D&D General Stronghold Building in 5e

I'm currently playing in a campaign that's gotten to the upper teen levels. It's a sandbox style game where we have significant base in town and we adventure around the region, uncovering ancient powers and changing the local political landscape. One thing that the DM has lamented though, is that once we were around 10th level, the party pretty much forgot to ask for rewards any time we met an important quest giver. After having our 3 attunement slots filled, magic items had become less exciting at that point and, more importantly, gold doesn't have much use. There just isn't any material reward that we want.

I'm feeling that sinking gold into stronghold building could be a huge motivator, if there was some solid mechanical benefit to building different facilities. I know there have been 3rd party stronghold books out there exploring this and I'm curious what books the community likes.

What are the best stronghold books out there? What makes them good?
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There was a book about strongholds in 3rd Ed, 3rd, not 3.5.


Other book is "Strongholds & Followers" by MCBM



In addition to Strongholds and Followers (S&F), LevelUP (A5e) has rules for strongholds that provide some mechanical benefits (similar to S&F).

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