Starfinder Starships, one of my favorite things...


I decided to create another military starship, this one is the Colonial Marine small Jump Spider Assault boat, crew of 6, as a fast system boat ported to a Naval Carrier, without FTL/Drift/Hyperdrive, with maneuver thrusters only. It's fast, armored, a drop boat, and a mecha vehicle, able to move as fast as a medium humanoid in armor can run (able to keep up with the Marine squad on foot), as fire support and defensible campsite, and ship/vehicle. All 8 limbs feature a maneuver pod for flight and VTOL landing. This is inspired by the jumping spider. Enjoy!


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Technically not a starship, rather a city...

After watching the new Dune movie on DVD, I decided to create a sci-fi city map, inspired by Arrakeen, for a non-skyscraper urban area. Appearing as various mastaba shaped short structures only a few levels high, but after getting the bulk I realized, this city is more like a super colossal starship, unmoving and inset into the ground. The top level are essentially rooftops peaking through a contiguous roof hull, with floors dropping beneath the ground 2 to 10 levels down. For simplicity, and modularity I created squares of structure, so they could be easily fitted together into a custom city - prefab.

First I created a manufacturing module, half the width of the other modules with pits dropping down. Next I created the habitat/down town block, which is the downtown shopping area with a glassed roof. Then I created the residential block with a fortress for city leadership, and a temple, with other structures surrounding on a varying level hull. I then created the starport, with airfield sitting lower than the ground level on other blocks. Finally I created a large hydroponic dome as the main source of food. I plan to do top downs to show the transit tracks and corridors and some of the structural interiors. Also posting closeup renderings of the residential, fortress and manufacturing blocks. Enjoy!

industrial module.jpg

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