Spelljammer Starfinder stuff for my Spelljammer game.


I crit!
Weird thread maybe? So first off, positive ONLY.

I know Paizo has quality stuff and I think a lot of the Starfinder stuff will be very useful for Spelljammer, but I don’t know Starfinder nor it’s stuff.

Maps, miniatures, tokens, what? Please and thank you!

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I am under the full viewpoint that one can use Pathfinder Maps alongside the new DND tile sets+4E maps for everybody's 5E games.

I'm pretty sure that Starfinder maps would work perfectly for Spelljammer campaigns.

Ideas from Starfinder, and lots of other franchises, could be recycled for Spelljammer. I feel curiosity about Starfinder PC races being adapted to 5Ed, by Paizo or homebred version.

Many of the APs could be converted with a bit of creativity. Dead Suns, Dawn of Flame, and Threefold Conspiracy are pretty heavily science-fantasy and could be the basis for solid Spelljamer campaigns.

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Never played it, but the premise of Dawn of Flame is a campaign set on a colony in/near a sun. Pretty cool stuff!



Legendary Games has a lot of Alien and Sci-Fi stuff designed with Starfinder, 5e, and Pathfinder versions.

I am a fan of their bestiaries and adventures.

The Starfinder background in general is fantasy sci-fi, so more DragonStar D&D in space with lasers and high tech than straight spelljammer gonzo magical D&D sailing ships in Wildspace's phlogiston.


For Paizo Starfinder stuff directly you get a lot of bang for your buck with their big hardcover rulebooks in PDF at $9.99 each for stuff like the Alien Archives and the Pact Worlds galactic setting.

The Flipmats have always been great, but expect more sci-fi Mos Eisley than Spelljammer Rock of Bral for the tavern type stuff.

If you go with the alien stuff then their token sets for those aliens will be useful.

I don't know if Starfinder would fit in Spelljammer. Starfinder is more sci-fi, while Spelljammer is still normal D&D but in Space with magic and everything.


I've found the Starfinder maps to be generally useful for sci-fantasy games. Keep in mind that they're using starships rather than sailing ships in space and so the deck maps might not be quite as useful but the planetary flip maps are a nice product that would probably work for Spelljammer worlds.

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