PF2 [Straight Path Games] Caravan of Wonders

Cheerful music wafts from a circle of brightly colored wagons ahead of you. A pair of dancers spin to the music, twirling brightly colored scarves as they do, receiving a scattering of applause as the song concludes. The largest of the wagons has a small tree growing from its roof, hung with a banner that reads “Welcome to the Caravan of Wonders”.

The Caravan of Wonders is a mini-setting, halfway between an encounter and a location. This flexible crew of wanderers drives a string of brightly colored wagons wherever fate might take them, answering to nobody but themselves. They fit neatly into nearly any fantasy setting, and their flexible and nomadic nature makes it easy to have them encounter parties over and over no matter how far either might travel.
The Caravan of Wonders is a Pathfinder 2e Suppliment that includes
  • Eight (and a half) colorful characters, each with hopes, dreams, mysteries - and complete statblocks.
  • Two new feats: Years of Experience and Rehearsed Bit
  • The new deity Bookburner, suitable for fitting into any campaign
  • A dozen entertaining options in which to use these new characters
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