on it after one session. The range bands killed it for us. We are looking forward to Starfinder. I doubt they'll go down that range band path.

I keep telling myself I've already invested in Star Wars FFG so I don't reeeally need this. Ok who am I kidding. Day one

I keep telling myself I've already invested in Star Wars FFG so I don't reeeally need this. Ok who am I kidding. Day one
That's my thoughts. FFGs' books are so expensive, I want to justify their purchase and play that game. And, really, if I wanted a science fantasy RPG using the d20 system, I do have Star Wars from WotC... three versions!
I'm not sure how much Paizo's world and setting appeals to me over other beloved established space franchises.

When does the Alien Archive release. There is no mention of it on Paizo's Product Schedule, which already runs through September....

With a Pawn set the following month:


Considering Starfinder has rules I need for space combat and the fact that I think setting looks cool, I definitely feel the need to get this.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I gotta sit closer next year. But yeah, the Starfinder system and space combat in particular look really, really interesting.

I'm a big fan of starship combat rules, going back to my love of FASA's Trek stuff in the 80s. Played plenty of systems, written three! What would you say makes Starfinder's stand out? (I can't wait to try it).

Monkey King

I am in the unfortunate position of not having played it directly. But what interests me about it is two things:

1) You can throw the party into starship combat immediately, that is at level 1
2) the system uses roles to give everyone something to do, not just a pilot and a gunner

My own experience with starship combat is pretty limited (Traveller, Alternity, and Silent Death, all long ago), so I may be praising features that are more common in games published in, say, the last 10 years.
But I'm excited about a new system regardless. Ratfolk and AI characters seem appealing to me. All I need to do is find someone to run a campaign.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Yeah, starship combat has certainly come on a long way since the 80s. I'll be excited to see Jason Bulmahn's take on it. Especially curious whether he went with Newtonian movement, and how he handled the turn order (I assume a variant on initiative - move in reverse order then act in forward order, perhaps?)

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