Story Hour cursing..??

The Crimster

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As the new kid on the block here, I have a question. My Story Hour is set in the 'present day' - and the current episode has the players meeting some rather unruly types that use a lot of foul language (gang members, who don't always use polite conversation). I don't want to offend anyone - but I'd like to stick with what they actually said.


The Crimster

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Sen Udo-Mal

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I wouldn't mind but...

I am nobody here :)
I would think that a warning in the heading or maybe at the top of the story saying something like "R rated language to follow" should be fine.
I would enjoy another modern day story for sure, maybe someday I will post my Branch 13 here also (Hellboy world... got to love it, and I am been thinking about doing a ShadowChasers one also)


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I don't think a warning is sufficient if you read the ToS of the site. We can't offend Morrus' grandma, or something like that.

Besides, if you swear, the filters get it. :):):):)! See?

What I would (and have) done is to put in enough to let people guess at the word but not all of it. For example:

"F--- off, boy scout!"

But hey, yours is a comic book campaign right? Shouldn't they all be cursing like this: #%$@!


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I think it's Eric's grandma, but the point is a good one.

Remember that a lot of young people play RPGs, and access this site. I realize that the language may be a component of the versimilitude of your story, but there are creative ways that you can present it without resorting to actual profanities.

The filter does create some interesting quirks: in my own story hour, the group met someone from Calimshan (in the Forgotten Realms); the adjective for someone from there is "Cali:):):):)e" (rhymes with "mite").

See what I mean?

Overall, though, I think we're better off keeping it "clean".



Yes, indeed. Verisimillitude doesn't overrule profanity guidelines. You can use the #%$@ method or the F--- method, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to get around the filters by the use of inventive spelling.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.


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Maybe there could be cheesy effects that pop up and say "Pow!" or "Blam!" in bright colors too. Just like the old Batman TV show.

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