WOIN Starship Construction Questions: Calculating E-DEFENSE?


So, the rule is 1/2 CPU = E-DEFENSE? I have a computer with 56, and a new component I'm creating (quantum computing) that adds +50% to CPU cycles for and addition 28. That's a total CPU of 84.

So my ship's E-DEFENSE is 42? That seems really high...

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Well, that was fun
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Yup, sounds like your custom "quantum computing" component is a bit imbalanced.

A better way to get more CPU cycles is just add more computers. You only use the best e-DEFENSE score (you don't add them together).

Note that while the e-DEFENSE of the computers in that book are half CPU, that doesn't mean that a new computer *has* to be -- there are some computers in other books which have different e-DEFENSE values.


Yeah, that should be stated better in the summary. It discusses adding more computers but that FTL max uses highest not combined. I would consider adding this detail to the summary in an errata. This system is a total hoot to build ships with, I'm groking it now to the point where I can start building my own components...

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