Level Up (A5E) Starting armor proficiencies, and will there be options to "trade" them out?


This is topic for heavy armored classes(or medium ones).

Will there be an option(and what you think about it in general) to trade starting armor proficiencies for something else?

When we are comparing armor proficiencies and skill proficiencies with feats from PHB, we come to conclusion that level of armor proficiency is worth 1.5 skill proficiency(maybe little too much, I would rate it one-on-one basis).

Would be a good addition to trade in one or two levels of armor proficiency for extra class skill(s) at 1st level?
Or instad of a skill, tool+language proficiency?

If we have "heavy" classes from certain regions; like jungles or deserts or coastal/underwater, having some extra skills would be maybe more focused in base training of those classes in those areas.
Fighter from a jungle would be better suited for that terrain with stealth+acrobatics instead of medium and heavy armor.

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If they don't include that in LU, you can always take the new rule from Tasha's and do it anyway. After all, LU is supposed to be backwards compatible, and that would include this rule.


I saw this post too late, but still.

Skipping all math - only result:

Type of proficiencyCost, proficiency points
Armor 12
Martial weapon 3
Simple weapon 2
Standard language5
Exotic language10
Specific Tools (alchemy supplies, herbalism kit etc).5
Artisan tools4
Musical Instruments3
Gaming Sets2
Primary Skill8
Ability Score Increase (+1)12

I based this result on feats: skilled, weapon master, moderately armored, heavily armored, linguist and my assumptions:

artisan tools > musical instruments
musical instruments > gaming sets
specific tools (herbalism, thieve's tools, alchemy etc) > artisan tools
language > any tools
exotic language > standard language

And in my games i use houserule: swap all tools proficiency to proficiency points using table above and let players to select proficiencies by themselves.
Also i give bonus proficiency points equal to Int.mod *6

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