WOIN Starship Weapons in ground Combat


First off, Starship weapons can only be fired once per round and each round is one minute. Correct?
So a ship weapon should only be able to be fired once every 10 rounds when on the ground against non-starships (PCs etc.)

Now, taking a starship weapon, get the turret upgrade, dedicated computer and a dedicated power source.
Boom! The cheapest turret you can use against your players is a size small 10 SOAK (Steel) with 70 HP with a range of 1 kilometer that does 10 static heat damage every 10 rounds for only 4000cr. Or upgrade it to get the same stats but 10d6 damage for a total of 8000cr.

You now have the tools to equip your army base/ hideout/ fortress with weapons that will most certainly put your players in a predicament.

Never feel overwhelmed by your players ever again with starship turrets aiming at them (Try SOAKing that Projectile Cannon, I dare you! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!)

Unbalanced? Players can get these too. Turret operators still only have Cover (-2d6) and it's possible to hack the turret computer to disable them. Improvise, adapt, overcome
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Also, like vehicles and Mechs, reducing it to Half health disables it. Using the Object rules from NEW -Small 70 HP, Medium-150, Large-250, Enormous-450, Gigantic-700, Colossal-1100, Titanic-1500
Enjoy ;)
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Well, that was fun
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Even the most hardened PC doesn't want a starship weapon pointed at them!