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Stocking an in-game library - give me cool titles and authors from your game!


Writing Fantasy Gumshoe!
The PCs in my game are soon going to be in a big library, and it'd be really useful for me to have a whole lot of book titles and authors to mention when they look at things. The library is in the Astral and has books from all over the multiverse, so just about anything non-goofy is fair game. Can you help? Feel free to use names or ideas from your own game, or to let your imagination run wild; the more titles and authors, the merrier.


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A scene copied and pasted from my e-mail game archives

Erepoth leads Jonas deep into one of the towers of the Sigil Hearth
Keep. As Erepoth opens a rune covered door Jonas notes the glinting
edge of abjuration magics as Erepoth walks in. Illuminated by
magically powered torches there are stacks and stacks of books upon
books. Titles call out to you as you walk down the hall: Ogham the
Lyrical Runes, Futhark a Runic Language, Lyrinthalas Quintipalas,
Kasteraeckz Kon Trigurth, Psychoreactive Tattoos of the Chintalean
Mind Mages, Alpha to Omega In the Beginning to the End of All, Graven
in Blood the Art of Runic Warfare, Syntax the Power of Words, The
True Language, Visturium Quintus Valerius, The Language Primieval,
Power Words and the Words of Making and Unmaking, Draconic the True
Speech, Fragments of the Book of Eldritch Might, Manual of the
Planes, Encyclopaedia of Angels, Encyclopaedia of Demons and Devils
Volume I, Volume II, The Slayer's Guide to Demons, Vinthalesus
Kinthalium, The Defiler a Treatise by Erepoth, Vistarok Kurn Talnok,
Death Masters Followers of the Goat, Aatxe the Bull Ertai the
Courtier Death in the Storm, Soul Harvest.

"There is plenty for you to start on here, I shall see if the
documents I recovered from the Goblin cultists seven hundred years
ago will help us shed light on anything revealed today."


Expect some more books from me tonight when I'm not at work and have access to all of my notes.

Till then:
'Spellhaunts: A Treatise on Creation and Control' - Areya Fenthellis of the Incanterium
'Whispers on the Waste'
'That which is and That which might be'
'Gospel of Truthful Lies'


Two good sources to mine for libary contents are H. P. Lovecraft and his associated circle of writers, and Bruce Heard's article "Spells Between the Covers" from Dragon 82. The HPL stuff is nice because you can take the various excerpts mentioned in stories and then adapt them readily to your game, while Heard's article is good for lists of titles and possible authors.

If you want some notable art to decorate your library, Rob Kuntz published a magical art gallery in Maze of Zayene #1, "Prisoners of the Maze" (available from Necromancer Games), and you could lift a painting from there. He also wrote a freebie for his "El Raja Key's Magical Emporium" newsletter; this particular one was a tribute to David Sutherland, and Rob uses the AD&D DMG cover as its basis. Here's an excerpt from the introductory materials:

Rob Kuntz in ERKME #10 said:
Alternate Picture for Maze of Zayene’s Art Gallery

Description: Upon viewing this the PCs see a 6’ by 3’ picture-frame of polished
brass inlaid with many fiery symbols which if touched emit actual heat. Depicted on
the canvas is a black background with a large efreet--lord-like--holding a gigantic
scimitar in one hand and grasping a woman of scant dress--and who also wields a
short blade, or dagger--in his other. Before him and at ground level are two human
figures confronting him: a fighter with a raised sword, liveried in green and having a
shield of white emblazoned with 3 red diamonds and a blue bar dividing it
horizontally; the other figure, a mage robed in blue, is casting a spell of some
intensity aimed at the monster from his upheld left hand. The only indicator of an
artist’s signature appears in the lower right-hand corner, and then is only a stylized
number “3”.
There's about five more pages of material on this painting---detailing its magical effects, possible treasures PCs can acquire from interaction with it---as well as Rob's personal recollections of working with Dave. You can request a copy of this issue for free by signing up for Rob's newsletter (to register, email RJKuntz@ai5.net and use "Sub--ERKME" in the message subject).

For more info/discussion, see the PPP forums at http://pub175.ezboard.com/bpiedpiperpublishing
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Dirrach's Discussion of Domination
Ucarsh's Manual of Mental Mastery

In my campaign, both of these books were required reading for a ritual to dominate several doppleganger assassins.


