Starfinder Starfinder's Critical Hit Deck

For Starfinder fans, there's now a Critical Hit Deck available. Each time you score a critical hit, you can draw a card to determine its effect beyond the usual double damage!


"Do you want your critical hits to deal more than double damage? Want your arc rifle to have options beyond arcing to a new target? Think setting things on fire should be the beginning of what a flamethrower can do, rather than the only possibility? After you score a critical hit, draw a card and apply one of four different effects based on attack type. These cards are designed to work with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game and can be used by players and GMs alike. Even if your weapon already has critical hit effects, firing off that perfect shot has never been more fun!"

I couldn't find any card examples online (let me know if you know of any) but here's what the Pathfinder version looks like.


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While we have done a preview blog, and it shares some of the text, I don't believe we've previewed the card design itself anywhere.
But it is very similar to the old Pathfinder card design.

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