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Steamforged Games Making the Tales of the Valiant Starter Set

Steamforged announced partnership with Kobold Press for Black Flag boxed set


Steamforged Games announced a deal with Kobold Press to produce the Tales from the Valiant Starter Set. From the announcement:

Steamforged Games and Kobold Press Write a New Chapter in Tabletop Roleplaying with Tales of the Valiant Starter Set

Two major players in the tabletop games industry, Kobold Press and Steamforged Games, are thrilled to announce a partnership for the creation of an exciting new tabletop roleplaying Starter Set for Tales of the Valiant. While full details will be revealed in the near future, both companies are eager to share their commitment to crafting something extraordinary for the tabletop roleplaying community, designed to be a true gateway for new players and redefine the beginner's experience.

Kobold Press, a prominent name in roleplaying for over 17 years and the leading creator of third-party Dungeons & Dragons content—that recently extended its legacy with the Black Flag Roleplaying rules and Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game—has joined forces with Steamforged Games, renowned for its Epic Encounters range and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The partnership is built on a shared goal to further the growth and accessibility of tabletop roleplaying.

"Our goal is to teach fundamental roleplaying skills in a way that feels intuitive and enjoyable for beginners," said Mat Hart, Co-founder and Creative Director at Steamforged Games. “We’re creating an incremental experience that will scaffold players through the levels until they’re competent, confident, and having an excellent time in the process. As long-time fans of Kobold, and particularly of the Black Flag system, we’re over the moon to be working with them on such an exciting release.”

“Kobold Press is extremely excited to team up with Steamforged Games on the upcoming Starter Set for Tales of the Valiant,” said Wolfgang Baur, founder and CEO of Kobold Press. “This set is the perfect opportunity for new players to take their first steps into the hobby in a way that is easily accessible and fun. The Kobold team have always been fans of the beautiful products Steamforged Games has released and can’t wait to see the Starter Set that will help players begin their roleplaying journey.”

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Steamforged Games is best known for their licensed board games based on the popular video games Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 3, and others, the Epic Encounters series of bundled miniatures and adventures for 5e, and the 5e RPG adaptation of Dark Souls which had a disastrous launch.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


Exactly. SFG are absolutely stellar with putting together great minis (and other doodads), and packaging them incredibly well.

I'm curious if they are indeed going with minis for this, or possibly going the route of pawns or something more flexible like D&D did with the static-cling stickers on pogs. I say this because I imagine a starter set would get pretty pricey if you have minis for anything other than a handful of pregerated PCs; if you want to capture any monsters, 5E rules suggest you're going to need about a dozen enemies for a decent one-shot, more if the adventure is any longer. That could be a lot of minis.

The Pathfinder 2E starter set with its Pathfinder Pawns was pretty much the ultimate starter set, in terms of content.

The Dungeon Dudes reviewed it and couldn't stop gushing about it, and from what I gathered, I'd agree. Was the PF2E set designed by SFG both in terms with the physical components but the game design elements? I'm curious how much they influenced the design of the character sheets that the Dudes raved about the most.

The D&D Campaign Cases that went on firesale at Ollie's are the pog/clingys that I'm familiar with, and if they go that route, I hope the clingys are thicker - the D&D ones are too thin (I trim my fingernails to nothing, so can't get under them), and I bet, prone to tearing.
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