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Kickstarter Steps to a Hero: A lifepath system for 5e!

Do you want characters to have deep ties to their world? Backstory that directly affects their mechanical traits? A little weird fantasy flavour?

Steps to a Hero lets you create incredible characters using a uniquely tailored lifepath generation system.

Lifepaths tell the story of a character’s early life, and let you discover how those experiences gave them the unique abilities and traits they start the game with. A lifepath is a process of discovery, and each step on the path is an event, decision, or encounter which will reveal things about your character.

This 127-page book that will be available digitally or as a physical volume via print-on-demand. It contains tons of new game content, including 300 unique “steps” affecting a character’s ancestry, actions, and fortune, a lifepath system for combining those steps into millions of possible backgrounds, new background features, new ancestries, and more.

You can back the book on Kickstarter here!


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