Writer of The Bitter Reach
As usual the inimitable Dave Graffam has done some sterling job that should help:

Books and Printed Matter (2 pages, 8.5"x11")
A list of 100 books and other publications you can use instantly in your campaigns. I don't know about you, but my players are always wanting to see what kinds of books are in the study when they're babysitting at Castle Wittgenstein.

The link to Daves site is:




I actually have a fantasy periodical (a magazine in the vein of Weird Tales) that is published in my Twilight setting called "Outre Realms" (I also distribute it in real life as a semi-regular campaign newsletter for my players).

Also, there's Adrian Grigori's Theory of Magic as it appears in the world of Six-Dided Sagas, Unnameable, and Strange Aeons (all little freebie games that I've designed).

Oh - and there's Scobee's Guide to Extra-Dimensional Mathematics (a tome that figures prominently into my Shadows Over Arkham C&C campaign).


Piratecat said:
The PCs in my game are soon going to be in a big library, and it'd be really useful for me to have a whole lot of book titles and authors to mention when they look at things. The library is in the Astral and has books from all over the multiverse, so just about anything non-goofy is fair game. Can you help? Feel free to use names or ideas from your own game, or to let your imagination run wild; the more titles and authors, the merrier.

Cool! Here's my contribution:


"A Common-Orcish Dictionary", by Grubbash Coaltooth
"101 More Recipes For Halflings", by Morkal Myke (on inspection, turns out to be how to cook a dead halfling, not popular recipes for consumption by halflings)
"Encyclopedia Subterranica", by The Ruling Council of Erelhei-Cinlu
"Why Elves Are Better", by Colollethethilalilion Rilliralliverisillisurnayme
"Vorpal Blades and How to Forge Them," by Jurk Snill (on inspection, it turns out that the author hasn't ever even seen a magic sword)

Sidereal Knight

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Noble Beasts of Khorvaire by Ellistan ir'Hevlan is a lavishly illustrated folio covering a selection of magical beasts and aberrations... unfortunately, the author included more myth and folklore than careful research, and is incorrect in many cases. One notable problem is the misidentification of hyppogriffs, griffins, and pegusi. The illustrations are fairly accurate, however.


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I have been known to take actual book titles and alter them slightly to produce books for fantasy games. Here are some of my favorite real world book titles:
The History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages (2 volumes)
The Construction, Decoration, and Use of Arms and Armour: In All Times and In All Places Along With Some Closely Related Subjects
Authentic Thurmaturgy by Isaac Bonewitz
The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Secret Societies
The Common Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
The History of the English Speaking People
Principia Discordia
Principia Mathematica (this one I think I spelled wrong, but am too lazy to look up)

Here are a few fictional titles I made up just now:
Diplomacy: A Complete Treatice on Diplomatic Methods Both Subtle and Nefarious.
The Works of Montgomery Dexter-Jones, Third Earl of Broughton - Being a Series of Essays on the Concoction, Distillation, and Use of Liquids Most Poisonous.
The Tales of Melarius the Elder

Hope these help!


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A week or so ago, there was discussion of lectures at the "Studious Accord," a meeting of wizards and sorcerers in a poster's homebrew world. The lectures there could easily be books instead.


