Store Sale

a cloaked and hooded figure walks up to the cork board, reaches into the fold of his cloak, then pulls out a sheet of paper, which he tacks to the cork board, the message reads as such

Looking for new armor and/or weapons? Need your old ones fixed, engraved or have something added to them? Looking for a ring, neckless or other bit of jewelry for a special occation or special someone? Or do you have a special need for a skilled metal worker/jeweler? Then now is the time to act as the Goldheart Forge is having it end of summer sale. All through this month weapons, armor and jewelry are on sale for half off marked price or more, repairs and customization are free, and special orders are at very good and negotible prices. So come on down to the Goldheart Forge located near the western gate of the Juxta emporium now, before these hot deal burn out

after he looks the note over, the cloaked figure turns and heads off

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