State of the Mongoose 2014

Matt Sprange has posted The State of the Mongoose, the yearly address covering what is going on behind the scenes at Mongoose Publishing. Highlights include a new way of doing business, a new skirmish game set in the ancient word, a 3D WWII dogfighting miniatures game, a new look for the Traveller RPG, the new edition of Paranoia, miniatures for Judge Dredd, plus some news about video games.

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The post can be found here. Here are some of the highlights:

  • US-based facilities for miniatures were closed
  • Partnerships with other companies for production of various items - miniatures, print book distribution, etc.
  • Studio 2 Publishing now handles the production and distribution of RPGs
  • Print books are back after a while with only e-books
  • The Paranoia Kickstarter was a success
  • Warlord Games now produces Judge Dredd miniatures
  • Traveller e-books and new books are now being released in print, including Cosmopolite, Alien, the Pirates of Drinax campaign, 2300AD.
  • New Traveller settings towards the end of 2015 or into 2016 include The Wild West, In Articulo Mortis, and an unnamed steampunk setting.
  • Sheoloth and Desu Vault for Legend will be getting printed support
  • The current Victory at Sea edition is not returning; there's a new version coming in September
  • The Victory at Sea video game was released by Evil Twin Artworks

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The best news is the general review of the layout and design of Traveller books that is now happening. I believe that Traveller is still THE science fiction RPG - very much the counterpart to D&D as a fantasy game. Yet the art and interior layout is very basic and has in someways been left behind. Get that right, and we would have two classic RPGs up and running for the 21st century, in as many years…

I loved the 3/3.5 Quintessential series. The 3.5 Quintessential Ranger was one of my favorite sourcebooks. I have lost track of Mongoose since then---perhaps because I didn't get too into 4e and am now stalled on 5e due to a lack of a digital aide.

From the post it looks like they have diversified their gaming products---a smart move overall. However I only really have time for one game---and Pathfinder is now filling that spot.

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