• Master Enoch: Animated Objects, Constructs, and Guardians for every caster
• Quintus Unda: The Empire’s Edicts against Sorcery
• Keavon “Razorflame” Dweaman: Poisons, Curses, Traps, Avoidance
• Oakthorn: Magical Common/The Remmersdall Primary Academy
• Japheth Arcane: The Language Primeval, ongoing research
• Androth Telmak: The Arcanist’s Alliance for Order
• Geldrath Ambine: Strange Occurrences from lost little girls to Hell’s stampeding bison
• Avrem Nyx: Planar Conduits of Terna
• Daria Meme: Contact medallions, newsletters, and other information sources year-round
• Nahal: Innovative Thaumaturgy
• Elkrith Myan: Astromancy
• Ronnasic of Sigil: Vlaakith: Domini Astralo
• Specgam Al’Garbetts: Useful and decorative flora of the North Coast
• Kwidfadulus Gelbramblin: Drafting to Dweomers: Manufactured Magic
• Donthal Grey: The Undead Scourge of Czelsvaria, Kadgar and Beyond
• Benjamin Charat: Magical Masks of the Goblin lands
• Benjamin Stilestimer: Alchemical Products and Supplies
• Ru’ the Gaunt: Shipments from abroad
• Boran the Moneylender: Trade Notes and Letters of Credit, Savings & Loan
• Master Enoch: Durable Stone Golems
• Contact Amulets
• Quintus Unda: The Empire’s Edicts Against Sorcery
• Adolphus Nigralkan: The History of Magical adjudication both inside and outside the Empire, with special attention to the pre-imperial era
• Njalthek Midiktor: Recipe Rudiments: A study of the development of wizardry under close observation of the development of spell components
• Mirgathor Galibrani: More than movement: Can the natural magical resistance of metal be overcome?
• Rikkard Nelethian: Women and Magic: Why high Spellcasting and female humanoids are incompatible
• Elesiana Felethlow: The Weaker Sex: Sexism and Wizardry throughout the ages
• Algertioth Werdiothi: Elements of the Elements: The search for the building blocks of magical energy via the discussion of natural laws of energy conservation
• Eglianthius Morgethiko: Physiology Studies in Giantkind: Dissection practices for use on live trolls
• Silvana Beaverflow: Gods: do they exist because WE believe, or do we exist because THEY believe?
• Algethian Mordainia: magic; a natural force, or an intelligent construct?
• Denethgor Kalaunt: "Sorcerers. Menace, Salvation or demonspawn?"
• Dexter Nemrod: Are there degrees of evil? Religious ramifications of the question of magic without Gods
• Urgen Spiritseeker: Moral dilemma: Save the soul, kill the body - Discussion of exorcisms
• Fir Mothoth: Bloodright: A treatise on the Relevance of Ancestry to Arcane Ability
• Tobias Greer: Brewing Innovations, A Pilot Study: Report of Previously Unknown Functional Alchemical Ingredients
• "Towards the Modeling of Ebullient Energies" (a work surveying three different techniques for creating diagrams of the magic that animates objects)
• Mastrio Vorgari: Iron Golems and Smelting with Tincture of Cantharidin and Spirit of Vitriol" (a work describing the wizard's experience creating Iron Golems using a specific tincture and spirit during the smelting process)
• Endrath Glyphram: Arcane Symbols: Nitsian vs. Prondian Dialects in Bargained Summoning
• Ilesia the Erudite: A Review of Zalmoon's Interpretation and Solution of the 79th verse of Brinnadoon's Riddle
• Helmyrae Av’ Massar: Amalgam Studies of the Western Whipplebird and the Black-horned Toad

Monte Cook also had a list of 100 books that could be found in Ptolus on the Delver's Guild website (which those who've pre-ordered gain access to.)



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The Encyclopedia of Tlon and any of the other tomes from Borges's "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Terranus."

Heck, just go mining in Borges and you'll have enough for the whole library. Especially if you read "The Library of Babel", set in an infinite library that contains every possible book, including every possible combination of letters in every possible language. :)


Ah, Books...

Before I forget this one, I was thinking of " A Dissertation On The Strength And Weaknesses Of The Great Worms " by Velendo of Calphas... a massive, thick tomb... utterly blank... hehehe...

Gith by Zerthimon
Famous Metalworkers of Krangath v451
The Fall of the Baatorians by ...
The Cascade: Crimes Of Celestials by Anonymous
Raphael's Three Thousand, Nine Hundred And Fifty One Basic Principles Of The Conservation of Divinity
Hralsce Widarn's Origin of Outsiders
One Million And One Arcadian Nights
Living And Dying On Ysgard (Over And Over And Over) by Beowulf
Graz'zt Guide To Success In The Sack (Introduction by Iggwilv)
The Manes In The Iron Maiden
A Guide To Famous Battlefields of Hades v13
Lady Fierna's Lamentations, by the Lady Fierna
A Beginner's Guide To Swimming (In Sheyruushk)
Step-By-Step Instructions For Building Your Own Modron by Secundus
Mahlhevik's Constellations Of Lunia
A Tale Of Two Planes: Dothion And Shurrock
Skerrit's Guide To The Creatures of the Beastlands
A (Relatively) Brief History of Sadism And Masochism by The Lady of Pain
A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Multiverse by Quenntil (Introduction by Abbath)
Principles Of Planewalking And Planar Navigation by Anonymous
V'ger's Guide To The 999th Plane of the Abyss
A True Story of the Fall v87256 by Malcanthet
Et Cetera, Et Cetera, Et Cetera by Kaodi

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters